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Go4mould is a highly-competent manufacturing firm that proposes optimal solutions for your industries. Our crate moulds are made with aluminum which makes them durable and helps resist unfavorable conditions.
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Easy-to-operate system of crate mould

Considering the mental capabilities of a layman, we design our crate moulds that are easy to operate. No doubt a human brain can do wonders but when it comes to bulk production, the chances of errors are increased. To escape these situations, Go4mould has kept the working process simple. You have to die-cast the mould and the remaining function is performed by the plastic crate mould.

High precision plastic crate mould manufacturing system

Go4mould uses precise CNC manufacturing machines which draw attention to the minute details of the mold manufacturing process. Resultantly, you get the most accurate and the most concise crate moulds which not only enhance productivity but also live a longer life. Our team is enthusiastic about maintaining precision standards so that our customers get satisfied. This machine is going to be a huge plus for you if you are thinking to buy it from Go4mould.

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Ductile material and advantageous properties

Aluminum and steel both are ductile materials which means that they have a great strength to bear change. In other words, they have high tensile strength which is feasible for molding them into different shapes. The outer and inner surfaces of your crate moulds remain new for as long as you follow the maintenance guides. Due to these properties, we use these materials for making your moulds.

Cost of crate plastic injection mould

Due to their huge market demand, these plastic injection crate moulds can be a little out of budget. But don’t worry Go4mould is there for creating ease. We have yearly and monthly deals that offer you a discount on bulk orders. Now you can use these moulds whenever and wherever you want! Make fearless investments with our company and enjoy the benefits of joining our services.

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Customized different crate mould types

Go4mould considers it important to bring novelty in the crate mould designs because otherwise, the customer may not find interest in your catalogs. To maintain this, we hire eligible engineers to design and manufacture different kinds of moulds with advanced techno-system.

fruit crate mould

Fruit crate mould

As the name is self-explanatory, you can make your fruit crate mould by collaborating with Go4mould. These are stackable and carry a large number of products. There is no other reliable opportunity to cash than the customization services provided by your seller. Note down the qualities you need in your fruit crate mould and we will deliver them to your door.
milk crate mould

Milk crate mould

If you belong to the dairy industry, then crate injection mould is the perfect choice for you. We make it with exclusive properties plastic injection material that goes along with your pocket and maintains the quality standards.
vegetable crate mould

Vegetable crate mould

This mould best suits the food and grocery sectors because of its immense demand. You’ll see these crates in the shopping malls and grocery stores for their purpose of carrying vegetables and other stuff in them. Our durable plastic material makes them efficient for heavy usage.
Beer Crate Mould

Beer crate mould

Beer crate moulds are in big demand in the beverage industry. These are storage crate plastic injection moulds used for injection moulding and your beer crate moulds are gotten ready in less than no time. You can add any type of color you want during die-casting because colors appeal to the eye and are profitable for your firm.
bottle crate mould

Bottle crate mould

These are rectangular moulds that make bottle crates to carry plastic bottles or any type of bottles. As it is hard to carry bottles, especially glass bottles so we have managed to make cavities in the mould that adjust the bottles in a way that they don’t break. Also, you can tell us the bottle size so that we can work on the cavities and mould size.
turnover box mold

Turn over box mould

Turnover boxes are greatly used in stores, markets, or industries to store products or waste. They may or may not have a lid over them (as per your choice) and can be easily utilized for keeping waste in them. Their foldable ability makes the insects away from the things placed in them. Contact our manufacturers to have your turnover box mould ready!

Expert in the crate mould industry

The Go4mould factory is located in the beautiful city of Taizhou in China's Zhejiang Province. Their lightweight and corrosion-free properties enhance their demand in the market. Moreover, our effective prices are a great relief for your budget.

go4 mould Factory view (2) (1)

Mould base SD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould material M238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud precision ±0.01mm
Mould life 50-500K shots
Mould cavity Single cavity, multi-cavity
Runner system Hot runne system and the temperature control system
Gate type Pinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Plastic material ABS+PC,ABS+PVC, PP+EVA, PP+LDPE, PE+PP, PE+PE, PE+PB ,PE, PP ,PA ,POM ,PC,etc
Metal material Aluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface treatment Polishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls provide 2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

Go4mould is a one-stop hub for diversified products

Due to our extensive experience in the field of mould manufacturing, Go4mould provides its customers with the refined form of moulds. We do not stick to one design and that is the reason customers consider us a one-stop brand for buying their multi-application products.

Frequently asked question

Concerning the crate mould, customers ask some questions. We have answered and enlisted hose questions below.
1: What is the quality control process at Go4mould?

