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  • plastic pallet mould detail 1
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Why Should Your Company Join Forces With Go4 Mould?

  • Professionalism

 Go4 Mould respects the partner’s interests and does not try to rip them off. The supplier can always be sure that the supplier of Plastic Pallet Mould will not try to cheat them.

  • Cooperation:

The company of Go4 Mould is ready for any cooperation, which can happen on various levels, starting from large-scale projects with complex Plastic Pallet Mould services and ending with small individual orders.

  • Reliability 

Go4 Mould creates a work environment, which stimulates employees to do their best. This is why the company provides services of high quality, without delays or mistakes.

  • Transparency 

 If something happens with an order or if there are some changes concerning its Mould service, the client will always know about it at once.

  • Responsibility

The company is responsible for its actions and tries to take care of the client’s interests.

Use Go4 Plastic Pallet Mould To Find A Mold Design That Suits You

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable pallet mold, Go4 mould has the solution. We source our molds directly from China’s top companies meaning we can offer unrivaled prices along with high-quality products. By cutting out the middle man we can design and produce your project quickly and easily.

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The grid surface Plastic Pallet ensures good traction when carrying different product types, whilst the high impact resistance makes these molds an excellent choice for the transportation of glass products.
plastic pallet mould product 2
The Plane Pallets are a popular choice for the transportation of lightweight goods as they offer minimal resistance. This design is favored by manufacturers of food and drinks.
plastic pallet mould product 3
Mesh Surface Plastic Pallets are perfect for carrying goods with different protruding heights. The pallet's protrusion ensures that products are carried securely and without any damage.
plastic pallet mould product 4
The Plane Pallet for storage boxes offers an alternative design to the traditional plane pallet, with extra support provided by its sidewalls. This allows the boxes to be stacked securely with minimal resistance.
plastic pallet mould product 5
The Nestable Pallets are designed to efficiently stack your produce in a space-saving manner, allowing maximum storage whilst using minimal materials.

Plastic Pallet Injection Moulds From Go4 Mould Is Among The Most Popular

Go4 Mould is an international trade platform, which specializes in Plastic Pallet Mould and offers a variety of Plastic Pallet Mould services to clients. 

Everything we do is aimed at making our cooperation as beneficial as possible for both sides. Our company will always try to do everything in its power to make sure that the client is satisfied with what Go4 Mould offers.

Go4 Mould has a great deal of experience in the industry and offers good advice to new clients, which come looking for Plastic Pallet Mould. 

Our employees can offer general or more detailed information concerning Plastic Pallet Mould.

The company is responsible for its actions and tries to take care of the client’s interests, as far as it concerns Plastic Pallet Mould.

Go4 Mould is a trustworthy company in the industry, offering a variety of services. Try a great Plastic Pallet Mould experience today!

Unrivaled Mold Manufacturing Expert In The Plastic Pallet Mould Industry

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Mould BaseSD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould MaterialM238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud Precision±0.01mm
Mould Life50-500K shots
Mould CavitySingle cavity, multi-cavity
Runner SystemHot runne system and the temperature control system
GateTypePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Metal MaterialAluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface TreatmentPolishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls Provide2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

The paybacks you’ll receive by joining forces with us


Reliable partner:

GO4 Mould is offering injection moulding and mould manufacturing services from the past 20 years. We believe in long-term business relationships and our customers believe in us because of that.

Quick turnaround time:

We complete our automotive mold tasks within the stipulated time frame without compromising on quality.

Quality standards:

We have a stringent testing process in place to ensure that our end products are up to industry standards.

Team of experts:

We have a team of highly qualified professionals that work with us to deliver high-quality products. 

Discover More About Our Mould Design And Delivery Approach By Reading On

Go4 Mould Company is an engineering plastics specialist with a team of experienced engineers who aim to produce consistent, high-quality moulds for our clients. You can discover more about the design and delivery process for our custom-engineered moulds.

plastic pallet mould design
A key aspect of the design process is ensuring that your product gets to market in the quickest possible time.
plastic pallet mould flow analys
To ensure a lack of design flaws, GO4 Mould carries out a mold flow analysis.
plastic pallet mould packing
GO4 Mould aims to ensure that the mould is delivered in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Plastic Pallet Injection Mould FAQ Guide

In this guide, we will discuss plastic pallet injection molding. If you are looking for plastic pallet molding services, you should consider all of these features. Plastic pallet molds are widely used in several industries to manufacture high-quality plastic pallets. 

After going through this guide, you will have complete knowledge regarding plastic pallet injection molding.

1. What is Plastic Pallet Mold?

Plastic Pallet Mold

Plastic Pallet Mold

Plastic Pallet Mold is a system designed to create custom plastic pallets. The mould allows for the creation of hundreds and thousands of uniform, durable and safe customized products. Plastic mold has many advantages over traditional wooden mold: it’s made from high-quality materials that can handle heavy loads; they’re easy to clean and maintain as well as being strong enough to carry large weights without breaking or cracking like traditional wooden pallets. In addition, these systems are also designed with safety in mind making them great for use in industrial environments where there may be risks involved such as gas leaks or spills, etc.

2. What are The Types of Plastic Pallet Molds?

Plastic Pallets manufactured by Plastic Pallet Moulds

Plastic Pallets Manufactured by Plastic Pallet Moulds

The three main types of plastic pallet mold are Rotary Molds, Injection Molds, and Transfer Molding. These molds differ from one another in the type of material used to construct them as well as what they’re typically designed for so it’s important to understand these differences before purchasing a system.

