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Go4mould serves premium quality pipe fitting molds around the globe
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  • pipe fitting mould detail 1
  • pipe fitting mould detail 2
  • pipe fitting mould detail 3
  • pipe fitting mould detail 4
  • pipe fitting mould detail 5
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Give you the best pipe fitting moulds

  • After your moulds are manufactured, we run a completely monitored quality inspection on your pipe fitting moulds so that you face no issue afterward.
  • Keeping in view your precious requirements, we believe in giving innovative designs to your products. For that, we hire experts to meet the quality standards. 
  • Staff at Go4mould does not use the pipe fitting manufacturing equipment without sterilizing. We make every effort to enhance your business growth.
  • After ensuring quality in design and equipment, Go4mould does not compromise on the training of the workers. Our team is highly-efficient and prone to high pressures.  
  • Go4mould believes in building and maintaining a trustable relationship with the clients. Our customer services staff is available 24 hours a day for your assistance.

Reliable pipe fitting supplier in China

Being a top-rated manufacturer is not easy Go4mould makes it possible with a strong and determined workforce. Our ways and modes are not traditional rather, we follow the latest technological trends for your products. We provide competitive injection moulding services at your door. Below is the range of plastic injected products and moulds we offer at Go4mould.

corrugated pipe fitting mould

For long and heavy projects such as irrigation systems, corrugated pipe fittings are the most convenient to use. Our corrugated pipe fitting moulds are tensile and make pipe fittings with a polished surface. We have an extensive range of pipe fitting moulds, contact us to get an instant quote.

cross fitting mould

Cross fitting pipe has 4 openings and is used to control heavy flows in the different pipes. However, they may not be well suited for high pressures for the temperature of pipe can increase.

elbow fitting mould

Elbow fittings are used in the pipes where you need a slight change in the direction. They’re well suited in any kind of pipes you want. We provide quality elbow fitting moulds at Go4mould.

p trap mould

P trap mould is used to make P trap pipe fittings that are highly used in toilets. This is because they are spacious, have a flexible design, and help in removing the blockage. Go4mould provides you with sterilized P trap Moulds on demand.

reducer fitting mould

Reducer fitting mould is greatly used in the mechanical industries where car parts and other similar products are manufactured. It makes reducer fittings with a one-time molding process.

socket fitting mould

A socket fitting mould makes high-quality socket fittings. These are used in household, commodity, and electrical applications where the appliances have switches. Contact us for your socket fitting mould orders.

tee fitting mould

Tee fittings are used to connect the vertical water lines. It plays an important role in the plumbing industry. Go4mould not only makes Tee fitting moulds, but we also offer you a wide range of Tee fittings manufactured with different plastic materials.

thread fitting mould

It is a multi-cavity mould that makes thread fittings for household appliances, electronics, and other hardware items. Go4mould makes the finest thread fitting moulds as per your requirements.

wye fitting mould

This mould makes WYE pipe fittings that are used to connect the horizontal drain lines. It is specially designed for sanitary pipelines to ease the flow between two pipes. You can avail these moulds and products at Go4mould at reasonable prices.

Go4mouldServe the best quality pipe fitting moulds and services

Our utmost priority is to provide you with the plastic injection pipe fitting mould services that help you grow. We ensure proper regulation of the terms and conditions at our construction site. We handle bulk orders with a good strategy and make more than 100 pieces in a month. We’re your trust-worthy business partners and you’ll see this after joining hands with our company and the production team.

For personal inspection, you can visit our company and manufacturing site. We offer you customizable options and sustainable solutions to your product-related problems.

Expert in the pipe fitting mold

Pipe fitting mould factory view

Located in Huangyan, “Mould Town of China”, Go4mould is one of the leading plastic injection mould makers in China. Our factory has advanced machines and experienced staff that can provide you with high quality pipe fitting moulds at competitive prices. As part of our quality control process, we conduct rigorous testing on all our products before delivery.

factory view

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Mould baseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould materialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud precision±0.01mm
Mould life50-500K shots
Mould cavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner systemHot runne system and the temperature control system
Gate typePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Plastic materialABS+PC,ABS+PVC, PP+EVA, PP+LDPE, PE+PP, PE+PE, PE+PB ,PE, PP ,PA ,POM ,PC,etc
Metal materialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface treatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

