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Providing Impeccable Services for Medical Plastic Injection Molding Projects
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  • Medical Plastic Injection Molding detail 1
  • Medical Plastic Injection Moldin detail 2
  • Medical Plastic Injection Moldin detail 3
  • Medical Plastic Injection Molding detail 4
  • Medical Plastic Injection Moldin detail 5

Reasons Why Go4Mould Is Your Trusted Partner?

  • Manufacturing moulds with great perfection is not an easy task, yet Go4Moulding is acing it for years.  It is a leading manufacturing company in China for more than 2 decades. Our company has satisfied thousands of customers with high-quality moulding services. 
  • Go4Moulding follows the latest technology trends and provides you with the best solutions for Medical Plastic Injection Moulding. Our team of professionals provides you OEM services where you can personalize your product concerning your requirements.
  • Our company is enjoying an international repute because of our fast delivery and flawless products. We also provide budget-friendly offers on the moulding projects so that you can invest with ease.

For instant assistance in your medical plastic injection molding projects, you can contact us today.

Plastic Injection Molding Medical Parts

Medical plastic injection Moulds manufactured at Go4Mould cover a wide range of applications in the medical field, hospitals, research centres, and laboratories.Plastic injection molding medical parts are also varied.

infusion set mould
Our perfectly manufactured Nebulizer kit is completely secured and healthy due to our ISO-certified manufacturing unit. These kits are mainly used in several healthcare sectors.
Pipette Tip Mould
Go4 Mould make moulds for Plastic drip sets parts. These plastic drip set parts are widely used by various industries to manufacture reliable drip sets.
Syringe mould
Plastic medical syringes owe the world to the medical field. Go4Mould manufactures plastic injection moulds for health-efficient medical syringes. They are widely used in clinical medicine to administer injections.
test tube mould
We produce tens of thousands of different medical testing tube moulds each year, the most of which are exported to Saudi Arabia, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil. Please contact us if you need a nice mold with high performance PET testing tube mouldings.
Petri Dish Mold
A petri dish mold is a plastic injection mould made of different parts that are assembled together to form a complete unit.
blood tube mould
Blood tubes are typically made from polypropylene, which is a type of plastic that can be easily molded into any shape or size. A blood tube mould is used to create plastic tubes that are used in a variety of medical settings.
oxygen mask mould
An oxygen mask mould is a plastic injection mould used to produce oxygen masks. Oxygen masks are medical devices used to deliver oxygen to patients.

Go4Mould Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding In China

Go4Mould is equipped with a highly professional staff having expertise in manufacturing medical plastic injection moulds. We internationally distribute our long-lasting and durable medical plastic injection moulds. Our company owns production lines of high-end manufacturing and inspection equipment. We ensure that our precision is optimum. Our customer service staff adheres strictly to the valuable customer behaviour and provides free samples for their satisfaction. All our products are manufactured with latest technology and we leave no step in making sure that our final products have micro-precision.

Unrivaled Mold Manufacturing Expert In The Medical Plastic Mould Industry

Medical Plastic Injection Molding factory view

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Mould BaseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould MaterialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud Precision±0.01mm
Mould Life50-500K shots
Mould CavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner SystemHot runne system and the temperature control system
GateTypePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Metal MaterialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface TreatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls Provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

Why Go4 Mould Should Be Your First Priority?

Latest Machining Centres

GO4 Mould is equipped with modern machining centres to develop the desired product with extreme precision and accuracy. We also provide medical plastic injection molding services to our clients around the globe.

Highly Qualified Staff

We have a team of highly qualified staff with years of experience in the mould manufacturing industry. They can assist you in choosing the right material and the suitable machining process for your medical product.

Variable Delivery Options

Go4 Mould offers a broad range of product delivery options to its clients around the globe. We can deliver your required product by air, by sea, or by road (in case of a local customer). 

Quality Control 

In addition to our modern machining centres, we are also equipped with highly precise quality control sections to maintain the quality of your medical product.

Figure Out How We Design and Inspect Moulds

Go4Mould is leading name in the field of medical plastic injection molding.

Medical Plastic Injection Molding design
It is a delicate process to design medical plastic injection mouding. To achieve the desired outcomes, we use latest software to design and assess the quality of your mould.
Medical Plastic Injection Molding flow analysis
Mould inspection or analysis software allows you to inspect the design of your product before proceeding with the manufacturing process. Our experts use this process to achieve high-quality results.
Medical Plastic Injection Molding packing
We all want a damage-free delivery of our products and Go4Mould takes the responsibility that your order is delivered in perfect condition. To achieve this goal, Go4Mould manufactures a variety of high-quality packaging options.

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Medical Plastic Injection Molding


Every manufacturing company wants reliable solutions for its products, and Go4Mould is second to none in serving these industries.  It is a professional injection mould making company that offers you updated molding services. Our skilled team uses the latest technology and high-end software to ensure that the product we are providing you is up to the mark.

