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Go4mould 2k injection mould advantages

  • Reliable partner: Go4mould with its extensive experience and skilled team values your business a lot and proves to be a reliable partner.
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  • All-in-one solution: We deal with all of your requests whether they are about the design, stability, or flexibility of your 2k injection moulds
  • Quality Standards: Go4mould guarantees you the highest quality manufacturing of your desired  moulding machine.

2k injection molding product list

The 2k injection mould products by Go4mould include folding bathtubs, folding buckets, oval folding buckets, Two-color handles,  Two-tone shells, and so on.

double Injection Mold Product Folding Bathtub
Go4mould uses modern double injection moulding machines to manufacture wide varieties of folding bathtubs.
double Injection Mold Product Folding Bucket
Folding buckets come in handy for a lot of outdoor applications like camping. Go4mould creates durable and affordable folding buckets for global clients.
2k Injection Mold Product Oval Folding Bucket
Oval Folding buckets produced by our 2K injection molding system are durable and flawless, and they serve multiple uses in different industries.
double Injection Mold Product Two-Color Handle
In the electrical and construction industries, two-color handles are in high demand for several applications. Go4mould provides a wide pigment variety for two-color handles.
2k Injection Mold Product Two-Tone Shell
Go4mould manufactures a wide range of two-tone shells for our customers from electrical sectors for the exterior of electrical boards and power extensions.

Your trustworthy partnerFor 2-shot injection molding companies

Go4mould specializes in providing durable injection moulding services to its valuable customers all over the world. We have been in the 2k injection mould consultation and manufacturing business for more than two decades.

Our team has gained tremendous skills over all these years and they ensure to use their experience and skillsets to deliver the best quality moulds. For meeting your custom injection moulding requirements, we use several processes like milling, turning, CNC, and EDM. To promise you flawless and precise 2k injection mould solutions, Go4mould owns several sets of the latest Haitian injection molding machines.

Go4mould is a unique and high-standard 2k injection mould manufacturer in China with customers all around the world. We will present to you the best injection moulding solutions according to your project regardless of the batch quantity.

Once you start working with us, our qualified team guides you at every step and provides you the best injection mould parts. After the initial manufacturing of the sample mould, our staff will send it to you for inspection so that we can deliver you the flawless moulds that meet your expectations.

With more than 20 years of experience in offering high-quality injection moulding services, our engineers will never disappoint you.

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Mould BaseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould MaterialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud Precision±0.01mm
Mould Life50-500K shots
Mould CavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner SystemHot runne system and the temperature control system
GateTypePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Metal MaterialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface TreatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls Provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

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2k injection molding wiki

In the search for information about 2K injection mold? You have landed on the appropriate webpage.

Through this FAQ guide, you will find the answer to every question regarding the 2-shot injection mold you want to know.

Define the concept of 2k injection mold?

It is the manufacturing process in which we mold two colors or materials into one plastic part.

Through the 2k injection molding process, two different colors or two materials are blended into the single end of the plastic part.

2K Injection Molding

2K Injection Molding

In simple words, it is a process of making a part out of two materials. These two materials can be in different colors; some can be soft, or others can be hard.

In the injection mold, the chemical process takes place to mix two or more materials to make one part.

The selection of material is very important in the 2k injection mold technology for the success of the project.

Nowadays, it is the most innovative,  popular process used in plastic manufacturing.

2k injection molding is also known as a double shot or double injection mold process.

This activity is done in industries that entail directing two different polymers into a pre-made product.

2k injection mold is a specialized, automated, and meticulous manufacturing process that manages the injection of multiple materials into one ready product.

In this advanced process, we can combine the hard and soft thermoplastic or thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomer.

What is the difference between a 2k injection mold and over-molding?

When we talk about the over-molding and 2k injection mold process, there is a two-point difference between them.

The first one is to use the 2k injection machine for molding that produces 2-3 material or color products.

While over-molding is just a normal 2k injection molding process where a simple molding machine is used to produce the parts, it means. In over-molding, the device moves the substrate part to the subsequent mould to get the final product.

