• elbow fitting mould 1
  • elbow fitting mould 2
  • elbow fitting mould 3
  • elbow fitting mould 4
  • elbow fitting mould 1
  • elbow fitting mould 2
  • elbow fitting mould 3
  • elbow fitting mould 4

Elbow fitting mould

  • High quality of elbow fitting moulds
  • Excellent strength and impact resistance, superior wear resistance, and durability are maintained.
  • Low costs and fast quotation available within 24hours.
  • Material like ABS, PP, PC, PE, POM, PMMA is used.
  • Strict QC system to ensure the quality of cross pipe fitting mould.
  • Enough storage, prompt delivery, and competitive price
  • Replacements within 30 days if there is any problem happened
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of wear parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

Factory view of Go4mould

Located in Huangyan, “Mould Town of China”, Go4mould is one of the leading plastic injection mould manufacturers in China. Our factory has advanced machines and experienced staff that can provide you with high quality elbow fitting moulds at competitive prices. As well, we have a team of quality control experts who conduct rigorous testing on every product before it leaves the factory.

factory view

Elbow fitting mould FAQs

Go4moulds has been developing and manufacturing Elbow Fittings for more than ten years. We can provide you complete set service of pipe fitting mould because our company has a team that embraces different profiles, including designers, material experts, and production engineers. Our R&D department will ensure that each type of tool can be finished on time. Most of our customers are satisfied with our products due to their high quality and fast delivery so that we have continued good relationship with them for years. We will try our best to save your time and money by providing you with professional service, so you don’t need to worry about anything during production. Our products have passed CE certification. Therefore our quality is reliable.

The following FAQ guide will give you more information about elbow fitting molds.

1. What is elbow fitting mould?

Elbow Fitting Mould is a unique injection tool to form the mold using hot plastic. It has a unique structure used to produce various shapes mold components. Go4mould manufactures Elbow Fitting Mould, widely used in multiple industries.

elbow fitting mould 1

 Figure 1:  Elbow Fitting Mould

2. What are the benefits of elbow fitting mould?

Elbow Fitting Mould has many advantages for users; here are some benefits about Elbow Fitting Mould:

Low-cost investment: 

Using Elbow Mould, you can produce components more minor than half the cost of other methods.

Easy to operate:

You don’t need any work experience to use the machine.

Save time & labor costs: 

Using Elbow Fitting Mould tooling, you can cut your cycle time in half and reduce labor costs.


Elbow Fitting Mould can produce many different components without any change.


3. What are the materials that are used for making elbow fitting die?

Generally, the materials for Elbow Fitting Mold include:


Steel is widely used because of easy mold removal. Steel 21L14 or 21L18 are the most popular Elbow Fitting Mold tooling material because they have high wear resistance, best machinability, and good thermal shock resistance. But if you want to reduce the cost, 20L20 alloy steel is a good choice for Elbow Fitting Mold tooling.


Aluminum is also widely used because it has high strength and is lightweight.


Copper can be used for large Elbow Fitting Mould tooling because the thermal conductivity of copper is better than other metals.


Brass is a good choice when the pressure in injection molding is high.

elbow fitting mould 3

Figure 2: Brass Elbow Fitting Mould

Many materials can be used for making Elbow Fitting Mould. Here are some other standard materials for Elbow Mould:

Polyurethane, Nylon, PP, ABS Plastic, PMMA Acrylic Glass, PPS, Polyamide PA6/PA66. PVC and so on.

4. How is cross pipe fitting mould related to elbow fitting mould?

Elbow Fitting Mould can produce elbow, tee, and cross pipe fittings. You need to replace some punches and dies or re-design your tools to make the different shaped components.

By contrast, a cross-pipe fitting mould is a specialized Elbow Fitting die tooling designed to simplify and quicken the production of piping parts like crosses, T-connections, reducers, and sockets in various sizes for small tubes with metric or standard dimensions.

5. Can we design our elbow mould at Go4mould?

Yes, we can design your own Elbow Fitting Mould. We will customise the pipe fitting  moulds to your requirements. Such as threaded elbow mould, brass insert elbow and so on. We have a professional design team, and they will provide you with the best solution according to your detailed requirement. Also, we can develop new moulds for customers in a short time based on their drawings or samples.


6.Describe the elbow fitting molding process.

The process is as follows:

Injection molding: 

In this stage of the elbow fitting production process, the material will be injected into Elbow Fitting Mould via a screw.