With years of experience, we work hard to meet your standards for the quality and quantity of your injection moulding products. We provide in-depth guidance to our customers regarding any difficulty they face.  Go4 has the benefit of being a certified manufacturer of China and your investment will not go to waste.

This FAQ guide will unravel your expected queries regarding Medical Plastic Injection Molding.

1. What is Medical Plastic Injection Molding?

Medical Plastic Injection Mold

Most of the medical and healthcare industries use medical injection molding to develop high-quality plastic medical parts or equipment. These parts are manufactured by durable, dependable, and high-quality plastic material. The cost-effective medical plastic injection moulding technology is excellent for high-volume production. It is suitable for applications that require consistency and strict tolerances. This moulding procedure is frequently employed in the development of medical device prototypes for FDA approval and laboratory testing.

Plastic is now widely used in modern industrial operations due to advancements in technology and the techniques applied for manufacturing the materials. The production units of some medical or pharmaceutical industries use plastic injection moulding for making their medical devices and prototypes. With the help of this technique, the medical industries have overcome illness rates, pain issues, and medical expenses. Go4 Mould is your most trusted partner for making medical plastic injection molding. You can have your order in not more than a few days.

2. How to Perform Plastic Injection Molding for Medical Products?

The injection moulding technique has been refined and enhanced over time to the point where it is exceedingly stable and reliable. Only the best quality devices are created using injection moulding design and engineering. At Go4 Mould, our experts use advanced modelling software that removes a lot of the uncertainty from tool design. Furthermore, with current digital controls on plastic injection moulding machines, process parameters are swiftly modified for optimal performance. This process helps you save money on medical devices.

Medical plastic injection molding projects begin with a tool and die for injection moulding. A refined shape is used to make the mould tool. Therefore, it is necessary to consider a product design and development investment before a single medical item is manufactured.

However, if the tool is approved, it is possible to produce hundreds of thousands of identical medical components in plastic. It relatively takes a short period and at a low cost. With the help of Go4 Moulding services, you’ll be able to boost your business on a low budget.

3. What are the Considerations for Selecting the Suitable Material for Medical Plastic Injection Molding?

Suitable Material for Medical Plastic Injection Moulding

Each material has its own set of characteristics that influence how it performs in its intended use and operating environment.

The following factors should be taken into account when choosing the proper medical plastic material for your application:

  • Strength – The first thing you should consider is the strength of the material. This is because different plastic resins have different levels of strength. It is important to be sure that the medical plastic material you choose has the required strength for your application.
  • Standards by FDA – If you are using the medical instruments for implantation, they need to meet the standards specified by FDA. However, there is an exception for medical tools that are used externally.
  • Chemical and heat resistance – These are two important factors to consider when choosing a medical-grade plastic material. It is necessary if your finished components undergo sterilization using an autoclave, gamma rays, or chemical techniques.
  • Temperature – The production lines where the injection process takes place have high temperatures. The plastic you use as your medical-grade must be resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. It reflects the product’s durability.
  • Moulding procedure – Medical injection molding and medical insert moulding are two prevalent methods for prototyping medical devices. However, it is difficult for all the categories of plastic to stand these techniques. Before choosing a medical-grade plastic material, it’s crucial to figure out which procedure you’ll be using.

Go4 Mould has the knowledge and skills of all the medical injection moulding firms in the market to ensure the proper medical-grade plastic material is utilized for your medical device application. To have a product that best matches your requirements is our priority. You can send us your designs. Our team will come up with unique solutions for your products.

4. What are the Medical-Grade Materials Used by Go4 Mould for Medical Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic has many benefits over other materials in different areas.

It has high production speed, reduces cost, and provides flexibility of design.

Go4 Mould takes different varieties of plastic as a moulding material.

  • The first material which Go4Mould uses is Silicon. Silicon offers high flexibility which allows you to make different shapes of products. it is effective in massive production as it is less costly. Moreover, it is highly compatible biologically and the most reliable material you’ll find in the market.
  • For making products that have high durability against heat and UV radiations, Go4Mould uses Polycarbonate.  It has a high impact and resistance to vibration. Polycarbonate also has the benefit of transparency which allows you to make see-through products.
  • Pertaining to the durability, and relative smoothness, polyethylene is an excellent choice for the developing artificial parts. One of the major reasons for using polyethylene in medical plastic injection molding is its cost-effectiveness.
  • Polypropylene is also a top-grade material for developing medical parts and it offers high resistance against temperature. It is ideal for components that must be autoclave sterilized repeatedly. It also has a high level of radiation resistance.

By using these effective materials, Go4 represents its loyalty to provide the best medical plastic injection molding to its customers.

5. What are the Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding in the Medical Industry?

Medical plastic injection molding manufactured at Go4 has the following advantages in the field of medicine.