Overview of Overmolding

 Overview of Overmolding

The second one is compared to overmolding; the 2-shot injection mold process is complex but fast, high quality, and efficient. It has a high production efficiency. That’s the reason it is most commonly used for large production scales.

The other difference between them is that the material should be cold to be removed in the over-molding process.

However, in 2k injection molding, the plastic material (the polymer) is still hot and flexible, which allows for more operation to be carried out. The procedure can be carried out by using a wide range of materials used as the substance for molding or being molded on. Still, you have to face some limitations in over-molding because over-molding is only metal with plastic or plastic in a few cases.

The chemical procedure is involved in the 2k injection molding as it creates a chemical bond that necessitates the bonding of molecules.

Whereas in over-molding, after making parts are locked mechanically with other substances.

The over-molding procedure can have some compatibility issues, such as the limitation of material.

As opposed to the over-molding, the 2k injection mold procedure can be carried out in diverse areas as you can use different types of materials that produce high-quality end products.

Give some pros of 2k injection molding.

Design flexibility:

The 2k injection molds are subjected to a high level of pressure that allows a larger portion of detail to be engraved onto the part.

It gives the design flexibility for complex and intricate shapes to be manufactured.

Fast product:

The 2k injection molding process can produce many numbers of parts per hour. Complexity and mold size are the factors that affect the speed of the molding process.

If the size of the mold is large and complex, the machine can take 15-20 seconds per cycle.

Highly efficient:

Double molding is the process that produces highly efficient products that hold top quality.

Low labor costs:

2k injection molding machine is an automatic process in which most of the procedure is performed by machines and robotics.

2K injection molding machine

2K injection molding machine

You can cut the labor cost because a single person can operate, manage, and control the whole process. It also helps to reduce the overall manufacturing costs.

Ability to include inserts:

2k injection mold process can insert metal and plastic in the mold.

High-output production:

This injection molding process produces thousands of parts before the tooling of the machine needs maintenance.

Wide range of material selection:

The 2k mold process offers a variety of polymer resins, through which you can select whatever you like.2K injection molding technology can also be applied to container molds, bucket moulds, spoon moulds, and so on.

You can use two different polymers that can be used simultaneously, like TPE over mold on the parts of PP.

Color control:

This type of injection molding uses different colors for manufacturing with the use of compounding or master batching.

Color Variation in Injection Mold

Improvement in strength:

You can use fillers in the molding material while doing the 2k injection mold process.

With the help of these fillers, the density of the plastic decreases while it is molded and gives great strength to the completed part.

Give a good finish:

One of the best things about the 2k injection mold process is that very little post-production work is needed as parts usually have a good finish.

What benefits can I avail by using the 2k injection mold process?

You can avail a number of benefits from the 2k injection mold process. Here are some of the benefits you can get.


Different industries use this process due to the impressive qualities of 2k mold.

We can use a different type of product design in this process and make products like automotive parts, cameras, medical services, and power switches.

Enhance Features:

2k mold is the process that enhances the cosmetic and tactile features of the product.

Advantages Of Injection Mold

 Advantages of  Injection Mold


The molding process reduces the secondary processing; due to this, it becomes a constant process again in cycle time.

The result of this is greater efficiency in less assembly time.

Reduce handling:

The 2k injection mold process is the automatic process in which there are fewer chances you have to work on the finishing look of the product after it’s done.

Increase marketability:

This high-efficiency 2k injection mold process advances the practical use of the product and even increases its market value.

Advance quality:

2k injection mold process uses transparent plastic, neat finishes, and colored graphics that give the multi-material efficient product.

This process also offers extended durability and is aesthetically pleasing because many colors blend in the manufacturing process.


2k injection mold procedure is a streamlined process that allows for lowering the price by combining all assembly steps into one molding process.

Custom-made product:

The plastic use in the injection mold process is easy to handle and increases user comfort. You can make tailor-made products according to the customer demand.

What is the draft guide for 2k injection mold?

When you make a draft of a mold for 2k injection molding, precise manufacturing, and precise manufacturing are the keys to success.

Durability, efficiency, and maintenance are the basic principles for designing the perfect mold.

