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  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 2
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 3
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 4
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 5
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 6
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 1
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 2
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 3
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 4
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 5
  • Auto Lamp Mould Detail 6

Go4mould auto lamp mould advantages

  • Go4mould is a very efficient factory, we can provide you with an analysis report of auto Lamp mould design in 20 days after receiving your request.
  • Go4mould also provides a 60-day delivery service. Fast delivery can help gain a better competitive advantage.
  • Go4mould provides excellent customer services for our customers help you keep the state of the auto Lamp mould, including one-year free service and lifetime maintenance service.
  • In one word, Go4mould is a one-stop solution auto Lamp mould factory. We can offer you headlamp & tail lamp mould at the same time. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers.
  • Send us an inquiry now; we will respond with an auto Lamp mould perfect solution for you.

Auto lamp mould product list

The auto lamp molds produced by Go4mould include Head&Tail Lamp Mold, Fog Lamp Mold, Reading Lamp Mold and Automotive High Braking Lamp Mold.

head lamp lens

Eye-catching automotive head lamp mold shapes put forward becomes ever larger, the drop of around 600mm-750mm is becoming more common.

Automotive Tail Lamp

Tail lamp lens mold is developing in the direction of three-color and four-color mold. Tail lamp bezel mold developing from unicolor mold to double-color mold.

Automotive Head Lamp

Auto fog lamp wall thickness optimization to avoid air trapping when design. The side Lace pattern done by five-axis machining.

One-stop solutionFor your auto lamp mould manufacturing

Go4mould is One Of The Best Auto Lamp Mould factory
Our plastic mould designers have an average working life of more than ten years and have very sufficient industry experience in auto Lamp mould industry. We can provide you with very professional auto lamp mold solutions for you in designing, such as insert/slider/undercut/cooling system as well as the eject /hot runner system.
Our  auto lamp mold processing and testing equipment, including high-speed milling, molding machine, milling machine, EDM, CNC, and 1000-3100 tons of various types of  injection molding machine and can help you ensure your auto lamp mould stability and quality.
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Unrivaled mold manufacturing expert in the auto lamp mold industry

plastic mould Factory View

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Mould BaseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould MaterialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud Precision±0.01mm
Mould Life50-500K shots
Mould CavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner SystemHot runne system and the temperature control system
GateTypePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Metal MaterialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface TreatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls Provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

Focus on every detail from mold design to delivery

Go4mould pays attention to all the details from mold design, mold flow analysis, mold manufacturing, mold inspection, and mold trial. To ensure that the mold can be in your hands in the best condition.

Familiar with LKM, DME, HASCO and other software. Have a good understanding of part analysis, mold flow, mold structure analysis, and be able to help customers design molds and products very well
headlight Mold Flow Analysis
Mold flow analysis is a very important part of mold design and production. It can better find out the defects in the design in advance and evaluate different materials.
auto lamp mould Packing
Mold packaging is also an important part of ensuring mold quality. Our mold packaging master has more than 5 years of experience to ensure that the mold can reach your hands in the best condition.

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Go4 mould video

The ultimate faq guide to auto lamp mould

This guide is the ultimate solution to all your concerns and queries about auto lamp Mould. Also, you’ll get to know everything about go4mould and the services they offer.

What is an auto lamp mould?

Figure-1 Automotive Lamp Mould

Figure 1: Auto Lamp Mould

A injection mould is a hollow cavity made of steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic to shape the required objects by pouring or injecting the material in liquid or semi-liquid form. The same is required to make auto lamps.
Go4mould specializes in manufacturing various auto lamp Moulds,auto parts molds, light Moulds, LED light Moulds, auto rear lamp Moulds, and turn signals Moulds. The cavity is constructed of super-quality mould steel. The core is made of domestic NAK80, which also solidifies the hardness and quality of the mould and cuts down the cost of the mould to a reasonable amount. We have more than 100 sets of auto lamp moulds with rich designs.
We handle:
· Designing
· Processing
· Manufacturing
· Sending samples
· Providing OEM & ODM Customer-specific services


Why is mould important for manufacturing automotive lamps?

Figure 2: Automotive Lamp Mould

The lights in modern-day cars are doing more than just lighting dark roads. Many OEMs and automobiles are using it as their design signature. An automotive company (Audi) was the pioneer of the trend in 2004, the company introduces daytime running lights in the international market. Since then, beaming technology has advanced rapidly, making auto lamp manufacturing an integral part of the automotive industry. These lamps are used in the front, sides, and back of the vehicle, active lighting throws light around edges, and even laser high beams are emerging.

