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Fruit crate mould

  • Concerning the modern development in the field of mechanics and technology, Go4mould keeps its tools and equipment updated.
  • We offer strong product resources by having the aid of high-end spare parts suppliers.
  • Your money invested does not go to waste rather you receive double of what you pay in the form of our fruit crate moulds
  • Our quality control system is the true representative of our responsibility and credibility in the manufacturing system.
  • We believe in providing honest and quality manufacturing services to our clients, for which we have our staff ready to deal with their queries. 
  • We have our manufacturing branches all over the world, justifying our authentic services and positive customer behavior. 
  • Experienced business analysts to help boost your business by applying strategic policies. 
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of Wear Parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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Fruit crate mould FAQ guideline 

With the speedy renovation of the industrial products, a manufacturing company should maintain its resources to have its roots strong in the market. It requires strong insight and a strategic approach to realize this and Go4mould does that masterfully. We are always ahead of our time, knowing what our customers want in their products. 

Fruit crate moulds are a huge innovation and a source of ease for the customers and industrialists. 40 different countries and thousands of different customers enjoy our sustainable solutions just because of the quality, precision, and loyalty we show in our work. We could also take money from you and provide you with what you need. But we focus on maintaining good customer relationship so that a customer remembers his experience for lifetime and may thing to re-visit our firm. 

Reviewing the previous customer queries, we have designed the following guideline for your perusal. 

1. What is a fruit crate mould?

Figure 1 Fruit Crate Mould

Fruit crate mould

The name is self-explanatory! Your fruit crate moulds are used to make fruit crate mould parts that maintain the decorum food and beverage industries. These moulds are come in all sizes starting from the small and ending at the large or customized size. You can change the dimensions or features to get the results you want. 

The basic purpose of these plastic crate moulds is to provide storage for several items. Some items may not break when placed together. To avoid this failure, Go4mould has designed fruit crate moulds so that the fruits are placed in a sequence and in a certain quantity. These are airy moulds and maintain the freshness of the fruits. You can sprinkle water on them or place a lid over them. Their anti-toxic properties will not interfere with the fruits and your food will be safe and rotten-free for days. 

2. What is the market demand for the fruit crate mould?

From the market perspective, the fruit crate moulds are huge in demand. The reason is that they offer easy storage, good capacity, and the main factor which increases their demand is their cost. you cannot get this much output at such a low cost. Additionally, Go4mould provides cost offers which further make it easier for you to buy moulds. It is recommended that you invest in the fruit crate mould manufacturing business because they are the ultimate source of management. 

3. Which things are considered while designing a fruit crate mould?

Go4mould likes to be concise in its decisions and precise in the manufacturing process. Designing, which is the core of manufacturing, receives the most focus of our team because it determines the liability of your moulds. 

While designing, our experts keep a look at the following factors

  • Big Mould gates for easy die-casting 
  • Marking of part designs on the mould for quick and easy recognition 
  • The thickness of walls and ribs is kept in synchronization with each other
  • Moulding area is clean and the environment is ideal for the mould manufacturing conditions
  • Clamps are screws are given the utmost attention 
  • Perfect radius in accordance with the wall thickness
  • Mould cavities and their complex designs are carried out with accuracy 
  • Mould material is selected of perfect quality that is aluminum or similar alloys. 

4. How does Go4mould manufacture the fruit crate mould?

Go4mould takes all the necessary precautions and manufactures the moulds under the surveillance of its fine collection of engineers. Our experts design the rough draft of the fruit rate mould which gets passed after several testing services. Then we choose a suitable raw material of your choice that is durable and flexible to our needs. With the help of CNC machines and the latest digital software, we construct your moulds by fulfilling the client requirements. After the construction, your stackable moulds are delivered after confirmation of their reliable working.  

5. What are the applications or uses of crate mould?

Fruit Crate moulds are used and applied in different areas to deal with the storage of 

  • Fruits 
  • Vegetables
  • Beer bottles 
  • Milk bottles 
  • Food tins and cartons
  • Bulk storage 
  • Food items 
  • Grocery things

However, one difference is to be made that bottle crates have bottle cavities and fruit crate mould doesn’t. But they can still be used to keep other products than fruits at the need of the moment. 

6. How can i use plastic injection to make crate mold parts?

Using plastic injection moulding for making mould parts is very easy. According to Go4mould’s tested instructions, you need to 

  • Melt the selected plastic material first.
  • Pour it into the mould at the right temperature and frequency.
  • Let the mold set for 4 5 hours, or as prescribed in our catalog.
  • Evacuate your mould with a spatula or similar non-damaging tool. 
  • You’ll get a perfect, no creased and well-manufactured mould part.

Always consult with us beforehand because a simple working process doesn’t mean a layman will master it! You need guidance at the early stages. 

Figure 2 Fruit Crate Mould Part

Fruit crate mould part

7. Who is the best supplier of crate moulds in China?

By comparison and facts, Go4mould is by far the best supplier of crate moulds in China and other countries. This is because we maintain the quality standard and do not deviate from our core purpose of serving the clients who are yearning to get at the top in the business market. 

8. What is the cost of fruit crate mould?

The features, mould cavities, and other specifications excel the price of the fruit crate moulds. However, in general, a fruit crate mould costs between 250 to 500 US dollars. The net cost may vary when you order in bulk. 

9. What services does Go4mould offer?

Go4mould offers a set of services that no other supplier does. Some of our most common services include automotive injection moulding, medical plastic injection moulding, PVC Plastic moulding, and custom plastic injection mould manufacturing.This is because we value our clients more than the money produced by providing our services. Half of our company perks are free because we give the opportunity to our fellow business enterprises to grow. Our services include 

  • Safe and secure packaging of your products in the corrugated boxes so that no scratch or external damage touches your product.
  • Affordable mould prices that cost nothing to your monthly budget and you can spend the rest in buying more or as per your need. 
  • The latest machinery to manufacture your crate moulds.
  • Consultation of expert engineers and business advisors for your projects
  • Long and short-term project handling 
  • After-sale services
  • Free product catalog and mould operating videos.

In short, when you’ll sign a business deal with us, you’ll get a lot of services as perks! 

10. Is the crate mould manufacturing business profitable?

Crate moulds are a big requirement in the food sector. Saying that the storage management would be disturbed if there are no crate moulds is not wrong. According to business logistics, more demand in the market raises the value of the profit, the net sale, and resultantly, the profit. 

Establishing a new crate mould manufacturing business and renovating the existing one is a huge plus for your profit. Industrialists are in constant need of suppliers and you could be that one valuable supplier and earn money more than you thought. But in all this process, Go4mould advises you not to move with haste. Take gradual steps and keep your credibility and honesty at the top. Then see your business growing to another height. If you are confused about your business growth or profit, you can always avail of our services by contacting us through the portal or email.

Figure 3 fruit Crate mould manufacturing business

Fruit Crate Mould Manufacturing Business

11. Can Go4mould handle an order of urgency?

Go4mould keeps its staff read all the time and has the capacity on its schedule to deal with urgent orders. We understand that uncertain conditions prevail over the business. For instance, you may get short of a spare part, or your previous experience was bad and you want to renew your products or any other factor can bring you to us. We accept urgent orders with the surety of in-time delivery. Just fill out the necessary information in our quote or talk to our customer services if needed. Your order will be processed in no time and you will be satisfied with the end results. 

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