  • If you require the medical devices and parts in bulk quantity, plastic injection moulding is the best technique to choose.
  • It is budget-friendly and less time-consuming. It is excellent for product development and manufactures the mould in a shorter period.
  • Medical devices are precise and have high accuracy levels. To reach such level of precision, only plastic moulding can help you.
  • For the manufacturing of complex medical plastic moulds, plastic gives you the perfect aid. This is because it has high strength and tolerance values.
  • Another advantage of plastic is that you can add colors to it. By using different resins or dyes, you can make a plastic medical mould concerning your requirement.
  • Plastic has a great tendency to resist environmental conditions such as corrosion. It is biocompatible and can be easily sterilized in the process of injection moulding.
  • Plastic gives a smooth finishing. However, not all products need to have a smooth surface. Plastic gives us the advantage of customized finishing. You can give your product a matte or smooth finishing.
  • Medical plastic injection molding does not contaminate easily. It is versatile and can withstand heat, weight, and vibrations without getting damaged.

6. What are the Applications of Medical Plastic Injection Molding?

Medical Products by Plastic Injection Moulding

Making products that meet the standards and demands of the medical sector is not easy. However, the medical plastic injection has proved to be beneficial for the advantages it holds. This procedure is frequently used to make small, high-precision components used in diagnostic testing kits.

Go4 Mould’s medical injection molding processes can be used to make housings for a variety of medical equipment, such as:

  • Enclosures for Medical Use
  • Needles for Medical Knobs
  • Instruments used in surgery
  • Tubes
  • Instruments for dentistry
  • Parts of medical equipment
  • Prosthetics

There are some other plastic injection moulded products that are used in the medical and healthcare industries. For instance,

  • Beakers, test tubes, and other containers are examples of laboratory supplies.
  • Covers or envelopes for medical and laboratory equipment are examples of enclosures.
  • Equipment and other operation tools for surgery
  • Tools for X-ray equipment in dental operations

The production house of Go4Mould manufactures products for the medical industry with dedication. Our company professionals have good business-to-business relations. It helps us get top-quality products for injection moulding.

7. What is the Importance of Plastic Injection Moulding in the Medical Field?

Over the past few years, there has been an immense use of plastic in the file of the medical industry. The reason is that it helps medical costs, resists infections, and other contagious diseases. Medical industries are using high-end prototypes in the manufacturing of injection moulds so that they can reduce infection-related risks.

Moulding services for the medical industry are more than just about the manufacturing plant. Go4 Mould’s expert team is subjected to enhance scrutiny and regular assessments to ensure that only the highest-quality, defect-free polymers are utilized in the procedure. All of this is combined together to produce medical items of the greatest quality. Medical plastic injection molding has been proved beneficial for the safety of patients and saved more lives than usual.

8. Does Go4 Mould Hold ISO Certifications?

Yes, Go4 Mould is ISO-certified to provide top-notch medical plastic injection molding services.

With the help of our expertise and medical plastic specialists, your medical injection moulding products will satisfy your exact specifications. With the help of ISO certification, our company provides quality assurance in the manufacturing of medical equipment.

If you need any technical assistance regarding product design, material selection, and choosing an appropriate manufacturing technique, you can directly reach out to our technical support team. There are some materials that cannot be used for medical injection moulding.  In this case, we will work with you to find a solution.

9. Why You Should Choose Go4 Mould for Your Medical Plastic Injection Molding Project?

Injection moulding is extensively controlled in the medical field, and specific criteria are significantly more stringent than in any other profession. With so many different types of plastics available, using the wrong one or having any defects in the plastic alone can result in major medical problems later on.

Go4 Mould uses Injection moulding appropriately, and helps the medical community in ways that few other products and manufacturing lines can. Our company experts make sure that the medical products are sterilized and produced properly. For customer satisfaction, our professionals also provide free samples and guidelines.

10. What are the Plastic Injection Molding Machines Used by Go4 Mould to Manufacture Medical Parts?

Go4 Mould uses High-efficacy and fully automated plastic injection moulding machines for making medical parts. These machines reduce the manual aid as all the work is done by the machines. The automated injection machines are equipped with the latest tools and technology and make super effective moulds for your injection projects.

11. What are the Available Delivery Options at Go4 Mould? Also, Discuss their MOQ.

The delivery options at Go4 are totally dependent upon the size of your order. Delivery time for smaller orders is lesser than the orders with large quantities.

However, the standard delivery time for your order is between 20 to 60 days. Overseas customers also buy injection moulding products and they are completely satisfied with the delivery time. Due to the continuous efforts and valuable customer services, our company has earned 95% of on-time delivery rate.

Go4 Mould offers MOQ services. It means that you can order in minimal quantity to proceed with working with the company. Go4 Mould also offers cost-effective rates for your orders.

12. How Can I Place my Purchase Order at Go4 Mould?

Do you want to order for Moulds and don’t know how to do that? The simplest and easiest method to order from Go4 mould is to fill up the form available on our official page. You can also reach us via contact options for getting an instant quote. Our customer service experts are available 24/7 to resolve your queries. You will get an instant response within 24 hours.


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