Go4mould team is very conscious of quality control because we care about the money you have invested with us. We have a separate section at our firm where we check your machines and crate moulds for proper working this quality inspection is led by our efficient team that uses the latest software to analyze the efficacy of the crate moulds.

2: What is the lead time provided by Go4mould?

The lead time at Go4mould differs according to the nature of the order. If the customer’s order in bulk, then it takes 35-40 days to manufacture the order. However, if the order is of average quantity, we make it ready within 15 days. The number of days can also vary depending upon your locality and delivery choices.

3: Can you provide custom services?

Yes, our staff is ready 24 hours a day to deal with your custom choices. Pick any product you want to buy and tell us the details you want to add to them. We will work exactly according to the listed ideas. You can choose different sizes, a number of cavities, crate mould design, and mold manufacturing process according to your preference.

4: Do you offer company visit?

We never say NO to our clients! You can visit our company or our manufacturing area anytime you want or pass by. We can have our engineers on board to give you a full company tour. You can discuss your products and examine them live. You can also discuss the project development, check other available products, and see the productivity of the machines and plastic injection crate moulds working there. In short, there is a lot for you to see in our production lines and we assure you that you will be intrigued by our services and company policies.

5: What other products can i get?

If you are planning to expand your business or casually want to have a look at the other products, then Go4mould has a whole gallery of crate moulds for you. Other than crate mould, we offer medical tools making moulds, bucket moulds, fitting moulds, and a lot more. We guarantee you’ll get everything you want from our extensive store.

6: Would you help with my long-term project?

Yes, Go4mould accepts long-term products. You don’t have to be worried about the quality and production issues because we have spare production lines to handle the situations like these. Our team monitors the details of your project and also looks for strategic techniques to enhance your monthly profit.  All is done under the surveillance of our qualified engineers. Tell us your time duration and we’ll have you covered!

7: Can i avail odm at Go4mould?

Yes, Go4mould also entertains on-demand manufacturing without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the crate moulds.  Our plastic injection crate moulds are inevitable and offer huge benefits. You will not regret making a business deal with us. Inform our staff about your time limit and demands. We will start working on your project on the very next day of your order confirmation.

8: What after-sale services do i get?

By joining hands with Go4mould, you’ll get 

  • Maintenance services 
  • Product analyzation 
  • Free videos and consultation 
  • Online conversations with technicians
  • Valuable business strategies 
  • Answers to queries 

Getting these opportunities for free is nothing but a chance to grow your business! Contact us and inform about your decisions so that we can proceed with our services.

9: Is Go4mould the best mould supplier in China?

We’d say yes without any double thoughts! This is because we have more experience than our competitors and offer more sustainable products than any other manufacturer in China. Our equipment is updated and we have internationally best-selling products. We provide the fastest delivery services both locally and overseas. Also, we ensure the safety of your products by packing them in corrugated boxes.

10: How do i place my order?

Click the contact button on our website and follow the instructions. Payment and other details can be decided on call and you’ll have your order placed!

Check customer response to boost your satisfaction!

Feedback, either positive or negative, plays an important part in a firm’s growth. Our clients have left some remarks for our services which are as below.
  • star star star star star
    I am a consistent buyer of bucket moulds from Go4mould and I have not received any complaints about the product so far. The plastic is of high quality and does not get damaged on heavy or prolonged usage. I was nervous in the beginning but enjoying the impeccable services, I am convinced that there is no other manufacturer like them!
    Mathew Arnold:
  • star star star star star
    I was looking for after-sale services because manufacturers leave their clients suffering and don’t look back. Fortunately, a friend told me about Go4mould’s premium product services and I couldn’t stay back without trying. It is not only they say but they do! Their services are really awesome and I don’t really need any after-sale services because the products themselves are a masterpiece. It has been 3 years since I bought a medical equipment mould and it is working well under its warranty!
    Arthur Muller:
  • star star star star star
    For the past few months, I was low on budget but I wanted to restock my mould gallery. It was when I got familiarized with Go4mould. They offered me competitive plastic crate mould prices which was a huge relief for me. But not stopping here, they guided me extensively on how can I use different strategies to improve my business growth. I am writing this to say that Go4mould deserves more than a five-star rating for the quality work it offers.
    Cathy Andrew:
  • star star star star star
    To be honest, I was scared of shopping online, especially in the case of bulky orders for my plastic bakery crate mould industry. I was so choosy to pick a manufacturer but the sophisticated way of dealing I saw in Go4mould convinced me to make an investment. The online payment procedure went so smooth and I got the transaction receipt and order confirmation within minutes. Thank you, Go4mould, for clearing my doubts and for the best mould maker in the area!
    Celia Benjamin:

Are you looking for more information or would you like to get an accurate quote?