Importance of auto lamp molds

It is imperative to have a mould for the making of the lamps. Multiple pieces of lamps can be made from a single mould. Front and rear light lamps go through quick design cycles because manufacturers are making style changes every year. Production of these lamps of injection-moulded plastic components requires complex mould tools, and their long lead times can readily constrain or delay model facelifts. Indeed, designers and manufacturers are under immense pressure to accelerate auto lamp mould production, and go4mould is equipped to accommodate them accordingly.

What are the machining technologies used to manufacture auto lamp moulds?

Go4mould utilizes top-notch machinery for the designing and production of all sorts.
Two types of technology are used for manufacturing Moulds;


Go4mould is decked with all kinds of precision milling machines, grinding machines, CNC machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines, and more, enabling us to manufacture and repair different Moulds rapidly.

Our capacity

Go4mould can build up to 40-50 sets of medium-sized Moulds every month and an annual production of more than six hundred sets of medium Moulds.


Go4mould has the ability to provide their customers with the most advanced technologies, including;
· Sensors
· Vacuum
· Blowing nitrogen
As compared to its competitors, the company offers relatively less lead time for mould making. At present, go4mould can manufacture moulds in 738, 718, P20, NAK80, H13, S136, and 420 SS steel, reaching a size of 2000mm × 1800mm as heavy as 20 tons.


What are the machining operations performed in manufacturing auto moulds?

Machining operations

There are two primary operations for manufacturing lamp Moulds.
1.CNC Machining
2.EDM Machining

CNC machining: This is a machining process in which a workpiece is shaped into a designed geometrical shape and size by using a controlled material removal process. This process depends mainly upon the use of machine tools in addition to the power and hand tools.
The Two Sub-Processes in Manufacturing Lamp Moulds
· Milling
· Turning

Milling is a subtractive machining process that uses various machine toolsets to efficiently precision-cut aluminum or steel into a defined geometrical mould shape. Milling machines rapidly produce end-use parts with the adoption of 3- or 5-axis processes.
CAD/CAM programming software enables the machine to shape the chunk of metal into the designed lamp mould.

Turning is a subtractive machining process that uses a cutting tool, typically a lathe, to achieve the designed shape of the mould.
There are four specific turning operations used to manufacture moulds:

  • Turning is one of the most fundamental machining processes, which involves a rotating part being cut by a cutting tool moving along the axis of rotation of the workpiece. Turning can be performed on both the external and internal surfaces of the Mould.
  • Facing is the most important process, performed in the production of lamp Moulds. It moves the cutting tool perpendicular to the workpiece to cut it into the desired shape.
  • Parting creates deep grooves that remove an entire or partial segment from the workpiece.
  • Grooving is the cutting of grooves at a required depth and can be performed on internal and external sides of the mould. It encompasses face grooving, drilling, knurling, polygonal turning, and threading.

Spark machining – EDM

mold making
mold making

Figure 3: Electric Discharge Machining

In this process, the material is removed from the workpiece with the help of an electric spark. This process can be performed in two ways:

  1. EDM wire cut
  2. Sinker EDM

Rapid reiterations of electrical current discharges between two electrodes, the tool-electrode, and the workpiece-electrode, work to remove material from the mould piece without ever making physical contact.

Processes included in manufacturing auto lamp mould?

Go4mould makes a design first to carry out machining operations for manufacturing auto lamp molds.

We at go4mould have a four-step designing process.

  1. DFM Analysis
  2. 2D Drafting
  3. 3D Design
  4. Machining Operations.

DFM Analysis

Designing of DFM analysis or manufacturing analysis precedes mould designs.

Feasibility research is carried out, carefully evaluating:

  • Moulding axis/pivot.
  • Parting-line, evaluating signs of the finished product.
  • Any pieces of the part to be obtained from movable parts/inserts in the mould.
  • Thicknesses, avoiding the fine-tuning problems.
  • Ejection
  • Form
  • Injection point or mould Flow

Go4mould will send this feasibility analysis to the client in the document form named ‘Concept.’

2D drafting

Software Used: CADKEY

The second step in the process of manufacturing this mould is making a 2D draft. We at go4mould pay attention to detail for a preliminary evaluation of the mould in a concise amount of time.

Then the problems are highlighted along with the information of material delivery time.

3D design

Design crafted with the smallest of details acknowledging all mechanical, functional, and economic aspects.

Go4mould is fully equipped with cutting-edge modern-day technology to provide you with the best service in designing, testing, and manufacturing high-quality products.

From the concept to the finish of the engineering design process and from the prototyping to the sketching of the constructive drawings, go4mould can meet all the production needs.

Machining operations

It is defined in the above part of the go4mould ultimate FAQ guide.


Materials used in manufacturing auto lamp moulds?

