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PPR pipe fitting mould

  • Genuine manufacturing services for your PPR pipe fitting mould business under the company of skillful engineers and co-workers.
  • Perfect insight into the emerging trends and shaping your manufacturing business according to modern marketing and strategic policies. 
  • Pocket-friendly deals so that you can easily lay the basis of your business. 
  • Proficient in designing and adapting to your prescribed mold specifications.
  • Top Go4mould technicians to assist you in cross pipe fitting manufacturing, operational, and maintenance-related queries. 
  • Automatic servo system to deal with the complexities of mould cavities 
  • Perfect place for safe investments due to the ISO certification and international market recognition. 
  • A gateway to innovation and free prototype testing services for your satisfaction.
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of wear parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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PPR pipe fitting mould FAQ guideline 

Being recognized as the most trustable plastic mould manufacturer and a provider of valuable customer services, we are proud of our growth over the years. We have invested our time and money into our business and our devotion and loyalty to our customers to bring about the best results. We have a trained set of workers who have sharp skills and help us in the mould related queries and provide us with their best efforts in bringing innovation.

Due to the legal business of Go4mould in China and other important countries across the world, our clients rely upon us for the tiniest details. This FAQ guide is a little effort from our side so that you can get know-how about the product you want to buy from our company.

1. What is a PPR pipe fitting mould?

PPR pipe fitting injection mould

Figure 1: PPR Pipe Fitting Injection Mould

With the advent of injection moulding techniques, plastic materials have become a prime focus of every industry. PPR pipe fitting mould is also one of the most used injection tools that helps to make precise fittings. By following the correct technique, you can get as many mould products as you want. But be certain of the moulding conditions so that your product is not affected.

2. What are PPR pipe fitting mould making requirements?

Before making a ppr fitting mould, it is required to:

  • Put together all the necessary things in one place to avoid conflict. It promotes good time management.
  • Check all the measurements twice to proceed with the process.
  • Make sure the gates are high and the wall thickness with radius is perfectly structured.
  • Ensure the smooth and shiny surfaces of your mould have a better outlook. Moreover, it enhances surface strength.
  • Be mindful of the complexity of the cavities and shape the moulds accordingly.
  • Consent with your clients is very necessary. Take approval of your clients to overcome future disputes.

Queries are always welcomed at Go4mould. Make direct contact with us if you need any kind of urgent help.

3. Why you should choose PPR for your pipe fitting mould project?

Go4mould’s product analysts have penned down the following reasons for making this decision.

  • PPR cost less than the other plastic materials
  • It has non-abrasive properties
  • It can bear a high temperature up to 95 degrees
  • It is suitable for warm and cold-water running systems
  • High heat resistance and low waterfall resistance

Most importantly, it is trending these days in the market which means that it is the perfect time to build your own start-up business of ppr pipe fitting moulds. Go4mould will provide its assistance throughout the journey.

4. What is the difference between PPR and PVC pipe fitting mould?

Starting from the material quality, PPR is a mixture of polymers while PVC is composed of polyvinyl chloride. The color difference between the two is also vigilant, ppr is brighter than PVC. Both pipe fitting moulds are rigid but their wall thickness differs. In terms of prices, PVC pipe fitting mould is more expensive than PPR fitting mould. Their weights are slightly different but both have anti-toxic and anti-corrosive properties which add to the life and efficacy of the molds.

5. What are the functions of PPR pipe fitting mould?

PPR pipe fittings

Figure 2: PPR Pipe Fittings

The function of a ppr pipe fitting mould manufactured at Go4mould is to provide:

  • Reliable structure
  • Smooth finishing
  • Less material wastage
  • Fine cavities
  • Desired airflow
  • Premium quality moulds
  • The firm shape of the mould
  • To deal with maximum production

We provide ppr cross pipe fitting moulds that single-handedly perform all the functions. There is no chance of you seeing any flaws within the warranty time of the moulds.

6. Can I use any other material in the PPR pipe fitting moulds?

The PPR pipe fitting moulds are designed specifically for the ppr plastic material keeping into consideration its attributes. If you want to use any other material for plastic injection, we can make a separate custom plastic injection mold for you. Email us your desired material and you’ll get your mould faster than any other manufacturer in China.

7. Are Go4mould’s PPR fitting moulds certified?

Yes, Go4mould is a certified manufacturer and doesn’t do any work that outlaws the government. We have a “legality of business” certificate along with the PPR pipe fitting mould certificates that justify our authenticity.

8. What is the manufacturing process of the PPR fittings moulds?

PPR fitting mould manufacturing

Figure 3: PPR Fitting Mould Manufacturing

Instead of hopping on to the cliche methods of manufacturing, Go4mould opts for the best and practically reliable ways. We contact our trustworthy mould parts suppliers to have an extra stock to be on the safer side. A committee sits to look into the pros and cons of the different strategies and then our engineers go for the manual draft. That draft is checked upon a few times by our technology experts to have a surety of the effects on the field working of the design.

After the background work for the manufacturing is done, we move on to the actual procedure which is to execute the ppr pipe fitting mould designs. For that, we use CNC machines which are high-technology and the most advanced machines to undergo the mould manufacturing process. We use safe and sanitized equipment in our machines so that the moulds do not get any contamination. The mould material is placed in the machine and the dimensions are set according to the requirement. The temperature of the machine is kept as per the mould requirement because any fluctuation in the temperature can de-shape them.

Once the moulds are manufactured, they are checked for errors if any. We also spare days at our construction area so that you could see the live working on your moulds.

9. Can Go4mould provide customized services for PPR pipe fitting mould?

Go4mould realizes the delicacy of the product’s perfection and allows you to personalize your ppr mould. We offer the customization services in the following sections.

  • You can change the previous designs available in our catalog and formulate new ones.
  • Select the already existing design and add or remove some features in it.
  • Add cavities in the mould according to the type of fitting you want.
  • You can instruct our technicians to make either simple moulds or complex moulds.
  • We also allow you to choose the mould material from a range of different metals and alloys.
  • Choose the tools and machinery you want us to make your moulds in.
  • Select the dimensions and sizes of the moulds.
  • Choose reliable shipping and packing services as you like.

In short, we offer you a free hand in the manufacturing of your moulds so that no faults remain on our end.

10. Which industries get benefits out of PPR fitting moulds?

PPR has remarkable resistance qualities and that’s why different industries especially water and plumbing seek PPR pipe fitting moulds. PPR can withstand extreme hot and cold liquid temperatures which makes them durable. The industrialists get the following benefits.

Cost: As they are sold cheaply at Go4mould and the cost-deals further make them worth buying.

Life: The life of the PPR moulds increases when well maintained. Also, due to the material properties, they exist for longer than expected. These features eliminate the extra cost of buying moulds every year.

Low Conduction: The low conduction properties of PPR moulds does not affect the temperature of the liquid running in the pipes. This is the most desirable attribute in the engineering and plumbing sectors.

Smooth texture: You can get a smooth surface texture by using ppr plastic moulds. This removes the risk of friction and saves the fittings from getting surface damage.

No Rust or damage: Being a plastic material, PPR possesses high defensive properties and keeps your moulds rust-free (in case of rain or acid attacks).

Finding all the nerve-wracking advantages at a single place, the industrialists are more likely to invest. That’s why Go4mould has offered a wide range of material and structural variety so that our services benefit at the maximum level.

11. How can I place my order at Go4 for PPR pipe fitting moulds?

No matter what your destination is, we have covered you in the package delivery. We have provided sufficient contact information on our website. Chose any medium to talk to our customer services staff (call, SMS, email, or WhatsApp) and they’ll respond to you within no time.

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