The following are the important factors that influence the functional design of the 2-shot injection mold process.

  • Component ejection system
  • Number of cavities
  • Air vent
  • The core and cavity of the mold and its cooling system
  • Shrinkage for both materials
  • The width of the walls of the mold
  • Runner and gate

Now we discuss the design guide of the 2k injection mold:

  • Futuba mold base is the most common to use to get an accurate mold base.
  • The guide bush and pin of the ground you are using to shape mold must be symmetrical about left, right, top, and bottom.
  • The core and cavity of the mold are also balanced.

Make sure your mold core should be placed and rotated 180 degrees, and the cavity sides must be closed tight with each other.

Design for Injection Mold

 Design for Injection Mold

  • The area between the nozzles of the 2k injection molding machine determines the arrangement of the products.
  • Some of the spacing nozzles of the 2k injection molding machine are adjustable, while some are not like domestic ones are not flexible.
  • The ejected bar and independent ejector system are two.
  • Like the ejector bar and system, the ejector pin is the same, and the two parts of the cavity are also identical.
  • Use the spring to reset the eject plate because it is not possible to reset it with the screw.
  • All four sides must have a side lock to hold the center of the mould more firmly.
  • If the core and cavity of the molds are not symmetrical, they will not be associated with the hollow side of the mold when the central site of the mold is rotated 180.
  • Make sure the track of the corresponding nozzle of the 2k injection molding machine is the y-axis or the x-axis. This directive controls the design of the product place.
  • The initial and out way of each direction of the cooling water must be on a similar side.
  • Make sure the direction of the inlet is not on the top side and the direction of the outlet on the cooling water is on the bottom side.
  • The freezing water cannot be elated if it surpasses the height of the water tank of the 2k injection molding machine.
  • Remember to inject the first material on the non-operating side, making it simple to take the product out.
  • The operating and non-operating sides are the slots for clamping for the export mold, not on the bottom and top sides because their product should be fully running automatically.

State some cons of using a 2k injection mold

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Just like that, the 2k injection mold process has its drawbacks which are given below.

Not perfect for small runs:

If you are planning to use a 2k injection process for small production, it can be too expensive.

Tooling cost:

Due to the testing, design, and required tooling, the up-front cost is slightly high in 2k injection molding.

First, you have to make an initial design by CNC prototyping or 3D printing. Then this prototype design mold makes copies of the product in bulks.

Injection Mold Maker

Injection Mold Maker

In the end, you have to do an expensive testing process, and after that, you can inject the material into the mold.

Design restrictions:

Must consider and follow the rules and the procedure of 2k mold when you design the plastic parts.

Try to avoid any kind of cuts and sharp edges. For better de-moulding, draft angles are recommended. To prevent inconsistencies in the cooling process, such as sink marks, control the thickness of the mold walls.

Ensure to control all these because it can be challenging to make changes in the designs as tools are typically made from aluminum or steel.

By cutting away the aluminium or steel, you can design the tool cavity bigger, but in the case of plastic, you have to decrease the size of the tool cavity.

This process is complex, and most of the time, tools start scrapping, and you have to start over. Make sure the size and weight of the part are perfect because this determines the size of the tool and press.

If the part is too large, the more expensive and complex it will be to deal with.


One of the significant disadvantages of the double injection mold process is the cost of it. This 2k injection molding process has a high start-up cost.

Explain the working process of 2k injection molding

Here is the detailed working process of 2k injection Molding given below:

Dried polymer granules placed in the hopper. In this hooper, these polymers are mixed with coloring pigments or other additives.

Then these granules were heated in the barrel and moved while mixing toward the mold by an adjustable pitch screw.

The perfect barrel and bolt can optimize the pressure, take it to the correct level, and melt the plastic.

Working Of 2k Injection Mold Machine

Figure 8 Working of 2k Injection Mold Machine

After this, the melted plastic moves forward and is injected into the mold, passing through the runner system by filling the whole cavity.

When the plastic becomes cool, it solidifies again and holds the shape according to the mold.

Now, open the mold and push out the solid part with the help of ejector pins. After taking it out, close the mold and repeat the procedure.

