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Storage container mould supplier in China

Go4Mould provides professional injection moulding services to domestic and international customers. We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions from product conception to mass production. We are a leading supplier of storage container moulds.
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Storage container mould

GO4Mould is the premier supplier of storage container moulds in China.

We offer a wide range of products that will meet your needs.

Our storage container moulds are made from high-quality materials, and they are designed to last.

We offer excellent customer service, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible product.

Design with specified cost and time criteria.

Contact us today to learn more about our storage container moulds!


Choose the perfect storage container for your needs

When you are looking for a storage container, it is important to choose the perfect one for your needs. we will discuss the different types of storage containers and help you choose the perfect one for your needs!

cosmetic storage box mould

cosmetic storage box mould is one of our main products. It is designed and made by ourselves. And we have a professional team to design and make the mould. We have exported this product to many countries, and got a lot of good feedbacks.

household storage box mould

Looking for a household storage box mould that is both stylish and functional? Look no further than our selection of household storage box moulds! We have a variety of designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your home. Our household storage box moulds are made of high-quality materials, so they are sure to last.

plastic storage bin mould

plastic storage bin mould is a very important component of plastic injection molding. It is responsible for the shape and size of the plastic storage bins. If you are looking for quality plastic storage bin mould, you have come to the right place. We offer high-quality moulds that will help you create the perfect plastic storage bins. Contact us today to learn more!

rattan storage box mould

This rattan storage box mould is perfect for storing a variety of items. With its sturdy construction and attractive design, it is a great addition to any home or office. It has a lid that helps keep contents clean and dust-free. The box is also foldable, making it easy to store when not in use.

Storage container mould manufacturing specialists

GO4Mould specializes in supplying our customers with the best quality plastic moulds created utilizing the newest technology as a customised storage container mould manufacturer with over 10 years of expertise.

GO4Mould has contributed a great lot of experience and expertise in the plastic injection mould sector over the course of our decade in operation, and we now offer our customers a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and devoted storage container mould manufacturing crew.

GO4Mould is capable of producing full plastic containers (lids, buckets, and handles) in a timely manner during the manufacturing process, as well as custom assembly, stamping, and packing services when needed.

We can develop, manufacture, and supply your plastic moulding requirements, regardless of their complexity or design sophistication, because we employ a highly skilled team. We can cater to the specific needs of each project.

Storage container moulds we care about

Factory view of Go4mould

Located in Huangyan, “Mould Town of China”, Go4mould is one of the leading plastic injection mould manufacturers in China. Our factory has advanced machines and experienced staff that can provide you with high quality storage container moulds at competitive prices. In addition to our advanced machinery, we also have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers.

factory view

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Mould baseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould materialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud precision±0.01mm
Mould life50-500K shots
Mould cavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner systemHot runne system and the temperature control system
Gate typePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Plastic materialABS+PC,ABS+PVC, PP+EVA, PP+LDPE, PE+PP, PE+PE, PE+PB ,PE, PP ,PA ,POM ,PC,etc
Metal materialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface treatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

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Storage container moulds| the FAQ guide

Looking to create custom storage containers for your home or business? If so, you may be wondering about the process of creating a storage container mould. Here is some useful information on this topic, including common materials and designs used in storage container moulds, as well as tips for finding a reliable supplier and ensuring a high-quality final product.

storage container mould

1: How are storage container mould made?

Storage container mould is made by injecting a small amount of molten plastic into a mould cavity. As the plastic begins to cool and solidify, it takes on the shape of the cavity. Once it has cooled completely, the mould is opened and the storage container is ejected.

Moulds are usually made from metal. They must be tough and durable so that they can withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with injection moulding.


2:What types of plastics are used to produce storage container?

The most common types of plastic used to produce storage containers are PET, PP, HDPE, ABS, and PVC. Each type has different properties that make it better suited for certain applications.

PET is a transparent plastic that is lightweight and shatterproof. It is often used to make beverage bottles and food containers.

PP is a tough plastic that is resistant to heat and chemicals. It is commonly used to make Tupperware-type products.

HDPE is a strong plastic that can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals. It is often used for milk jugs, detergent bottles, and other household containers.

ABS is a rigid plastic that can be molded into different shapes.


3: Selection of shapes and sizes of storage container moulds

After you’ve decided on a storage container mold supplier, the following step is to figure out what size, shape, and design you’ll need. Because storage containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s critical to choose the proper size and form for your purposes. Additionally, you must choose the material that will be utilized to construct the storage containers.

Square, round, and rectangular storage container moulds, with or without lids, are available from GO4Mould. Foldable container moulds are also available.

Our plastic storage container moulds come in sizes of 0.5L, 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 18L, 20L, and 25L, as well as cooling beryllium copper (BeCu).


4: What is the process of storage container moulds?

Plastic injection mould is the process of manufacturing a storage container by injecting molten plastic into a mould. The molten plastic is injected into a steel tool called a die. The die has the shape of the storage container that is being made. The molten plastic flows into the die and takes on the shape of the die. As it cools, it solidifies and forms the storage container.

The most common type of mould used for making storage containers is called an injection mould. Injection moulds are made out of two halves that are hinged together. The halves are opened and the empty storage container is placed inside. The halves are then closed and clamped shut. Molten plastic is injected into the space between the two halves of the mould. The plastic cools and solidifies, taking on the shape of the mould. The storage container is then ejected from the mould.


5: Storage container mould gate positioning and design.

The location of the storage container mould gates is critical to the flow of polymer into the plastic container mould. Aesthetic concerns for moulding are among the other elements to consider when deciding where to put the gate.

The mold’s criteria for de-gating.

The molding’s level of design complexity.

The mold’s temperature specifications.

The type of polymer that will be treated.

The amount of polymer and the rate at which it is fed through the gate.

The significance and location of the fusion line that was formed.

The potential for gas entrapment due to the filling profile, as well as its impacts.

Given all of the preceding considerations, it is evident that the gate’s location must be chosen rather early in the design build process. The option of gate location is further constrained if the component is to be fed in the usual fashion, i.e. non-hot runner, due to the limits of the two-plate mold design.

Due to the necessity of gating on a single plane around the mold split line, this limitation exists. When gating needs arise that are outside the scope of a two-plate design, the mould designer may opt for a three-plate or runnerless design format to accomplish the desired gate location.


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