If you need a professional Crate mould maker partner to provide you with a high quality, cost-effective and timely manufacturing service. Go4mold is your first step towards success.

Crate mould: a comprehensive guide

After running 2 decades of successful business, we spread our business to different countries which touch the outskirts of China. Observing the high demands of crate mould, we manufactured different kinds and sizes of plastic crate moulds that are well-maintained and suit your respective industries. You can use them for heavy, light, or any other production purposes you want.

Moving towards the methodology and credibility, our firm is registered on international grounds making us and our team recognized and proud of our services. We provide low-price turnover box moulds and fruit crate moulds that can serve you for life under proper surveillance. For a better understanding of the operation and specifications of the mould, we have enlisted the following questions. Read them and enhance your knowledge about crate moulds.

The crate mould – introduction

Plastic Injection Crate Mould

Figure 1: Plastic Injection Crate Mould

A crate Mould is a multi-dimensional mould (also known as a household mould) that is used to make plastic-injected crates for different purposes. The sole purpose of a plastic crate injection mould is to carry products, mostly eatables. You can also use them to store food that needs to be covered. Turnover box moulds are a perfect choice for this purpose. They have a foldable lid that covers the box when needed. Similarly, you can use a fruit crate to store fruits, a vegetable crate for storing vegetables, milk crates for keeping milk packs, or plastic milk bottles. In short, the application is up to your use. You can use these storage boxes for whatever purpose you want.

The crate mould, on the other hand, is made of fine aluminium or steel material to keep away environmental reactions. We keep the outer surface of your crate moulds shiny to resist dust or water contamination. The inner parts are kept smooth for achieving fine quality mould parts. The cavities are well-carved and well-designed to ensure effective results during the injection process.

Crate mould manufacturing system

Plastic Crate Mould Manufacturing

Figure 2: Plastic Crate Mould Manufacturing

Go4mould uses simple but effective ways for manufacturing crate moulds

  • We gather all the things required in the manufacturing process near us. Such as raw materials, screws, spare parts, machines, etc.
  • We check the stability of our CNC machines to check whether these are running well to carry our mould manufacturing process
  • During the process, we check the readings on the digital control system to be sure that there are no faults
  • After the crate moulds are manufactured, the machine beeps and we collect them in the corrugated boxes to deliver to you (after inspection).

You should be glad that your products are manufactured with such precision and accuracy because no manufacturer out there does so. Either you end up losing your money or you get low-quality moulds. But Go4mould works with the responsibility of taking care of the designs you sign and the features you ask for!

Go4mould ensures the smooth, simple, yet easy manufacturing of the crate moulds so that you don’t have to divide your attention to the specs and quality. You should rather invest your time in building more effective and strategic techniques to grow your business. You can also consult our business analysts for such help. Kindly, reach out to us if you face any kind of difficulty.

Crate mould properties

Our crate moulds are of premium quality and have a whole lot of impeccable properties.

  • Their structural complexity is well maintained which gives off well-finished products.
  • They give a variety of shapes and frames for your mould parts
  • The material is flexible and non-tarnish
  • You get bulk production with the same accuracy and precision
  • Heavy orders are maintained easily
  • Multi-cavities to increase the efficacy of the crate moulds
  • Don’t need special maintenance
  • There is no need for extra coolers for setting the mould
  • Hot runners are also optional because it is really not necessary
  • Their manufacturing cost is less
  • Durable crate mould material

All these properties save you a huge amount of cost every month which you can invest in valuable marketing campaigns and other relatable stuff.

How to use a crate plastic injection mould?

Using Go4mould’s crate mould is very easy. We provide you with a product catalogue from which you can read the instructions. We have elaborated on each part and the specifications of mould. Go4mould also provides operational videos so that you can visually see the working process of your crate moulds.

However, for the injection process, take your injection molding plastic (in the melted/liquid state) and gradually pour this into the crate plastic injection mould. Use hot runners if needed so that no plastic stays in the corners. Let that plastic set in the crate mould and do not disturb the outer temperature. After letting it sit for 4 to 6 hours, try to pull it out with spatulas or vacuums so that no cracks appear on the surface. With these simple steps, you have your injection molding process completed.

Applications of plastic crate mould

The applications of the crate mould are versatile. You can use them for various needs. They are vastly used in the food sector. The crate factory owners use our crate moulds to make different mould products which in return are applied in the markets for

In short, these are the best fit for carrying bottled products or other heavy items. You can hold them while shopping and have them at the counter instead of holding the items in your hands. Grocery stores always keep them for your easy grocery shopping. They also store products in it, you must have seen the bottles and other items in these crates, that’s exactly what we make at our manufacturing store.

