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Premium custom plastic injection molds

Custom plastic moulding that may help your organization create unique molded items.
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Custom plastic injection molding

  • Our team of specialists guarantees our customers efficient and superior custom plastic injection molds.
  • Go4mould makes custom plastic injection molds at a sensible cost.
  • Our colossal infrastructure enables us to produce items in bulk without any delays and with limited tooling costs.
  • Go4mould maintains high standards of quality while designing custom injection molds. This makes sure that our moulds are durable.
  • Operating a streamlined production facilitates custom plastic injection molds at a lower price. This is because Go4mould uses the latest technologies in injection molding.

The finest quality custom injection mold

Go4mould has a massive inventory of custom plastic injection mold, and it keeps adding to this vast collection to facilitate the needs of its customers.

Collapsible Bucket
The oval folding bucket is made of a highly durable material that ensures the product maintains its original shape and stores water. A broad range of 2K injection moulds are also available at Go4mould.
custom injection moulding product
These gears are durable and can be used as alternatives for metal gears. You can have the custom plastic gear mold you want at Go4mould.
Plastic Bottle Caps
Plastic bottle caps are used to seal the bottle. These caps are manufactured using high-grade material that is sourced from reliable vendors.

Go4mould is A top-rated custom plastic injection mold supplier in China

GO4mould is a leading manufacturer of custom plastic injection molds designed to facilitate the production of several products. The company has been in business for more than a decade, and during this time, it has served three thousand+ customers from all over the world. Go4mould is known for meeting customer demands in the most efficient way possible.

Go4mould ensures that all of their custom plastic injection molds are manufactured to perfection, and this requires the company to use high-end technology while designing moulds. Go4mould’s state-of-the-art infrastructures, as well as its skilled professionals, ensure that GO4Mould delivers the best custom plastic injection molds for its customers.

Custom plastic injection mold expert

Plastic injection mold factory view

Located in Huangyan, “Mould Town of China”, Go4mould is one of the leading plastic injection mould makers in China. Our factory has advanced machines and experienced staff that can provide you with high quality moulds at competitive prices. Go4mould is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable and reputable injection mould supplier!

factory view

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Mould baseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould materialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud precision±0.01mm
Mould life50-500K shots
Mould cavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner systemHot runne system and the temperature control system
Gate typePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Plastic materialABS+PC, ABS+PVC, PP+EVA, PP+LDPE, PE+PP, PE+PE, PE+PB, PE, PP, PA, POM, PC, etc
Metal materialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…), Brass, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface treatmentPolishing, Painting, Chroming, Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening, Water Transfering, Laser Cutting, Leather Covering, Texture, Sandblasting, Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

Our mould design and delivery options

Go4mould can assist you with the most efficient mold designing and delivery methods for your prototype or production-based custom plastic injection mold.

custom plastic injection mold design
Go4mould follows a streamlined design process, ensuring that custom plastic injection molds are designed with the highest quality standards.
custom plastic injection mold flow analysis
Go4mould design team is adept in performing mould flow analysis. It ensures the quality of the mold and the smooth molding process after production.
custom plastic injection mold packing
Go4mould's team of packaging professionals ensures the safe and efficient delivery of custom plastic injection mold.

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Custom plastic injection mold FAQs outlines

Go4mould is a company that specializes in the production of custom plastic injection molds to help businesses create a variety of items. The firm has been in operation for more than a decade, and it has served three thousand+ clients from all over the world during this time. Go4mould is recognized for providing customers with outstanding service.

Go4mould is a Chinese company that produces high-quality injection molds for a variety of sectors, including automotive, medical devices, appliances, and others. The team ensures that all goods fulfill the needs of the client before they are delivered to them. GO4Mould’s state-of-the-art technology and talented employees guarantee that all projects are completed in the best possible way.

1. What is custom plastic injection molding?


Custom Plastic Injection Mold

custom plastic injection mold

Custom plastic injection molding is a process through which liquid plastic material is formed into required product shapes by injecting the same under high pressure into the metal moulds.

Different products require customized moulds that can produce a unique look and finish. Customized tools play a vital role in providing various products today like Automobiles, consumer goods, telecommunication equipment, and appliances etc. These all essentially need custom made molds for their successful production.

2. Discuss the process of custom injection moulding?

The process of custom plastic injection moulding takes place according to the below steps:

I. Mould design

Firstly the mould designer formulates the design of custom plastic injection molds on CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. After designing the whole part, molds are split into individual pieces for easy assembly during the production phase. Once all components are created, they are analyzed for their strengths and weaknesses using finite element analysis software.