Plastic pipe fitting material

Go4Mould provides you with its honest and reliable plastic mould material services. To bring variety to our catalog, we have introduced five to six different types of mould materials. However, you can also get your customized solutions.

abs pipe fitting mould
ABS is easily moldable into different shapes and you can also add colors to it at its melting point. This gives unique color and finishing to your injection moulded fittings.
hdpe pipe fitting mould
HDPE is a high-density polyethylene mould making material with opaque nature, rigidity, and high environmental resistant properties.
pp pipe fitting mould
Polypropylene is cheap yet its benefits are high. Its hard structure and good melting point make it feasible for making quality pipe fittings. You can contact our customer services to get the type of material you want.
pph pipe fitting mould
PPH is a mixture of similar polymers to make pipe fittings for the areas where cold water runs. Our Go4mould team makes moisture and corrosion-resistant PPH pipe fittings.
ppr pipe fitting mould
When different polymers are combined with polypropylene, they make PPR. It is perfect for warm water pipe fittings. You can get this at Go4mould at market-competitive rates.
pvc pipe fitting mould
PVC is a very friendly material in making injection moulds. Most of the construction industry relies upon the unmatchable qualities of PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is highly durable and rigid and perfectly utilized for pipe fitting moulds around the globe.

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Pipe fitting mould FAQ guide



When it comes to injection molding services, there is no other market-competitive company than Go4mould. We are a hub of diverse plastic injection moulds that focus on quality rather than quantity. There are certain manufacturers whose target is to earn money despite the good quality product. Go4mould on the other hand, likes to work with integrity and yearns to take its company morale high. 

Over the past 20 years, we have excelled in the various sectors and companies around the world. Our pipe injection molding services are popular in 40 countries outside China and we are given respect for quality work we do. Our company profile is filled with enormous client responses which is the result of our good customer behavior. We are available any time of the month or a year for providing our services. Contact us for any Kind of questions or product-related queries, we assure the easy solution to your problems. 

We know you already have some questions in your mind and considering that we have devised the following FAQ guide. Give it a read and let us know if anything seems ambiguous. 

What Is pipe fitting mold?

Pipe Fitting Mould

Figure 1: pipe fitting mould 

Before moving on to the pipe fitting mold, your familiarity with pipe fitting is necessary if you are to start a new business. Pipe fittings are an effective tool in the plumbing, mechanic, and sanitary sectors or any other areas where pipes are applied. They provide ways for the liquid to move without creating blockage and reduce the size of the bigger pipes. From smaller to larger projects, plastic pipe fittings are at the top because of their low cost, non-corrosive nature, and high tolerance against temperature and pressure. 

Pipe fitting moulds, likewise, are the means to produce high-quality and finely structured plastic molded pipe fittings. Plastic injection molded pipe fittings are a great replacement for metallic pipe fittings in many ways and low cost is at the top. Experts at Go4mould’s manufacturing site make reliable pipe fitting moulds. We can also make molds as per your demand. You can talk to our customer service representatives to solve your queries and place your orders. 

What is the detailed process of pipe fitting molding?

The process of making pipe fitting moulds is very delicate but simple only if you follow the right techniques and strategies at the right time. Go4mould ensures the flawless manufacturing process of your moulds. For this purpose, we use plastic injection molding as it is the finest method to achieve accuracy in the final products. Moreover, you can make plenty of similar products with no difference with this technique. 

To start off with the production procedure, we follow the following steps.

  • We begin with sterilizing the tools to ensure the health and safety of both our workers and your products. 
  • Then we gather the plastic material or polymers to perform the injection molded process. You can refer us to your desired material and we’ll make customized solutions for you.
  • While melting the raw material, you can make a mixture of two thermoplastic materials and add colors to them. Once the material goes to the injection mold, you cannot do changes to it.
  • Keeping the plastic injection material at the required temperature and pressure is the key to mastering the process. Otherwise, you’ll lose precision and your material will be over-molded.
  • In the next step, we keep the mould gates open to cast the melted plastic to the mould and then we clamp the doors with the nuts.
  • At this point, the mould is not further checked for at least a few hours. This is to set the mould naturally in the natural environment. You can use air conditioners for cooling the mould but don’t use them frequently as they may affect the mould quality. The more you let the mould set on its own, the more accurate its final shape will get. 
  • You can also add additives in the mould to give them the type of finishing you want such as plain, rough, or shiny. 
  • After the mould is perfectly cooled down, we eject it with the help of pullers such as vacuum pumps. You can use any suitable tool but be sure not to remove the mould in a rush so that the surface may not get cracks.
  • Your mould is ready at this stage. We pack it with premium quality packaging material and it reaches your door in no less than 20 days. 

