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Plastic Injection Molding China

China is the world's number one manufacturing country. Choosing a Chinese mould manufacturer to expand your business market will be the best choice. GO4mould gives you a one-stop service for plastic moulds. From part design, prototyping, testing, mould/mould/tool making, mass production, assembly, inspection, packaging to your new product development.
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Go4mould-China Plastic Mould Manufacturer

GO4 Mould as a manufacturer of plastic injection molding China. Our company has successfully completed hundreds of injection mould projects for customers from various industries. Through these project collaborations, we have gained extensive experience in mould design and injection mould manufacturing. They have also enriched our understanding of the requirements of injection moulds for different types of products. You can count on us to provide you with the right injection moulding solution.

Competitive And Transparent Pricing

Our quotations are based on product samples or drawing requirements. All profits are guaranteed to be no more than 10% of the cost. Get the best efficiency for your project.Perhaps our prices are not the cheapest in China. But trust us to help you speed up your project, reduce abnormal downtime, improve the quality of your castings and increase the life of your moulds. As a result you will gain an increasing advantage over your competition in the marketplace.Read more……

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Plastic Injection Molding China Service

Go4mould is a well-known supplier of plastic injection moulds in China. We provide you with one-stop mould making services.

Custom Plastic Molding

Custom plastic molding

We understand that every firm has unique custom plastic molding requirements. To serve our precious clients better, we offer a broad range of custom services. Our in-house capabilities give us an edge over others in the market.
Injection Mold Design

Injection mold design

Don't know where to start? Injection mold design might seem daunting, but our expert engineers have you covered. We provide CAD/CAM injection mold design services to proceed with your project with the utmost precision.
Plastic Moulding Process

Plastic moulding process

Forget about the trial and error method; at Go4 mould, we have refined our plastic molding process to perfection. Whether you need assistance with product development or prototyping, we will guide you through each process step.
Mould Steel Material

Mould steel material

Our team has conducted a tremendous amount of research on mold steel material. Steel material is the backbone of the mould and can be chosen based on the application, runner system, gate type, and material being molded.
Injection Molding Quality Control

Injection molding quality control

All our processes and products go through a strict quality control system. We never compromise on quality, and our QC team ensures it.
Injection Mold Trial

Injection mold trial

All our clients have different specific needs, and we make sure to cater to all of them. Whether you need a few hundred pieces or a million, our trial process will ensure that your requirements are met.

Trustworthy Plastic Injection Molding China

Go4Mould is located in Zhejiang Huangyan Mould Industry, one of China's largest mould industry areas.A one-stop shop for custom injection moulded parts, export moulds, tools, moulds, mould inserts and machining services.

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Mould BaseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould MaterialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud Precision±0.01mm
Mould Life50-500K shots
Mould CavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner SystemHot runne system and the temperature control system
GateTypePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Metal MaterialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface TreatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls Provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

A Variety Of Plastic Die In Go4mould

If you are looking for plastic moulding/moulding manufacturing, Go4mould will be one of your best partners. We have the expertise, know-how and physical presence in China to take you from start to delivery and make it run as smoothly as the Silk Road.

Plastic Injection Molding China-FAQ

GO4 Mould has been manufacturing moulds in China for over 10 years. With continuous development and progress, we have become a professional Chinese injection moulding company offering custom injection services and plastic moulding manufacturing. We have a first class team of designers and professional skilled workers. Below we answer your questions about China molds.
1: Why Should I Make Injection Molds In China?

People think of China as a low-quality supplier. However, China is undergoing a transformation and Go4 Custom Injection Moulding supplier is leading the way in terms of high quality products and efficient production. the GO4mould factory works 24 hours a day, three shifts a day and our staff are happy to accept overtime, which enables us to complete projects quickly. With a closed-loop production system and proven technology, GO4mould’s prices are more competitive than other global injection moulding manufacturers as well as other Chinese injection moulding companies.

We employ competent sales people who speak fluent English and specialise in both aspects of the business: sales and knowledge of the field. It is well known that understanding the technical part of the business is equally important for injection mould manufacturing projects. Most of our sales people are good at CAD drawing, material selection and mould making processes; therefore, they can communicate their ideas to the engineers without any problems.

2: How Do I Choose The Plastic Material For My Mould?

While there are thousands of plastic materials available, some are better than others. Choosing the right plastic can affect both the moulding operation and the performance of the final product. GO4 China Mould Makers lists some of the best plastic injection moulding materials for you and where they can be used.

Acrylic: Used to create transparent parts. Examples of this include transparent walls, windows and lighting fixtures. As an alternative to glass, it can be used. Acrylic has high tensile strength, is scratch-resistant and weather-resistant.