What is the 2k injection mold machine?

The 2k injection mold process is performed through a specially designed machine and programmed to perform two shots in one cycle.

A nozzle injects the material into the mold in one cycle then the mold starts rotating automatically

2K Injection Mold Machine

While rotating various types of colored plastic are inserted into the mold from the second mold.

The 2k injection mold machine uses different polymers to create highly effective results.

Is the 2k injection mold process expensive?

Yes, for small runs.

The 2k mold process is not perfect for small runs. The start-up cost of the 2k injection mold procedure is high as it needs tooling, testing and designed molds.

Injection Mold Cost

 2K Injection Mold Cost

2k injection mold is perfect for large industries compared to the single-stage injection molding process.

Because there, its cost can be controlled quickly by reducing the assembly steps and eliminating hand labour.

Give some applications of 2k injection mold?

If you want to combine hard and soft plastic material to make a product, the 2k injection mold process is perfect as it is the process to inject two colors of plastic into one product.

Here we listed some of the practical applications of the 2k mold process:

  • Through the double injection mold procedure, you can build molds with two productive cavities.
  • It gives the product soft-touch enhancement.

Different Applications of 2K injection Molding

Different Applications of 2K injection Molding

  • By using additional colored resins in the 2k injection mold process, you can enhance cosmetic features and permanent the graphics.
  • The advanced molding procedure improves performance by combining many material properties to produce the ideal product.

Where can we find the best quality 2k injection mold parts in China?

Go4mould is the number one choice in China for 2k injection mold parts. They have experience of over ten years.

This manufacturer is the one-stop injection mould parts that provides more than 200 sets of injection mold capacity.

2K Injection Mold Factories in China

Figure 12 2K Injection Mold Factories in China

They are the best 2k injection mold manufacturer in China that follows the ISO9001 quality management system.

Why choose a 2k injection mold?

2k injection mold is the top pick for large industries because this process is best for the combinations of soft and hard plastics.

Also, it saves them time and cost by combining all steps into one.

It is the 2k injection molding process that reduces the secondary processing. Due to this, it becomes a constant process again in cycle time.

double Injection Mold Product

 Double injection Mold Product

The result of this is greater efficiency in less assembly time.

The 2k injection mold process is the automatic process in which there are fewer chances you have to work on the finishing look of the product after it’s done.

This high-efficiency 2k injection mold process increases the practical use of the product and even increases its marketplace value.

Is the 2k injection mold process safe?

Yes, partially.

You can say that the 2-shot injection mold process is safe.

But during the 2k injection molding process, plastic material is melted and injected into the molds.

2K Injection Mold Processing Machine

 2K Injection Mold Processing Machine

All of this is done within a matter of minutes. Some hazardous vapors and fumes emit that can cause respiratory issues at the workplace if they are inhaled.

You can control this situation by taking precautionary measures at the workplace.

What are the variations of 2k injection molding?

There are few variations of the 2k injection procedure that include:

  1. Moveable core
  2. Rotary platen
  3. Overmold

Moveable core and rotary platen are the variables that need an additional injection component, 2 processes, and the runner system.

While oversold involves two separate molds, in most cases, each mold is for a particular material.

Rotary Platen in 2K Injection Mold

Overmold can also run on a single mold, pick-and-place part transfer, and two two-runner system.

What are the common mistakes in 2k injection mold machines?

Here we have mentioned some of the most common mistakes many people make while selecting the 2k injection mold machines.

The most common mistake is to buy a used 2k injection molding machine that doesn’t work correctly. So, before buying, make sure to test and inspect it thoroughly.

It selects the large screw diameters that generate shearing forces during screw rotation and degrade the material.

 Perfect Injection Mold Machine

 Perfect Injection Mold Machine

When you select the large diameter screw, it reduces the value of the produce part due to material degradation.

Another common mistake is not controlling the injection pressure which will cause short moldings and decrease the quality of the parts.

When you keep the inadequate clamp tonnage too low, you will face difficulty in producing quality parts.

Give the basics of 2k injection mold machine selection.

Calculate clamp tonnage requirements when you are selecting the 2k injection machine. Also, calculate the injection unit size.

