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Go4mould has specialized in plastic injection mold
manufacturing for more than 15 years

Go4mould(Taizhou Yuancheng Mould Co.)is a leading plastic injection mold supplier and trusted plastic injection mold consultant in China.Our product line of injection molds covers civil, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, including automotive injection molding, 2K injection mold, PET preform mould, medical plastic injection molding, cap mould, thin wall mould, etc.

In the past ten years, we have been constantly improving ourselves in terms of factory equipment, QC, and after-sales. constantly improving.

  • In the last five years, GO4 Mould has increased its investment in equipment and the training of mold engineers every year. To better help them meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers.
  • GO4mould further improve the delivery time through optimization and improvement. The fastest mold can be delivered in 20 days, and the delivery cycle will not be longer than 60 days under normal circumstances.
  • GO4mould’s complete quality control system further improves the stability of the product and the stability of the later production of plastic products.

Go4 Mould is a modern mold company with sophisticated processing and testing equipment, including 5-axis high-speed milling machines, mold clamping machines, and various Haitian injection molding machines.

Provide you with a one-stop solution for product development, mold design, and product Manufacturing.

Fast Delivery

“Lead-on Time Project” is a project that we have been promoting at the core in the past few years. We have established a core project improvement team to ensure the delivery time of our customers. Project personnel includes senior project engineers, trial engineers, and sales representatives.

At the same time, our project team will analyze the data of mold flow parameters according to each customer’s situation. Provide customers with process technical reports that are closer to production at the first time.

As of last year, our punctual delivery rate has reached 95%.

Quality management system

Quality inspection runs through the entire project. From the inspection of raw materials, mold parts and mold bases in the early stage, to quality monitoring in the production process, to sample and test of the final product. Strictly follow the quality standards of ISO 9001.

  • Inspection of each batch of raw materials
  • Raw material analysis report and process capability measurements report provided.
  • Weekly Inspections reportin production¬†period
  • First Article Inspection report of Plastic Injection Mold provided.
  • Samplesof Plastic Injection Mold Trial are sent within 2 days
  • Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer factory view 4

After Sale

Not only provide you with mold suggestions but also provide with some suggestions for follow-up production.

GO4mould provides global technical assistance, process optimization support, productivity improvement, and injection product quality.

We provide you with detailed, high-standard and detailed technical documents

Provide you with a complete after-sales service system, timely and proper troubleshooting, and maintenance guidance.

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