Nylon (polyamide): used in the production of mechanical parts such as bearings, gears and bushings. Nylon is a very strong material that only melts at very high temperatures. It is resistant to chemicals and wears well.

Polycarbonate: this is a very durable material, much stronger than acrylic. It can be used for optical discs.

Paraformaldehyde (POM): This is used in the manufacture of automotive and mechanical parts, which are usually made of metal. The material is hard, tough and strong. It is used in the manufacture of products such as ball bearings, tool handles, fasteners and gears. Additionally, it is highly resistant to solvents.

Polystyrene (PS): Both General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) can be used in the plastic injection moulding process. GPPS is transparent, while HIPS is opaque. Tool boxes and hard cases for power tool bodies are some of the products that can be made from this material.

Polyethylene (PE): This lightweight material is one of the most common materials used in plastic injection moulding processes and is known for its high elasticity, electrical insulation properties and resilience. Although not particularly strong, it is ideal for making a wide range of bottles, waste bins and plastic bags.

Polypropylene (PP): In the food and packaging industries, this material is commonly used. It will not degrade even when washed in hot water. It is tough, flexible and very durable.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS): This opaque material is very tough and resistant to scratches, breaks and tears. It is inexpensive and is often used for keyboards, telephone adapters and plastic shields for wall sockets.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU): This material is soft and pliable, but also very strong. It is used in the manufacture of products that require rubber-like elasticity, such as mobile phone covers, power tools and sports equipment.

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR): This material is a mixture of plastic and rubber, and therefore has the properties of both materials. It is used in products such as headphone cables and medical catheters.

3: The Process Of Injection Moulding.

The injection moulding process goes through six stages. These stages must be completed in sequence and determine the quality of the final product.

Stage 1: Closing the mould

This process begins with the placement of the final mould in the plastic injection moulding machine.

The mould is divided into two halves and attached to the platen (steel clamps). A hydraulically driven closing unit pushes the two halves of the mould together. As the molten plastic is injected into the mould, it applies sufficient force to ensure that the mould closes tightly.

Stage 2: Feeding

Once the machine is started, selected plastic pellets or polymer pellets are fed into the hopper, which is a large container with an open bottom. The pellets or granules are moved from the hopper into the drum containing the heating mechanism. The pellets or granules can be fed into the hopper automatically or manually.

The reciprocating screw moves the plastic pellets slowly forward by a sliding and rotating motion. The reciprocating screw is usually hydraulically operated. As the material enters the grooves of the screw, it is heated by friction and using a large amount (10,000 to 30,000) of pressure and heat.

Once the pellets have melted, the melted plastic is quickly injected through the nozzle and fed into the cavity.

Stage 3: Holding pressure

The build-up of pressure encapsulates and holds the molten plastic material within the mould. The holding pressure is always maintained to compensate for any material shrinkage.

Stage 4: Cooling and curing

The plastic is allowed to cool and harden at this point. The molten plastic inside the mould begins to cool as soon as it comes into contact with the inner surface of the mould. As it cools, the plastic solidifies into the shape of the mould.

Stage 5: Mould opening

During the cooling period, the mould remains closed and cannot be opened. Plastics have different thermodynamic properties, which determines the cooling time. Once it has hardened, the platen opens.

Stage 6: Demoulding

The product is removed from the mould by pushing it out of the ejector mechanism of the mould. Sometimes a release agent is sprayed onto the inner surface of the cavity of the mould to aid easy release before the plastic is injected. Once the product has been removed, the mould can be clamped again for the next injection.

The whole cycle may take anywhere between 2 seconds and 2 minutes. This process can be repeated as many times as required to ensure a consistently high quality mould.

4: What Considerations Do I Need To Take Into Account When Plastic Injection Moulding?

When considering the production of a part or product through the plastic injection moulding process, keep the following points in mind.

  1. Financial considerations

Entry cost: While plastic injection moulding is a cost-effective process, remember that it requires a significant initial investment.

Production quantities: Determine the number of pieces that plastic injection moulding will be most cost effective for you to produce. In addition, determine the number of parts that can be produced for you in order to break even on your investment. Consider all costs – including those associated with design, testing, production, assembly, marketing, distribution and expected sales price. Ensure you make a good profit.

  1. Design considerations

Part design: Ensure that your final design takes into account the injection moulding process. By simplifying the shape, geometry and number of parts, you can be more successful in creating a high quality product.

Mould design: Ensure that the design of the mould does not lead to a defective product.

  1. Production considerations

Cycle times: Reduce process/cycle times as much as possible. Carefully designed tools and excellent hot runner technology can reduce times considerably. Even small changes that may seem unnecessary at first can reduce your cycle times and save you a lot of money when producing thousands of parts.

Assembly: Minimise assembly through well thought out design.