Before buying, check the plastic parts you want to mold and what type of machine you want, such as hybrid, hydraulic or electric.

How can we maintain the 2k injection mold?

Here are some of the suggestions to keep the 2k injection mold in good shape:

  • Always check the damaged and loose fastening parts of the 2k inject mold. If there is, then replace them immediately.
  • Make sure to clean the edges and ground after using the mould if you do not pay attention to it, blockage of the material causes.
  • Check whether there is any kind of damage done to the elastic parts like springs during use. If yes, then make sure to change it.

Maintenance of Injection Mold Machine

Maintenance of Injection Mold Machine

  • Pay attention to the specifications of the mold spring while replacing it.
  • Check the top plate, pressure plate, and other parts of the 2k injection machine regularly.
  • What are some exemplary suggestions for 2K Injection Mold?

Why is material selection important in 2k injection mold?

Material selection is important in the 2k injection mold process. Different types of materials with different colors are used in the molding process.

It can be two different materials with different colors. One of the things while selecting the material is to check the interface of the two materials.

Other considerable things are processing parameters and differences in the shrinkage hole.

The first molding material is important as 2k mold shrinkage depends on it.

 Selection of  Injection Machine

 Selection of  Injection Machine

There are many considerations to keep in mind while selecting the material because the main material has already braced the secondary material that does not shrink more.

The important factors are the shape of the plastic products, the fluidity of the raw material.

How location of the gate affect the 2k injection mold?

The gate is the entrance point of the plastic in the mold. That’s why it holds so much importance. Election of the gate in 2k injection mold is important, so carefully select it.

Sub gate is best for the first molding, which helps the runner and the product to detach automatically.

If the sub gate is not accessible, a three-plate mold or hot tip is perfect for use.

Gate Design for 2K Injection Mold

 Gate Design for 2K Injection Mold

The cavity of the mold should be planned with a wave when the first shot is a piercing gate. At the time of the molding, try to evade husks that remain in the break of the gate to penetrate the secondary material.

Why is the position of thimble and shrinkage important in a 2k injection mold?

Automatic gate separation is important in a 2l injection mold so that the product doesn’t drop when the machine is rotated.

If we talk about the place of the thimble in injection molding, the core of the soft gel is the perfect place for it.

Make sure that the position of the thimble hole has a minimum interval of 210 mm.

Most of the time, 2k injection mold machines come with a thimble that is not large enough, which makes it necessary to design the long thimble in the molds.

2k Injection Molding Placements

Figure 21 2k Injection Molding Placements

Make the thimble 150 mm longer compared to the base mold in the 2k injection mold.

Also, shrinking play an important role in the injection mold process. So special attention to it because it will automatically shrink the hard plastic when entangled with the soft plastic.

To avoid this, connected contour to the machine that makes both materials considered to shrink. We will also use multi-component injections.

How much is the tolerance reference of the 2k injection mold?

The rear and front flange in the 2k injection mold have dimensions tolerance of -0.05 mm.

The spacing tolerance is + or – 0.02 between the two flanges. The distance gap between the top stick hole and to stick is 0.1 mm on a single side.

The center-to-center acceptance power of the rear and front bushing mols and the guide post is + or -0.01.

It is important to remember that tolerance is added to all quatern sides and the depth of the 2k injection mold frame.

If it is not done correctly, burns are generated when the back mold is alternated 180 degrees because of low and high inconsistencies.

The final depth tolerance of the 2k mold is -0.02 mm.

How can we make a conventional design of the 2k injection mold?

First, in a 2k injection mold machine, control the track of the equivalent nozzle. Make sure they are in the way of the x-axis and y-axis.

By this, you can determine the product placement. It is important to match the mold guide and post-guide sleeve.

The spacing of the nozzles of the 2k injection mold machine determines the spacing of the products.

The 2-color injection mold machine nozzle spacing is adjustable, while some are not.

Parting surface is important in 2k injection molding that is obtained after the combination of two products. The obverse parting surface mold must be taken from a single product.

