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Cosmetic Storage Box Mould

  • We are the foremost provider of Cosmetic Storage Box Moulds in China at Go4Mould
  • We manufacture high quality injection cosmetic storage boxes
  • And we provide test samples to confirm the moulds
  • We design moulds after receiving customer drawings in 3D or 2D
  • Our sales representatives are professional and prompt in their communication with our customers
  • We strive to produce molds with the highest level of quality and reliability
  • We have a professional team full of experience and technology
  • High quality cosmetic injection molds like makeup storage boxes with highly skilled polishing
Nos of CavityCustomized
Hardness of Cavity & Core42-45HRC
Hardness of Wear Parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould AccessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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For You We Offer A Wide Range Of Storage Container Mould

Cosmetic Storage Box Moulds

A leading manufacturer of cosmetic storage box moulds, Go4Mould makes all kinds of plastic container mould cosmetic box, and cosmetic design mould, cosmetic pr, coducts, makeup cosmetics mould, cosmetics mould, powder case mould in China. We offer prototyping, tooling, lab testing, production, and assembly services at Go4Mould. As well as our design team, we have a strong R&D department that supports our customers. As long as we receive the customer’s sample, we can make drawings for the product, modify it based on the customer’s request, and send it back to the customer for approval. Finally, we offer our customers technological suggestions based on our experience and knowledge.

For customers, Go4Mould can create a good-looking mould. In order to make a high quality cosmetic storage box mould, Go4Mould uses only high quality injection mould steel to produce a high quality cosmetic storage box mould with high professional polishing skills. If you would like to learn more about the cosmetic storage box mould of Go4Mould, you can read the frequently asked questions below created by our professionals to guide you through our products. Let us know how we can help!

1. Exactly what is a Cosmetic Storage Box Mould?

The Cosmetic Storage Box Mould organizes all your favorite makeup essentials into one place, making your life easier. Having your makeup always visible when you need it provides convenience and functionality. The holder can be used in the home or at work.

Figure 1: Cosmetic Storage Box Mould

2. In Cosmetic Storage Box Moulds, what Material does Go4Mould Use?

This cosmetic storage box mould is made from acrylic, a plastic that is clear and appears like glass, but is actually stronger and safer than glass. 93% of information is transparent, so you can easily locate whatever you need. A makeup collection looks refined and stylish with this acrylic storage case.

3. How Do Go4Mould’s Acrylic and Polystyrene Materials Differ?

A major reason why Go4Mould selects acrylic is that it has the clarity of glass, it is not affected by moisture, and it will not shatter. 

Often polystyrene is used as a substitute for acrylic to reduce the cost of acrylic organizers. As polystyrene is typically thinner and more brittle than acrylic, and it also tints the color of the product inside the organizer, the product inside the organizer does not seem as pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, acrylic can be used to create organizers because acrylic offers high light transmission and clarity, so the content within the organizer will appear much more professional.

Figure 2_ Difference between Acrylic and Polystyrene Organizer

Figure 2: Difference between Acrylic and Polystyrene Organizer

4. Describe the Features of Cosmetic Storage Box Moulding.

  • Stylish Storage

By organizing bath and beauty products, you can keep the bathroom clutter under control.

  • Stackable

Pull-out drawer makes it easy to grab what you need quickly. Clear construction of the bin lets you see what you have inside, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Stackable design puts you in charge of your storage.

  • Versatile & Compact

It’s perfect for accessories, scarves, belts, and hat storage. The compact size and stackable feature makes it ideal for apartments, condos, college dorm rooms, RVs, campers, and boats.

  • Quality Construction

A durable, shatter-resistant plastic: Easy to clean with soap and water; Avoid dishwasher usage

5. Why is Go4Mould Cosmetic Storage Box Mould so Unique?

We have cosmetic storage boxes that match any decor. The perfect storage container mould ensures you’ll always be able to find what you need. Our goal is to make your home a happy place, one that is free of clutter and gives you peace of mind. If you choose Go4Mould, you’ll find our wide selection of bins, furniture, and home décor essentials are purposeful and designed with style in mind to help you organize and style your home.

Figure 3 Example of Cosmetic Storage Box Mould

Figure 3: Example of Cosmetic Storage Box Mould

6. Could you Please Let me Know what Technical Requirements for Cosmetic Storage Box Mould are?

In order to manufacture plastic cosmetics storage boxes, certain technical requirements must be met. In addition to mold processing, mold design is equally important! Go4Mould needs to follow certain technical requirements in order to ensure the product is made right and quality.

  • Mold Structure Type

During the continuous sliding process, the slider will become heated and easily damaged. Consequently, the slider steel requirements are high, and the inside of the slider has to be connected to the waterline, the water line should be reasonable, and wear blocks must be placed between the slider and the core in order to improve the tooling cycle. 

  • Number of Mold Cavities: 

Generally, a company can make 1-1 sliders like this type, and that is all they can do. Companies that can make 1-2 sliders are considered relatively powerful. Go4Mould makes sure the product is produced efficiently, improved, and the processing costs are kept as low as possible.

  • Runner Form:

Go4Mould uses a hot runner with multiple points. As soon as the mold is opened, there will be no waste, thereby saving the runner cooling time and improving production efficiency.

7. How Do you Store Makeup in a Small Space?

We strongly recommend that you purchase a multifunctional cosmetic storage box mould. Additionally, you can store your jewelry and accessories there! That way, you can easily find and access your makeup products. Various sized units are also available for storing all of your products in one place. Lastly, the vanity is the perfect size to fit neatly on your bathroom counter or vanity.

8. Are There any After-sales Services in Go4Mould?

The main points of our after-sales service are:

1. Mold installation and debugging

As soon as the mold reaches your company, Go4Mold’s after-sales service engineers will arrive on-site for installation and commissioning.

2. Customer employee training

Upon completing the installation and debugging of the mold and passing the acceptance, Go4Mould’s after-sales engineers will conduct mold operation, repair, and maintenance training for the relevant mold operators.

3. Scope of after-sales service

From the date of delivery, a one year warranty is offered. This does not apply to user-caused damage. In the case of mold quality problems during the warranty period, Go4Mould will take responsibility for free maintenance and replacement of parts. Our after-sales service team also offers a 30-minute report processing plan, immediate response service, and after-sales calls. In cases where on-site service is needed, we report the handling plan within 45 minutes. Our technical team will arrive on site within 48 hours nationwide or as required by the customer.

4. After-sales service guarantee

Go4Mold’s special requirement for the mold is that it have a label containing the customer’s troubleshooting and after-sales service telephone numbers. Throughout the year, we provide free after-sale service via telephone: +86-135-8604-0750, technicians will conduct regular telephone calls and provide technical support (during the warranty period).

9. How Can I get in Touch with Go4Mould?

You can reach us in a variety of ways:

  1. Check out the Go4Mould website
  2. Click “Contact us”
  3. Request a replacement quote for your order 
  4. Please contact us at sales@go4mould.com or complete the contact form.

Our company believes in the principle of quality first, customer service first, and professional production of Cosmetic Storage Box Mould. Enjoy your day!

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