For further assistance, we can provide you with our professional operation videos and product catalog. You can also visit our manufacturer area to witness the working process all by yourself.

How is pipe fitting injection mold designed?

Pipe Fitting Mold Design

Figure 2: Pipe Fitting Mold Design

Designing is the core and essence of every product. To maintain precision and customer demand, we hire top-rated engineers and designers who design our injection moulds. While designing, our staff takes care of the 

  • Technology: we use the updated version of the software and the latest CNC machines to make our plastic injection pipe fitting moulds.
  • Material: High-quality raw material is used to make the moulds. We prefer steel and aluminum due to their non-reactive nature and the ability to endure high loads, temperatures, and pressures. They do not mix in with plastic injection material to cause chemical reactions. However, you are still offered to choose the material of your preference. 
  • Tools and texture: we give fine texture to our pipe fitting injection moulds so that it does not change the texture of your plastic moulded product. We also use fine tools such as cutters and other precision tools to make the shape of the moulds. 
  • Uniformity: While designing, bringing uniformity to our injection moulds is our utmost goal. Our engineers achieve this goal by making mould ribs higher than the wall, by keeping the wall thickness accurate, and by keeping the mould gates higher than the surface to allow easy casting of the die. For further accuracy, they mark the product lines to identify the product area easily. It helps in pulling out the injection mould. Cavities are also created so that the mould attains the required shape as suggested by the client.
Under what conditions pipe fitting is made?

Go4mould strictly adheres to the rules and conditions to make a certain product. To make pipe fittings, the following conditions are followed at our manufacturing area.

  • Raw material has good tensile strength and rigidity 
  • It should be flexible and non-corrosive
  • The pipe fitting injection mould is of premium quality steel 
  • The room temperature is kept normal 
  • Every detail of the process is precisely monitored to detect the flaws at the spot
  • Imported equipment is used to make moulds
  • The traditional mould cooling process is followed 
  • The injection mould is neatly designed 
  • One or two cavities for easy moulding 
  • Latest servo Technology CNC machining is used to make the Moulds
Does Go4mould offer pipe fitting injection moulded products?

Go4mould is your go-to manufacturing store because once you come here, you’ll find everything you need. It is the specialty of our staff who meets the deadlines and makes the pipe fitting products available at the larger stock. We do not only offer pipe fitting plastic injection moulds but we also make pipe fitting products ranging from socket pipe fittings to P trap pipe fittings. We have a variety of pipe fitting products available at our store. Come to our company or order online for your preferred product and we will have it delivered to you in two weeks.

What should i consider before making a pipe fitting mould?

It is important to shed light on some factors that may or may not affect quality of your moulds. So, it is advised by our skilled staff to go through the following checklist just to be sure that nothing goes wrong during the manufacturing of pipe fitting mould.  

  • Choose stainless steel as a core metal for the base of the mould. 
  • Start from making simple moulds and then move towards making the complex ones.
  • Make more cavities in mould as they enhance the productivity of your moulds.
  • Be careful about customized mould orders. Don’t do haste, rather, make the required moulds with the right peace of mind.
  • Use the latest machinery to make the pipe fitting moulds.
  • Your mould design must be well-structured and tested.
  • Call for technicians in case of any mishap. 
  • Always check for the maintenance to ensure the proper working of the mould.
  • Be sure of the manufacturer from which you are buying the material or spare parts.
  • Use genuine material and be loyal to your clients.
Which plastic injection materials are used in the pipe fitting moulds?

Pipe Fitting Mould Material

Figure 3: pipe fitting mould material

Ever since the industrialist have known the irresistible benefits of plastic injection moulding, they have shifted from metals to thermoplastic materials. Not only they are cost-effective, but they have high environmental tolerance and are flexible to use. There are plenty of plastic materials that Go4mould uses to make injection moulded products. The material list goes as below.