Customized Design for 2K Injection Molding

Customized Design for 2K Injection molding

Make sure to review all the other reference data for the 2k injection mold machine-like minimum die thickness, the maximum die thickness and most importantly, the top hole spacing.

When you design the cavity of the injection mold, make sure to project the partial evasion to prevent the cavity from scraping the primary molded part.

Consider the strength of every seal position because the plastic material deforms under high injection pressure.

When you clamp both a and b plates, pay special attention to resetting the slider before clamping.

Because if you do not avoid this situation, it will crush the product.

Make sure the water positions of the two centers and chambers are occupied and balanced at the same time.

In most cases, the product from the hard plastic is formed first. Then the lenient plastic part is moulded because it is easy to deform the soft rubber.

The first molded product must be displaced perfectly as it directly impacts the additional injection mold that causes the modification in the plastic wall.

Give some suggestions for rotary die design

  • Use two top sticks and two separate ejector systems.
  • Make sure the inlet and outlet of the water direction are on the upper and subordinate edges.
  • Don’t mistake inflowing the water from the higher side and then releasing it from the lower side.
  • Ensure that after rotation, the side locks are the same as the two forward-facing side locks.
  • If the rear and front molds do not match the double injection mold process, meddling with the visible mold can create a problem by failing the mold to close.

Animated Design of Injection Mold

Figure 23 Animated Design of  Injection Mold

  • Don’t use force to reset the ejector plate with a screw, as it can only be reset with the spring.
  • When the mold is designed, rotate it to 180 degrees. Make sure that the injection mold machine’s Gelin column cannot interface with the mold.
  • Inject the first material project from the no-operating side and rotate it on 180 degrees.
  • When rotation is done, ensure the rear and front molds are matched.
  • A hydraulic ejector mechanism should be provided on the rotatory table if the secondary molding machine cannot use the ejector mechanism.

How many types of gates are utilized in 2k injection molding?

There are four main types of gates that play different roles in the 2k injection mold process.

  • Tunnel Gate
  • Edge Gate
  • Hot Tips
  • Post Gate

Edge gate

This is the most common type of gate that inserts plastic through the parting lines of the two shares of the mold.

In the 2k injection mold, a small imperfection remains at the injection point due to the exclusion of the runner system.

Tunnel gate

This tunnel gate is the ideal type for very large volumes. It is used to inject the plastic material below the final lines.

The tunnel gate needs a manual assistant for the removal of the runner system as the part is evicted from the mold.

Hot tips

These are used to inject material from the top side of the part in a double injection mold and are directly connected to the spur.

Hot tips are very useful and save material from wasting and make 2k injection mold ideal for large-scale production. In some cases, a dimple can be seen at the injection point.

What is the process of injecting material 2k mold?

It injects plastic into the model, also known as the runner system, that guides the melted material into the mold cavity.

This runner system controls the pressure and flow of the liquid plastic injected into the mold.

There are three main sections through which melted plastic is injected into the 2k injection mold.

  • The Sprue
  • The Runner
  • The Gate

The spur

The spur is the first section of the 2k injection mold in which all the melted material initially flows and then enters the mold.

The runner

The runner is the second section in the 2k injection mold process that spreads out the melted material along the face where 2-halves of the mold are connected.

Runner for Injection Mold

 Runner for Injection Mold

There can be more than one runner for guiding the plastic toward one or multiple parts.

After ejection, the runner part cuts off and material is wasted in the injection molding. This wasted material can be reused and recycled.

The gate

The gate is the last section of the 2k injection mold process and is the entry point of the melted plastic into the hole of the mold.

The location of the gate is important because it regulates the movement of the material.

What are the two sides of the mold in 2k injection molding?

There are two sides to the 2k injection mold. The first side is the one that faces the cavity or front half of the mold. The other side of the mold is the one that faces the core or backside of the mold.

The front side must have a better appearance and is commonly known as the cosmetic side.

According to the input design, the part that faces the front side will be smooth and have a pattern.

The backside of the mold in the 2k injection process plays an important role by containing the hidden structural elements of the part. That’s why it is known as the functional side.

It gives a rough finish and has prominent marks of ejector pin on the product.

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