5: What Can Go4mould Do For You?

Welcome to Go4mould – the best and most professional plastic mould manufacturer in China. We provide you with a wide range of high quality moulds.


Professional quotation

Our quotations are based on product samples or drawing requirements. All profits are guaranteed to be no more than 10% of the cost. Get the best efficiency for your project.

Mould design

TAGMOLD offers free mould design for injection moulds. Our design team has extensive experience in mould design to ensure that our customers’ moulds have the best design and functionality.

Plastic Injection Molding China Design

Plastic Injection Molding China Design

Production Machining

We have over 15 years of experience in plastic mould manufacturing. In order to provide high quality injection moulds, we are equipped with a range of advanced equipment.

Rigorous testing

All mould processes are professionally tested through CNC, assembly and mould trial to ensure high quality and long life of the injection moulds.

Fast delivery

After all inspections are completed, we clean and pack the injection moulds, collate all mould data and report back to you, and then ship them out as soon as possible.

Plastic Injection Molding China

Plastic Injection Molding China

Careful service

We offer our customers a 3-year free plastic mould repair service. If you have any questions in the field of injection moulding, please feel free to contact us.

6: What About After-sales Service For Go4 Mould?

We provide after sales service to ensure our customers have the best possible user experience. Each product is warranted for a period of 5 years or a specified life span. If the failure is not caused by negligent use, we offer replacement parts for repair within the warranty period. Our technicians will respond to injection mould repair questions within 24 hours. We never stop improving and strive to be your best China mould manufacturer and China mould making supplier.

7: How Do We Create Moulds At Go4 Mould?

GO4 Mould, as a mould manufacturer in China, the first step in manufacturing a product through the injection moulding process is to design the mould. It takes time, skill, and precision to accomplish this.GO4’s design engineers undertake the process of creating the mould. Various computerised versions of the mould design are created. Each version includes patterns, logos, finishes, graphics and layered textures.

Once the final design has been determined, the moulds are made to the exact dimensions of the final product. Moulds are made from steel to ensure they can withstand the heat and pressure associated with mass production.

Moulds can consist of a single cavity or they can have multiple cavities. In multi-cavity moulds, each cavity can be identical or unique to form multiple shapes or parts in a single cycle.

Moulds are made from strong, durable and heat resistant materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. Although aluminium moulds are cost effective, they are not usually suitable for producing large quantities of products or parts with narrow dimensional tolerances.

8: Will Go4 Carry Out Pre-production Tests On The Moulds Produced?

Yes, we do. Before mass production of products by the plastic injection moulding method, we test the machines used for this process. This is to ensure that all the individual components are in working order and functioning properly. Moulds and polymer compounds are also tested to ensure they are suitable.

A pre-production mould is used to ensure that it is perfect. When it is not, adjustments are made. Testing cannot be skipped since the quality of the final product depends on it.

How Our Customers Have Described Us

Feedback, either positive or negative, plays an important part in a firm’s growth. Our clients have left some remarks for our services which are as below.
  • star star star star star
    Working with Go4 has been a very happy experience. I am very happy with the bottle cap moulds I received. Their staff are very professional and they provided a one-stop service for my moulds.
  • star star star star star
    To be honest, I was terrified of shopping online, especially in the case of large orders for my plastic bin moulding industry. I am very picky when it comes to selecting manufacturers, but the sophistication of the transactions I saw at Go4 Moulds convinced me to make the investment. The online payment process went very smoothly and I received a transaction receipt and order confirmation within minutes.
    Arthur Limali:
  • star star star star star
    I wanted to replenish my library of moulds. It was at this point that I became familiar with Go4 moulds. They offered me competitive prices, which was important to me. Their sales also gave me extensive guidance on how to use different strategies to increase the growth of my business. I am writing this article to say that the quality work provided by Go4 Mould deserves more than a 5 star rating.

Would you like to know more about us?

You can count on a professional Plastic Injection Molding China partner to deliver high quality, cost-effective and timely manufacturing services. Go4mold is the first step to success.

Plastic Injection Molding China——GO4mould

GO4 plastic mould manufacturer is committed to providing high quality, tight tolerance plastic injection moulds.

We are now a key player in plastic moulding in China and a foundry mould manufacturer of high quality injection moulds.

We will recognise that the performance and quality of our moulds will have a strong impact on the performance and reputation of our customers.

Subsequently, we seek to continually improve our performance in order to provide useful, risk-free and on-time mould tools that always meet the performance and delivery requirements of you, our win-win business partner.

Plastic Injection Molding China

Plastic Injection Molding China

What Are The Characteristics Of Injection Moulding In China Compared To Other Plastic Mouldings?