Starting with PVC-widely known as polyvinyl chloride. It is a highly durable pipe fitting material and rules the plastic injection moulding for its amazing benefits. It is one of the best synthetic polymers and various additives are added to it while manufacturing. These additives enhance the bending ability. 

When talking about PVC, you must be clear about UPVC and CPVC. Both are the byproducts of PVC but have different uses. UPVC is a rigid plastic material that can resist strong environmental conditions but cannot be used at high temperatures. It is suitable for cold-temperature liquids. CPVC, on the other hand, contains plasticizers and is chlorinated to increase flexibility. It is prone to high temperatures and is suitable for hot water.

Another important thing to remember while injection moulding is the corrosion resistance of die steel. As the hot polymer is to be poured die steel should not react chemically with it. 

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a reliable and less costly thermoplastic pipe fitting material. It has been proved very beneficial for injection moulding because of its low melting point. You can easily mould it in different shapes and add colors to it. It is a versatile material to make plenty of injection moulded products that are used in car wheels, and other home or electrical appliances. One thing to keep in mind is the high friction of ABS which can be sorted by adding additives or using high-graded injection mould.


Polypropylene, normally known as PP is the most popular plastic pipe fitting moulding material around industrial countries. People are indebted to the properties and moulding abilities of PP. It has a hard structure and its high melting point makes it feasible for making different moulds. You can add different colors to this thermoplastic material and can recycle it as well.

  • HDPE 

HDPE is an offshoot of Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is selected according to the required density and High-Density Polyethylene has been in the injection moulding market for its feasible use in making injection moulded products. It is opaque and has high rigidity and flexibility. It is best suitable for making pipe fittings and engineering products such as cable insulators and medical instruments. 

  • PPH

PPH is a homo polypropylene polymer. It means that it is a mixture of the same plastic materials. PPH has improved corrosion, moisture, and other environmental resistance. It can withstand acidic and alkalic reactions which makes it best for the pipe fittings.

  • PPR: 

PPR is an amalgamation of random polymer with polypropylene. It has high molecular strength and stress resistance. Pipe fittings made with PPR are the best for the pipes where warm water runs. 

Our clients have used pipe fittings of these materials and their responses were great! We provide personalized injection moulding services at budget-friendly offers. Contact us for further details. 

How many types of plastic pipe fitting moulds are there?

Go4mould always makes efforts to create ease for you and your business whether it is well-developed or newly established. We have introduced a whole lot of varieties in plastic pipe fitting moulds and products. Our popular plastic pipe fitting injection moulds are described below.

  • Cross fitting mould

The cross fitting mould makes plastic injection moulded cross fitting pipes. It is a perforated mould which means that this mould has cavities to adjust the design for a cross fitting pipe. These pipe fittings are applied to the areas where four pipes are used at once. In this way, the pressure is divided equally in each direction.

  • Corrugated fitting mould 

To deal with the heavier pipelines such as in sewage and irrigation, corrugated pipe fittings are the best match. Go4mould makes corrugated fitting moulds that have well-polished surfaces and grading. They make high-quality pipe-fittings that can raise your product value.

  • Elbow fitting mould 

It is hard to change the directions of the longer pipes installed in different areas. Go4mould manufactures elbow fitting moulds for this purpose which make elbow pipe fittings. These moulds are made with steel or aluminum as per your choice and have two cavities. The elbow-like structure of these fittings gives a bent to the pipes and you can turn them in to your desired direction.  

  • P trap mould 

The drainage problems in sanitary areas becomes difficult if the right type of pipe fitting is not used. Experts at Go4mould make P trap plastic injection moulds which make P trap pipe fittings. The P shape of these fittings allows easy water flow and removes the risks of blockage.

  • Reducer fitting mould 

you often buy pipes that are greater in size or do not fit on the required application. In this case, rather than investing money in buying a brand-new pipe, you can use reducer pipe fittings. To make reducer fittings, Go4mould makes a reducer fitting mould. The fitting has two openings and one edge is slightly thinner than the other one. This is to fit in the pipe to reduce its size. Reducer fitting moulds are greatly used in the mechanical industries. 