Moreover, your crate moulds are environmentally friendly. They do not let out a chemical explosion or get into acidic reactions. They are non-volatile and can be recycled easily without disposing harsh remains into the water or air. We use steel and aluminum to avoid this toxicity as both materials are calm and provide a whole set of favourable properties.

Crate Mould Applications

Figure 3: Crate Mould Applications

Designing requirements

Having a fine infrastructure is the basic need of any product. That’s why we prioritize your mould design to give you flawless results. Go4mould conducts an extensive meeting with its staff to discuss the requirements of your products and then we design your crate moulds.

For designing a crate mould, our professionals suggest you take care of the following requirements.

  • keep a good check on the dimensions because a crate mould is bigger in size. This is due to the fact that the stores need bigger crates for their products.
  • Discuss with other fellows about the radius, circumference, and other mathematical considerations.
  • Keep the wall thickness in coherence with the mould ribs.
  • Define the part lines for product identification.
  • The crate mould gates should be designed bigger because they allow easy die-casting.
  • Carefully draw the cavities because these are the most complex and the most productive parts of the mould.

After you’re satisfied that your design is applicable, move this on to the senior engineers for further verification. Go4mould prefers this method because this promotes teamwork and the chances of error are less.

Some clients have to wait for ages while dealing with other manufacturers. This happens if the customer services are bad or the workload has reached the limit. This turns off the new-coming clients and costs your business. Go4mould, however, has a strong and active team, especially for dealing with clients. You have to give your samples to our engineers either by hand or through an attached document in the email. We will have a detailed look at your samples and will respond to you in a day. We also suggest some turning points in your samples so that you get authentic products.

Services at Go4mould

When it comes to providing supreme services to our clients, Go4mould beats all! We have designed a whole schedule and a pre-set staff to maintain the customer services section. Following are the top-ranking services that we provide.


You’ve got the liberty to make changes (customize) in the crate mould samples provided by our company and adjust that according to your wants. Go4mould is never narrow about customer independence because our company exists due to the clients that stick to us. Also, it is a great relief in terms of getting true order manufacturing because we easily get what our customers want.


Most of the companies do not offer MOQ services considering it a time waste. This is because they focus on taking heavy orders and newbies are left aside. Go4mould decided to support to the rising business ventures and allows a minimum order quantity of a single mould. In this way, you can test the quality of the product and get your acquaintance good with the company.

Minimum delivery time

Go4Mould can accommodate its services according to your preferred time but if you want to know generally, we provide our delivery services within 15 days of placing an order. If you are a Chinese resident, you are more likely to receive your package on the working days of a week. If you are living abroad, then we can use ships and cargo or even planes (if you prefer) to get your product delivered instantly.

Product certification

Your products are certified with CE and ISO certifications. This is to enhance the credibility and acceptability of our products nationwide and across borders. Customers greatly rely on the manufacturers with such certification and we have achieved a milestone by achieving this goal. For further clarification, you can physically visit our firm or check our certificates on our official website.


After-sale services provided by any company are no less than a blessing because you get a lot of money saved by this. For instance, Go4mould provides you with after-sale services which means that after having your required order, we serve you for a lifetime either it is a maintenance issue, or you want to replace a part of a general check-up, we are there!


It is important to follow true maintenance techniques because not every product is the same. Go4mould advises you to:

  • Keep your moulds clean and has a regular check-up.
  • Look for any lost screws or damaged surfaces.
  • Check if all the parts are working properly.
  • Keep your mould cavities contamination-free.
  • Lubricate if needed.
  • Use precise brushes to keep the moulds clean
  • Don’t delay consulting with Go4mould if you find any scratches or damage on the surface

In short, we do not just manufacture plastic injection crate moulds for you, we also take care of the other necessary factors that our clients might be in need of.

Go4mould – The best crate mould supplier in China

If we compare the company profiles, production history, selling rate, customer response, and product maintenance, then clearly Go4mould is the best crate mould maker in the China market. To your satisfaction, you can ask us about any details without any fear. We have been true to our customers and our loyal services have made them stay for permanent reasons. We can also provide crate moulds and mould parts on demand.

Placing an order online is not but a myth. People have hyped this procedure while in reality, it is a two-click method. Using the latest technology, Go4mould provides you with the following ways to place an order:

  • Through call or WhatsApp
  • Through email
  • Trough meet-up
  • Though the “get an instant quote” button

With this much feasibility, you can place an order for your moulds within minutes. Go4mould is available for 24 hours. No matter which country you belong to, or where do you live, we equally provide our services across the globe.

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