Mold open & cool down:

In this stage, users have to open up the mold and remove the finished components from Elbow Fitting Mould. It is also for cooling down so that the parts will not be deformed.

Machine Closing & Injection:

Based on the parts requirement, users have to close up the machine and inject more materials into Elbow Fitting Mould to produce another set of components.

This is a simple flow chart about the elbow fitting production process. If you want to get more information, please contact us directly.

7. Define the applications of elbow fitting mould in different industries?

Elbow Fitting Mould is widely used in many industries, such as:

Automotive sector: 

Elbow fitting mould can produce different shapes components according to customer’s requirements. Therefore it is a good choice for auto parts production.

Construction industry:

It is easy to perform the installation and replacement with a pre-installed elbow fitting.

The Electrical & Electronics industry can be used for fittings in e-cigarettes, PCs, etc.

Household appliances industry:

Elbow Fitting Mould is widely used in home appliances production because of its easy installation and shape changeability.

8. What are the critical features of a cross pipe fitting mould?

Some of the critical features of a cross pipe fitting mold are as below:

  1. Strict design, excellent processing, and smooth surface make sure the fittings can be installed easily in small pipes.
  2. Properties of anti-rusting, anti-aging, and self-lubricating allow long service life under a harsh environment.
  3. Alloy steel material with high wear resistance ensures the fittings are not easy to deform.
  4. The working pressure of fittings is 0-0.6Mpa, which means it is suitable for water supply systems with little water pressure.

9. What services does Go4mould provide to elbow-fitting mould customers?

Go4mould is a professional manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection molds, and we provide a complete set service of elbow fitting mould. The following list will show you some of our services:


We can design your tooling according to your detailed requirement or product information.


We can produce your tools using the Elbow Fitting Mould making machine and giving you customised moulds.

Quality control: 

We usually test the tools before shipping and provide you with a testing video if customers need it.


If your problem is not solved after using our service, we will contact you to check what solution can be used and keep tracking this until everything is finished.

Cost control: 

We keep track of our tools to quickly check and control the problem if you find any unusual signs.

After-Sale service:

To ensure every customer is satisfied with the tools, we provide a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service.

Rapid response: 

We will reply to you in 24 hours. We have a professional development department and design team, so it is easy to provide you with a quote for your tools even before developing.

If you are interested in Elbow Fitting Mould or other Go4mould products, please feel free to contact us directly.

10. What injection unit does elbow fitting mould use?

Elbow Fitting Mould uses a hydraulic type injection unit suitable for molding rubber and plastic products.

The outline of hydraulic injection moulding

Figure 3: The outline of hydraulic injection moulding

11. How long does an elbow fitting mold last, and how do I maintain it?

An elbow fitting mold typically lasts for 300,000-500,000 shots. Maintaining depends on the usage environment and frequency of usage. After inspection by our engineer, we will show you some advice to make them work better.

12. Discuss the different types of elbow fittings and their usage

There are two kinds of commonly used elbow fittings: one is made by molding and another by welding.

1) Molded elbow fitting has three parts: the boss, spigot/barrel, and an adapter. G04 Mould offers many kinds of molded elbow fitting mould such as:

  1. 45˚ elbow fitting mould 
  2. 90˚ elbow fitting mould 
  3. 180˚ elbow fitting mould
  4. threaded elbow mould
  5. brass insert elbow mould

90˚ Elbow fitting mould

   Figure 4:  90˚ Elbow fitting mould

2) Welded elbow fitting comprises two parts: the spigot/barrel and an adapter.

The features of each type are as follows:

  1. a) Molded elbow fitting: it has higher rigidity than welded one, so customers can quickly get different shapes out of them. Therefore they are widely used in automation industries.
  2. b) Welded elbow fitting: it is easy to install and has a lower cost than molded type. So it is more appropriate for household appliances industries.

13. How do I place an order on an elbow-fitting mould?

  1. You pay us 50% of the total cost as a deposit. The other 50% will be paid before delivery.
  2. We will arrange for engineers to draft out your tools and pass them to you for your confirmation before producing your tools. If everything is OK, we start producing them step by step until all of them are finished.
  3. After finishing your tools, we will ship them to you by sea or express. Also, we can come to your factory and help you install them in machines if there is no problem with producing time. You can also send people to learn how to use our tools when production starts.
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