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ABS pipe fitting mould

  • We use excellent machinery to undergo the abs pipe fitting mould manufacturing process of your molds.
  • We have a digital monitoring system that automatically detects the faults in the manufacturing (if any). This is a great permit for you to rely upon our quality manufacturing.
  • Your plastic injection mould designs are tested and analyzed before proceeding with them. Your choice is kept on top in keeping up with the dimensions and features.
  • We have a strong workforce that assists you in operation-related problems.
  • We are known worldwide for our premium customer services. You don’t need to hold back.
  • We offer a variety in the pipe fitting moulds ranging from 1/2 to 7 /8 inches. 
  • Go4mould doesn’t compromise on the quality and offers suitable prices for their products.
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of wear parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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ABS pipe fitting mould – FAQ

Go4mould has made a valuable contribution to the ABS pipe fitting mould manufacturing market. Our mould solutions have been serving not less than 40 countries including China. We have business analysts who assist us in bringing innovation to our products by having a great foresight into the changing manufacturing patterns. Not only do we focus on manufacturing, but we also take care of clients in several other ways, and providing effective product cost offers is one of them.

Concerning the great value of moulds, we have formulated an FAQ guide. This will help you in increasing your knowledge about the product and the manufacturing system.

1. What is an ABS pipe fitting mould?

ABS pipe fitting mould

Figure 1: ABS Pipe Fitting Mould

ABS pipe fitting moulds serve the greatest use in the market due to their immense requirement in the drainage, sanitary, and contamination venting sectors. These plastic injection moulds are made with durable materials such as aluminum and steel and they contain different cavities to attain the true shape of the fittings. The cavities add complexity to the design but are necessary to maintain the physical attributes of the fittings. This mould makes strong fittings that can handle extreme conditions.

Go4mould makes on-demand moulds, you just have to let us know and we will provide full assistance.

2. How does Go4mould design ABS pipe mould?

ABS pipe fitting mould design

Figure 2:  ABS pipe fitting mould design

The ABS pipe fitting mould designing procedure might seem difficult but Go4mould’s fine engineers have made that easier. By the simplification of the steps that are followed in the design making, the process carries out quickly and effectively.

We start with a discussion on how to stick with the client’s preferences.

Then we suggest ideas based on the customer’s mould requirements.

In the next step, we make a rough sketch (preferably 2 – 3) and cross-check each abs pipe fitting mould design draft to avoid technical problems and uncertainties. After all, checking beforehand always turns out to be beneficial.

The last step is execution. As a result of our efforts invested in the design making process, we ace the manufacturing of the premium moulds.

3. What are the benefits of Abs as a pipe fitting mould material?

Amongst the countless benefits of abs, the number one benefit is that it is cost-effective and perfectly suited for plastic injection. It is rigid and gives smooth finishing to the surface. Abs can bear the shock and has excellent quality resistance. Best suited for plastic injection, it has

  • High tensile strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Strong environmental protection
  • Great alternative against metals
  • High moulding abilities
  • Abrasion-resistant

Abs is a versatile material to start your manufacturing business venture. You can always have our help by your side.

4. Are Abs pipe moulds suitable for massive orders?

Yes, Go4mould makes ABS pipe fitting moulds that have high efficacy to handle large product orders. Massive orders require greater precision and nothing is a better alternative for plastic injection done through these moulds. They maintain the exact shape and accuracy of your mould products.

5. What are the types of Abs pipe fitting moulds?

ABS pipe fittings

Figure 3: ABS pipe fittings

Go4mould makes different types of Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene fitting moulds that are rust-free and offer high sustainability. The types include Tee, thread, and elbow fitting moulds, etc. These moulds are made according to customer demand.

6. Where are Abs fitting moulds used frequently?

Draining and waste controlling (sanitary) industries frequently use ABS pipe fitting moulds to meet their daily pipeline needs. They make abs pipe fittings with the help of these moulds which aid them in connecting the drain pipes. It provides a gateway for a liquid to flow without pressure and without contaminating the pipelines.

7. Does Go4mould follow a quality manufacturing process for Abs pipe fitting moulds?

There is no doubt that Go4mould follows a quality manufacturing process. Our team is proficient and highly skilled to monitor and execute plastic fitting mould manufacturing. We make sure that the true quality maintenance conditions are followed so that you can get a proper satisfaction

8. Can ABS fitting mould withstand the high pressure and temperature?

Yes, ABS is designed to withstand high temperature and pressure. If due to some conditions, the temperature during the manufacturing process goes high, it will not affect ABS. It’ll have room for self-accommodation to that temperature. However, prolonged high temperature and pressure can reduce the efficacy of your abs. Normally, it operates at – 40 to 70 degrees Celsius.

9. Do I get after-sale services at Go4mould?

After-sale services are an important asset that a company offers to its clients based on good relations and business flourishment. Yes, you are provided with the after-sale services at Go4mould.

  • We will assist you in case of any damage to your abs pipe fitting moulds
  • Our technicians are a call away for the replacement of your spare parts
  • We give proper maintenance guides so that your product remains clean, lubricated, and effective.
  • Go4mould also provides free maintenance services if the product gets damaged under the warranty time (Although, this has never happened in the 20 years of our manufacturing career.)

10. How can I place an order for ABS fitting moulds at Go4mould?

It all takes a click and you can have your order placed at Go4mould. The online system has made the order placing system very handy and eliminates your extra expenses and visiting costs. Just visit our firm once for your satisfaction and then place the order for abs fitting moulds online through our portal.

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