II. Tooling

Custom molded tools or dies are fabricated from steel or aluminum alloy to meet specific requirements like low cost, minimum wall thickness, material & dimensional accuracy, etc. The tooling process includes machining, metal removal processes like drilling and milling, etc., heat-treating operation to increase wear resistance properties of steel tools, and other secondary techniques like coating tools with anti-corrosion material to improve life. The metal tools are mounted on a hydraulic press for injecting plastic under high pressure into the cavity. Several die sets are required to produce large parts, leading to higher production costs.

III. Injection molding

The injection molding process involves injecting molten plastic into the die cavities at very high pressure and temperature. Moulds remain closed until the product has cooled down completely, after which they open up to release the part from the tool.

IV. Post-processing

The injection moulded parts are allowed to cool down before being removed from the moulds so that their shapes and dimensions remain accurate throughout the entire process cycle.

3. What does it cost to get a custom injection molded part?

A custom-molded part is formed by injecting molten plastic into the metal molds under high pressure. The custom plastic molding cost depends on its complexity, including some parts, parting lines, draft angles, etc. One additional factor that could increase the price is special features like inserts, secondary operations, etc.

4. How do i make a custom part on an injection molding machine?

Custom Part on an Injection Molding Machine

Custom parts can be made on an injection molding machine using the below steps:

I. File preparation (CAD files)

CAD file contains design data of part geometry and material thickness, draft angles, etc. It is required for converting into a tool path that controls the action of the hydraulic ram system during the production phase. The moulder prepares a tool path that includes X-Y motions of moving ram and its Z motions to adjust shot volume. Some CAD software has the functionality to prepare complete process flow charts in a diagrammatic form, thereby making it easier for operators to understand how moulds will work while producing custom molded parts.

II. Preparation of injection molds

Injection Molding machines are usually equipped with two mold halves. These are mounted on a clamping ring with specific clearances to reduce cycle time and achieve the required shot volume. Openings for ejector pins & vents are cut in these molds according to the requirements of parts so that they can be quickly ejected from the tool during the production phase.

III. Injection phase

Molten plastic is injected into molten steel or aluminum injection moulds under high pressure and temperature by a hydraulic ram system using process oil as a cooling medium after melting material pellets. It flows through passages formed in the mold to fill internal cavities that define the shape and dimensions of each part accurately without causing any defects like sink marks or warping etc. The main parameters that affect nozzle flow rate and shot size include injection pressure and screw rotation speed.

IV. Cooling & ejecting phase

After completing the entire cycle, the plastic part is allowed to cool down inside the mold cavity. Its shape and dimensions remain accurate before it is ejected from the tool by using ejector pins. The machine opens up after this process to release parts one by one immediately after the cooling phase for secondary operations like finishing, inspection etc.


5. What is the lead time for my custom plastic parts & components from Go4moulds?

The lead time for delivering custom moulded parts depends on the number of produced features. To check the exact production cycle for your product, Go4moulds can provide you with a price quotation after analyzing it thoroughly. Different factors like production volume, tool type and complexity of part geometry will affect the quote. You can also contact us on our website by filling up the production cycle form for quick response at any time during the day. We provide 24*7 customer support throughout the year so that you can get your queries solved immediately at any time.

6. Discuss the applications of custom plastic injection molding.

Applications of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Applications of custom plastic injection molding

Custom injection molded parts are used in various applications like automotive, electrical appliance industry, medical and consumer goods, etc. these components play an essential role in making production lines more efficient and cost-effective. Their properties like durability, abrasion resistance, and compatibility with lubricants make them widely preferable by end-users for designing high-performance products that offer a better value proposition to customers.


7. What are the beneficial features of custom plastic injection molding?

Custom injection molded parts can be designed per the customer’s specific requirements regarding size, shape, functionality, etc. This feature makes them highly preferable by end-users for creating high-performance products that offer a better value proposition to customers.

  • They are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and wear resistance even in the worst conditions like temperature variations.
  • The minimum wall thicknesses of these parts help save space efficiently during the production phase.
  • Custom molded parts are easy to design and use in production lines.
  • Customer requirements related to colour, glossiness, hand feel & texture can be easily achieved using a custom injection molding process.
8. When should i consider plastic mold design?

Plastic mould design is considered during the initial stage of product development to deliver custom moulded parts with accurate dimensions and shape.

Designing injection molds is a complex process that requires high expertise & special training in this field. Manufacturers should always outsource plastic mold design projects to reliable partners like Go4mould. The latter is known for offering end-to-end assistance related to different stages involved in the production cycle.

9. How do you take care of plastic injection molds?

Plastic injection molds should be adequately lubricated before the first shot to avoid sticking issues. Additional care is required for the machine’s smooth operation because it involves high pressure and temperature for melting plastic pellets inside the barrel.