Material Selection for injection mould
Material Selection for injection mould

Figure 4: Material Selection for Auto Lamp Mold

The prerequisite for quality mould manufacturing is the choice of top-tier materials. When choosing mould materials, mould designers examine various factors, including machining ease, weldability, abrasion resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Aluminum: It is a long and popular choice for prototype moulds, is gaining acceptance among moderate-run production moulds. Improved aluminum alloys, such as QC-7, have greater concentration and hardness than standard aircraft-grade aluminum.

Steel:  It is a standard choice for most high production moulds designed for engineering plastics is built from high-quality tool steel. Cavity and core steels vary based on the production requirements, machining complexity, mould size, mechanical needs, and the abrasive or corrosive nature of the moulding resin.

Other commonly used mould steels are:

  • 45 #
  • 40Cr
  • P20
  • 2738
  • 2316
  • 718
  • NAK80
  • H13
  • S136

According to the customer’s mould use and life requirements, go4mould recommends the best choice for mould steel.

What are the available surface treatment processes for auto Moulds?

Surface Treatments

To varying degrees, finished goods represent the finish and texture of the moulding surface. Fine scratches and roughness on the moulding will create a non-glassy part surface and potential part ejecting problems. Thus, making surface treatment is a vital operation of the job.



There are three processes available at go4mould for surface treating the mould:

  1. Polishing
  2. Photo Etching
  3. Coating

Polishing: High gloss finishes typically require a sequence of polishing steps using progressively finer silicon carbide stones arranging from 220 – 900 grit. The surface is polished and buffed to a more refined detail with increasingly finer diamond pastes.

Greater the steel hardness, the higher the gloss.

A surface hardness of at least Thirty (30) HRC is usually required for moderately fine gloss finishes. High gloss finishes typically require hardness above 50 HRC.

Photo Etching: This method uses an acid etching process to attain various surfaces, from leather finishes to wood grain. The process creates detailed textures by photographically applying an acid-resistant masking material to the mould surface and then etching the opened areas with acid.

You can adjust texture uniformity and gloss level to some extent through multiple etching steps or by blasting the surface with glass beads.

Coating: Mould components are coated for various reasons. Multiple coatings are used for their unique benefit to the mould.

Flash chrome and thin deposits of electroless nickel less than 0.001-inch thick offer protection against rust and corrosion. Thicker deposits of hard chrome, usually more than 0.002 inches thick, prolong the life of moulds running glass-filled or mineral-filled resins. Hard chrome and electroless nickel plating can also build thickness to correct dimensional problems or refurbish worn areas. Mould release coatings such as PTFE modified hard chrome, or electroless nickel has performed well in moulds with ejection problems such as medical parts with a preliminary draft.


What are the advantages of auto lamp mould manufacturing?

Although the mould design and manufacturing process is critical and complex (an inadequately designed mould can result in defects), it has some notable advantages too.

Here are a few points why manufacturing is beneficial for automotive lamps.


In the automotive business, repeatability (the ability to consistently produce identical parts) is crucial because automotive plastic injection moulding typically relies on robust metal moulds.

Computation and evaluation

The auto lamp mould-making process is an expensive process due to the cost of the mould. However, mass production of the moulds is beneficial to the manufacturer.

Moulding costs may increase if mould production falls below mass production.

Material availability

A vital benefit of making a mould with go4mould is that we have all the materials at hand. Manufacturers use a wide range of steel and aluminum.

Accuracy and surface finish

Mould manufacturing and using it is ideal for producing plastic parts with comparatively simple geometries, resulting in a high surface finish. Mould makers have many finish options when producing parts, including various surface textures—glossy, rough, or matte—applied directly to the mould.

Quick prototypes with rapid-tooling

Automotive mould manufacturers can turn around short runs of prototype moulded car components much faster than traditional (steel) tooling by making quick, low-cost aluminum moulds with rapid tooling or CNC machining.


What are the applications of auto lamp mould?

Figure 5: Applications of Auto Lamp Mold

Figure 5: Applications of Auto Lamp Mold

In the automotive industry, injection moulding is one of the efficient and predominant methods manufacturers apply to mould plastic. Go4mould produces many plastic components for a car; one of them is an auto lamp.

  • Exterior Lamps\Lights
  • Interior Lamps\Lights

Exterior Lamp\Lights: Moulding is a valuable process for many exterior automotive components, including auto lamps. Fine examples of it are headlights, indicating lamps, tail lights, header, and nose panels.

Interior Lamp\Lights: Go4mould also makes many automotive interior parts using the automotive plastic injection moulding process. Auto lamps are also a part of it. The door-light or dashboard lamp is moulded among dashboard faceplates, door handles, glove compartments, air vents, and more.


How many types of auto lamp mould are developed by go4mould?