  • Socket fitting mould 

Most of the electrical appliances have switches that are plugged to the sockets. The socket fitting mould makes socket pipe fittings which is considered as the greatest help in the construction sector. 

You can choose any pipe fitting mould according to your preferences. You can also give us your customized requirements and our skilled team will work on that.

How should i maintain a plastic pipe fitting injection mould?

Manufacturing quality products should not be the only goal of your firm. You’ll equipment will rust if you do not follow the right maintenance patterns. 

  • First of all, you should clean your mould daily
  • Do not let the dust settle in the cavities
  • If any corner or part seems to be damaged, call for the technician
  • In case of de-shaping of the mould, consider replacing it immediately because it’ll surely affect the moulded product.
What are the benefits of pipe fitting mould?

Our of the countless benefits of the pipe fitting moulds, some of them are as below.

  • Less manual labor is involved due to the automatic system
  • The mould is produced in one-time
  • Offers easy operation 
  • Less costly and more durable 
  • Uplifts the economy of your company due to its diverse features 
  • They are anti-inflammatory and have a longer time-span
  • More than 1 year of warranty 
  • Makes pipe fitting moulds with complex designs 
  • Handles bulky orders easily
Which industries use plastic injection moulded pipe fittings?

Industries that use pipes abundantly are more likely to be seen with pipe fittings. The electrical, mechanical, and drainage industries frequently use injection moulded pipe fittings to either change or bend the direction of the pipes, reduced pressure, and adjust the pipe size according to the product. 

Can i start a pipe fitting injection mould making business?

There is no ambiguity in setting up your own business of making pipe fitting moulds. But prior to that, try to 

  • Consult a business advisor 
  • Conduct market research about the product 
  • Check the market demand 
  • Cross-check the qualities of other manufacturers 
  • Make a proper plan and then execute it 
  • Always have eyes on your budget 

If you’re still confused about how to set up a business then we are open to helping you out. Our project manager at Go4mould can provide their core skills at your service.

What is the cost of pipe fitting mould?

The cost of a single pipe fitting mould is about a few US dollars which varies when you buy it in a large quantity. The excessive features and complex designs also increase the price of your moulds. It is also dependent on the location and the type of manufacturer you choose for buying plastic injection molded pipe fittings.

Why should i choose Go4mould as a plastic injection mould business partner?

Go4mould provides you plenty of reasons to choose them as your reliable injection mould business partner. You’ll not find a complete set of services and product at any other firm in China. Our perks are greater than the prices you pay for your moulds. The prime reason to choose us is

  • Our quality inspection 
  • Innovative mould designs
  • Skilled technicians and engineers 
  • International clients and certificates
  • Maintenance and after-sale services 
  • Updated machinery 
  • Low and high quantity orders 
  • Admirable customer services 

Our contact method is very easy. Just scroll down to the page you have opened and you’ll see an “instant quote” portal. If not, you can call us on the number provided or email us at any time. We’ll be available with our moulding services.

Does Go4mould use the latest technology to make plastic pipe fitting moulds?

Just like a set of sustainable services, Go4mould does not compromise in using advanced technology for manufacturing its products. The high-class injection molds are a result of the latest software inspection and imported motors used in the manufacturing machines.

Is the equipment manufactured at Go4mould certified?

Go4mould has international certification for its products and other manufacturing equipment. It is the CE and ISO certification that has led the manufacturing business spread around the globe. Clients are not only satisfied buyers but they also take our assistance in after-sale services. Feel free to invest with us and for further satisfaction, you can see our customer response and certification on the official Go4mould website.

Can i use a certain amount of recycled material for re-injection?

Re-injection is the best and most easy way of reducing cost. When the process of plastic injection is carried out, some of the material is left out in the mould paths. You can heat that material and recycle it for the next time. It does not affect the product quality, nor does it affect the properties of the plastic.

Is the multi-cavity hot runner system used in the manufacturing of the plastic pipe fitting mould?

The multi-cavity hot runner system has created a lot of ease in the injection moulding process. Go4mould uses a multi-cavity hot runner system in the pipe fitting moulds to make easy flow of the molten plastic to different cavities in the mould. The hot runner is the area where the plastic flows and this area is heated to maintain the temperature of the injected plastic so that it does not get hard. In this way, less material is wasted and you get your pipe fittings well in shape.

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