Proper maintenance & testing procedures should always be followed so that the production line remains free from any defects caused due to malfunctioning parts etc.

10. Can plastic injection molding cut down my costs?

Plastic injection molding can cut down overall manufacturing costs for custom molded parts because it offers high volume production at the lowest possible unit price.

We have an in-house R&D team that can suggest innovative methods to reduce costs without compromising the quality of plastic components. For example, using new technologies like thin wall moulds & innovative tooling, etc., reduces overall development time and offers quick ROI (return of investment) for various projects across different industry verticals.

11. What is the difference between plastic injection molding and metal stamping?


Metal stamping vs. Plastic Injection Molding

Metal stamping vs. plastic injection molding

Metal stamping is an economical option to produce small batches of metal components. It does not offer high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, so they are never preferred for designing parts with critical requirements related to functionality, appearance & structure, etc.

On the other hand, plastic injection moulding allows manufacturing custom moulded components in a wide range of materials, including engineering plastics, polymers & metals with precise dimensions and superior strength & rigidity properties, etc.

12. What are the plastic materials that are best suited for custom injection molding?

A wide range of materials is available for custom molded parts manufacturing using the injection molding process. The details are as follows:

Acetal (Delrin):

It is a versatile polymer that offers good dimensional stability and machinability. These plastic materials are available in different grades depending upon their usage, including commercial, industrial & engineering applications. The maximum shrinkage rate for this material is 0.3%, so it is best suited to design thin-walled parts with complex internal structures.


They offer high formability and dimensional stability, but they become brittle at low temperatures due to the high crystallinity level of these plastics. However, this problem can be resolved by using additives like glass fiber, such as nylon 6/6 & nylon 11/12, which possess high stiffness & heat deflection temperature making them suitable for designing parts that need high impact resistance properties.

Polyamide (UHMWPE):

They are known for offering excellent wear & abrasion resistance and an extremely low friction coefficient. These materials are popularly used in custom plastic injection molding applications that involve sliding & rolling parts like gears, rollers & bearings, etc.

Polycarbonate (PC):

It is a versatile engineering thermoplastic material with better mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and heat resistance properties. The primary application areas include designing transparent components used across automotive, consumer electronics, medical & military sub-segments.


PBT is another commonly used engineering polymer that offers better mechanical properties at higher temperatures than other common engineering plastics like nylon, PC, etc. Using hot runner technology, PBT can be quickly processed in high-performance injection molding machines.


POM is commonly used to produce smaller metal replacement parts. They are combined with steel or iron components in the final stage of the manufacturing process to increase its wear resistance properties etc.


ABS plastic injection moulding is a process that injects molten ABS plastic into a pre cut mold.


13. How does Go4mould ensure the mold-making quality?

At Go4mould, we have a team of highly qualified & experienced engineers who can suggest you innovative ways to design injection moulds from scratch or for their upgrade. In addition, they also offer assistance in creating different mould components like ejector pins & core boxes, etc.

We follow strict quality standards during the entire process of custom plastic injection mould making, which includes:

  1. Industry-specific standard plastic materials
  2. Creating master patterns with state-of-the-art equipment
  3. Designing tools according to high performing standard machinery
  4. Offering high precision injection molds within a short time
  5. Providing customized service as per your business needs

Please refer to our official website for further details about our services.

14. Why is it essential to consider Go4mould when looking for an experienced custom plastic molding company?

Go4mould is one of the most trustworthy plastic mould making companies that offer comprehensive solutions related to custom plastic injection molding. It has refined the process of tool & die designing using state-of-the-art technologies that help manufacture top quality moulds for clients across diverse industry verticals.

We are famous for our high precision, consistent results, and timely completion of projects by considering customers’ requirements at every stage of the plastic mold making process. Our engineers provide customized service as per your business needs available within a short period.

15. What kind of custom plastic injection molding services can Go4mould offer?

Go4mould has served a broad spectrum of industries by offering standard & custom injection moulds for designing parts used in varied industrial applications. In addition, we also provide services like mould flow analysis, mold modification & repair, etc.

We provide a variety of plastic mold customization, such as Automotive Injection mould, 2 Shot Injection Molding, Plastic Pallet Mould, Bottle Cap Mould, Hanger Mould and so on.

16. What is the process to get a quote for a custom injection mould from Go4mould?

To provide you with a quick bid on your project, we will ask you for some information about the design of the mould, along with details related to material & component requirements. The process of quoting can be done from our official website and also by sending an inquiry message directly through email or by calling us at our given numbers.


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