Types of moulds

One of the most common mould types developed by go4mould, the two-plate Mould, consists of two mould halves, over each other, that open along one parting line. In this type, material enters the mould cavity directly via a sprue gate or indirectly through a runner system which delivers the material to the desired location along the parting line.

Another type of mould made by go4mould is a three-plate mould. It opens at two significant locations instead of one. Typically, a linkage system between the three mould plates controls the mould opening sequence.

Another configuration, the stack mould, lessens the clamping force required by multi-cavity moulds. In this type, multiple cavities are located on a singular parting line, and the required clamp force is the sum of the clamps needed by each cavity plus the runner system.


Does go4mould manufacture moulds in large quantities?

With a specialized team of professionals comprising designers, engineers, machine operators, and other miscellaneous staff, go4mould is fully equipped to manufacture moulds in large quantities. The company offers minimum delivery time compared to the other mould manufacturing companies.

Go4mould can make 40 to 50 moulds per month, giving us an edge over our competitors.

We can satisfy our customer’s appetite for large quantities with a 6000 square meters mould-making workshop and 160 employees, including 20 engineers, 65 mould makers. We can satisfy our customer’s appetite for large quantities.


Does go4mould offer small-batch manufacturing for auto moulds?

Yes, go4mould offers small-batch manufacturing as per the client’s demand and requirement.

One has to keep in mind though small-batch manufacturing of moulds is not cost-effective. It may have a shorter delivery time, but the cost of materials and labor add to the final finished mould.

We can offer you the best solution tailor-made according to your specific needs. As an innovative and active prototype company, go4mould is there for you 24/7 with the promise of quality customer service.

Customers can send CAD data to us for quotation and manufacturing costs. One of our technical representatives will oblige you respectfully, as every customer is of utmost value to us.


How to find a reliable auto lamp mould manufacturer in china?

Best auto lamp manufacturer in china

Go4mould is the right place to come if you plan to find the best manufacturer of auto lamp moulds in China. We are one of China’s best mould manufacturing companies that offer genuine quality and value for money. The company offers quick and efficient customer care services.

Reasons to rely upon go4mould

We have described reasons here to help you choose the most reliable manufacturer of moulds in China.

Experience: Having experienced staff on the deck has propelled the cumulative experience of the company in mould-making business towards new heights.

Licensed company: Go4mould is a legally licensed and legitimized company of China. It makes us bound to serve you for any damages caused by our workforce.

Online accessibility: With a dedicated team of technical and marketing representatives, we are a 24/7 available company, readily available and in your reach.


Does go4mould offer auto lamp mould manufacturing services?

Yes, go4mould is famous for making various products, including auto lamp mould manufacturing at a reasonable price. Go4mould offers time-saving, cost-effective, and quality product-producing auto lamp moulds. We have the expertise, technical proficiency, and vast knowledge to use, aptly suitable to our customers’ needs, interests, and requirements.


How do you ensure the quality of the auto mould?

There are four main categories in the process of evaluating Mould quality: design, materials, and craftsmanship, and price.


Keeping both function and maintenance in mind, a mould designed thoroughly is the first proof of being a quality mould.


The quality of the materials used in manufacturing mould ensures the quality of the mould. We have already described our use of top-notch quality materials in making auto lamp moulds.


Attention to detail and following standard practices are the two main aspects of gauging quality craftsmanship. It goes hand in hand with mould quality.


Higher the mould quality, the lesser cost.

Compare the following scenarios.


Why do so many customers around the globe choose to work with go4mould?

We have an 8-point method which makes us the most reliable mould manufacturer in China.

  1. Long-lasting and reliable mould
  2. Total control of the tool in your hands
  3. Cost-effective prototype manufacturing
  4. Continued after-sales service
  5. Intermittent feedback on project process
  6. Professional advice with evaluation
  7. On-time delivery
  8. Reasonable and competitive market rates

As a well-established company, go4mould has a qualified staff consisting of experienced managers, expert designers, and well-trained technicians. We leave no effort to update our equipment to keep the competitive edge, especially for mould making.

How to place an order at go4mould?

Below are the steps mentioned for placing an order at go4mould.

  • Send inquiry

Via email, Online Talking, or telephone call.

  • Quotation within 24 hours

We will send you a quotation sheet with all details & information

  • Discussion

About quality, price, delivery time, payment, shipment, etc.

  • Place an order

According to the customer’s requirement to make the mould

How much time is required for the order to deliver?

Delivery time depends as well as varies according to the customer’s requirements and quantity.
A full-capacity batch of 40-50 moulds takes 65-70 days from the date of deposit.
Whereas, a small batch of moulds requires 15-20 days from the date of deposit to deliver.

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