People think of China as a low-quality supplier. However, China is undergoing a transformation and companies such as GO4 Custom Injection Moulding Suppliers are leading the way in terms of high quality products and efficient production. the GO4mould factory works 24 hours a day, three shifts a day and our staff are happy to accept overtime, which enables us to complete projects quickly. With a closed-loop production system and proven technology, GO4mould’s prices are more competitive than other global injection moulding manufacturers as well as other Chinese injection moulding companies.

High Precision Plastic Injection Moulding Sizes

The table below shows the sizes of Chinese injection moulded parts that we typically produce. If you require larger sizes, GO4, a trusted Chinese precision injection moulding manufacturer, can also help you achieve them at a low cost.

SizeMetric systemInches

Manufacture of additives for custom injection moulding of practical plastics

UV absorbersAbsorbs UV radiation and slows down the degradation of the material when used outdoors.
Flame retardantsPrevents fire and inhibits its spread.
PlasticizersIncreases flexibility and promotes plasticity, reducing the brittleness of the material.
DyesUsed to colour plastics.
Carbon fibreIncreases the strength, toughness and stiffness of materials at the expense of making them more brittle.
Glass fibresIncreases the strength, toughness and stiffness of a material at the expense of making it more brittle. It is more flexible than carbon fibre.



Surface treatment for cheap/low cost injection moulding services


SmoothThe moulds are smoothed and then polished with a diamond polish, which gives the parts a mirror-like finish.
Semi-glossyThe moulds are sanded with fine sandpaper to give the parts a good surface finish.
MatteMoulds are smoothed using fine stone powder to remove all machining marks.
Textured finishesMoulds are first smoothed with fine stone powder and then sandblasted to create a textured surface.
FinishedMoulds are finished at the discretion of the machinist. Tool marks may be visible.


What makes us better than other Chinese injection mould manufacturers?

1. Chinese complete equipment mould manufacturer

Innovation is guaranteed at the heart of GO4mould China’s operations. To this end, GO4mould China has a complete range of manufacturing machinery and equipment to ensure that the quality of the moulds, plastic moulded products and die castings they produce meet world class requirements.

GO4 has machines such as high-speed FUNAC CNC machines (imported directly from Japan) with 0.005mm tolerances, fully automatic CMM measuring machines for high tolerance requirements and CHARMILLES EDM.

The high precision CNC and CMM machines not only work in tandem to ensure accuracy, but also increase production efficiency. In addition, at GO4 China Mould Manufacturer we have the advanced software UG for designing full 3D mould designs, helping to reduce errors and increase customer efficiency.

2. Quality Assurance

With quality assurance, GO4 ensures that all its China mould manufacturing processes are constantly reviewed to assess any potential errors that could affect quality.

GO4 China injection mould manufacturers will test the moulds several times to check for any defects and to ensure high quality, durability and long life in mass production.

3. Customised services

As a professional plastic mould company in China, GO4 China Mould Factory specialises in industrial products, automotive parts, digital products, food packaging parts and consumer products, which means they can customise moulded parts to suit your requirements.

Whether you are in the construction mould/ moulded products, food and cosmetic moulds or moulded products, health or automotive moulds and moulded products, 2k injection moulds/ moulds, secondary moulds, clear injection moulds/ moulds, digital moulds and other industries… GO4 China Injection Moulding Factory Customized to meet your needs.

4. Affordable prices

There is nothing better than a high quality product at a reasonable price. With Injection Mould China’s competitive pricing strategy, GO4 China Mould Manufacturer offers all moulds and products at very affordable prices to meet the various needs of our customers, with mould prices as low as US$500 (based on part design and size).

Without compromising on quality, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth and GO4 China makes injection moulds that will never reduce the budget of your project. They never do this to any of our customers.

5. Professional Service Team

GO4 China injection mould manufacturers pride themselves on having experienced and well-trained personnel. the GO4 team consists of sales, design, production and quality assurance departments with the technical knowledge and expertise to understand the standards and requirements of custom moulds and plastic moulded parts. Driven by integrity and honesty, the team works together to ensure that only the best injection molding service is provided to our customers.

6. Plastic injection molding China service

GO4 China Plastic Moulding is committed to responding positively to the needs and expectations of our customers.GO4 has a team of professional communicators and fluent English speakers who are dedicated to resolving any customer issues at any stage of your interaction with us.

At Go4 Mould, we aim to be “customer friendly, quality focused and innovative”. We hope that we can build happy relationships with business people from all over the world. Chinese moulds will be sold to Europe, America, Australia, Hong Kong, Nairobi, Dominica, Philippines and other parts of the world. As more and more Chinese products are going to the world, our international business is developing rapidly and our economic indicators are increasing significantly year by year. We are confident enough to provide you with better products and services because we are getting stronger, more professional and more experienced both domestically and internationally.

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