Rotary Plastic Pallet Moulds:

This is an open-faced design that creates multiple products simultaneously using injection or transfer methods which is ideal for mass production with high throughput rates. 

Injection Plastic Pallets Moulds:

This mold uses highly advanced materials such as nylon plus stainless steel making them very strong yet lightweight at the same time offering long-term durability even under heavy loads. The biggest advantage of this particular mold over the others is that it can be used to create a variety of different types of plastic pallets.

Transfer Plastic Pallet Moulds:

These are ideal for small runs or prototypes with lower throughput rates because the mold only has one cavity which means you will need to make several molds to produce multiple products at once. These systems are typically made out of aluminum and epoxy-coated steel making them lightweight yet durable enough to handle heavy loads without breaking down, unlike traditional wooden pallets.

The two other types of plastic pallet molds are the cold runner and hot runner systems. 

Cold runners feature a lower initial cost but require more maintenance as they need to be removed from the machine every time you want to make a new mold whereas hot runners can run continuously without removing them from their machines which means less downtime for your business, resulting in higher productivity.

3. Describe the Manufacturing Process of Plastic Pallet Mould?

Typically, the manufacturing process of plastic mold is divided into three steps: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-production.


This step involves creating a prototype based on client specifications which can be made using different methods such as CNC machining or wire electrical discharge machining (EDM). This stage also requires extensive testing to ensure that all systems are working properly before entering production. 


 During this phase, multiple pallets can be produced simultaneously depending on your needs. Different types of plastics are used in these modifications to create specific products with special properties including resistance to chemicals or heat for example. The other main benefit of injection moulding over other types is its ability to produce large amounts of high-quality parts at once which is why this method of manufacturing is most commonly used in the automotive industry.


After production has been completed, finished products are inspected for any potential defects before being shipped to clients. Molds are also checked and repaired if necessary.

4. What are The Applications of Plastic Pallet Mould?

Applications of Plastic Pallets

Applications of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallet moulds are used in a variety of different industries including automotive, medical, food and beverage, etc.

Automotive Industry:

In this industry, plastic pallets are employed in a variety of different ways. For example, they can be used to create containers for fluids such as gasoline and oil which need to be stored safely with minimal risk of leaking or spilling. They’re also commonly used to produce parts that help cars run smoothly including engine components and gaskets making them an essential tool for automobile manufacturers around the world. 

Medical Industry:

In the medical field, these molds play an important role by creating engineering plastics that can withstand sterilization processes without affecting their quality such as syringes, etc. As well as helping provide safe drinking water for patients through special filters made from plastic materials.

Food & Beverage Industry: 

These systems also have applications within the food and beverage industry in areas such as: 

Containers for food packaging

Manufacturing of plastic caps

5. Describe The Advantages of Plastic Pallet Mould?

Some of the main benefits of plastic pallet Moulds include:

– Ability to produce large quantities in a short amount of time which is why this method is most commonly used by automobile manufacturers. 

– Significantly less expensive compared to wooden counterparts making them an attractive option for companies on a budget or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint because they can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality. 

– High resistance to wear and tear which means they can be used for longer periods. 

– Ability to create a variety of different products in a single sitting which reduces costs and resources usage. 

– Resistance to heat and chemicals makes them a great option for storing dangerous materials with minimal risk of causing hazards to employees or the environment.

– Ability to produce different types of parts which means that they can be used for a wider variety of applications.

– Significantly easier to clean which reduces the risk of contamination and increases hygiene

6. Enlist The Materials Used by GO4 Mould in Plastic Pallet Mold Manufacturing?

GO4 Mould uses a variety of different materials including: 


GO4 Mould uses aluminum molds for plastic products that need to be heat-treated after manufacturing. 


GO4 Mould also creates steel pallet moulds which are used in industries where there is a high risk of wear and tear such as the automotive industry. This type of molding process allows GO to create very strong parts with incredible resistance but at an affordable price making it one of our most popular options. 


Used to create sturdy and reliable products that can withstand demanding environments such as automotive applications. Go4 Mould also works with POM which is commonly used in medical components due to its high resistance to sterilization processes.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 

GO4 mould uses HDPE to create tough products that can withstand heavy-duty use including items such as drums, crates, and containers.

Polycarbonate (PC) 

Commonly used in signs because of its high resistance to extreme weather conditions making it ideal for outside display purposes. 


Plastic pallet molds manufactured with this material are highly resistant to chemicals which makes them an excellent choice for food-grade applications where cleanliness is extremely important.

Polyolefin (PO) 

GO4 Mould uses this material for products that need to be resistant to sterilization processes. 

Polypropylene (PP) 

GO4 Mould uses this material to create products that are highly resistant to chemicals. 

7. How Long Do Plastic Pallet Molds Last?

GO4 Mould’s plastic pallet molds are designed to last for years, therefore some of GO moulds have exceeded the 15-year mark. 

GO4 mould can produce high-quality plastic pallet molds that are very durable. These products can last for many years making them a cost-effective option in most circumstances especially when you need to replace parts due to wear and tear or if your business is planning on expanding its product range in the future. 

The exact lifespan of our custom made plastic pallet moulds depends entirely upon factors such as frequency of use, storage conditions, how they are manufactured, etc… however, it’s safe to say that all GO products will give you great value for money with each item being able to stay operational for several years depending on their usage over time.

8. What are The Innovative Quality Control Techniques for Plastic Pallet Injection Molding?

Innovative Quality Control Techniques

GO4 Mould uses various innovative techniques for quality control which include:

Tracking Software:

GO4 Mould has developed this software to keep track of inventory and materials. 

High-Resolution Cameras:

High-resolution cameras take pictures at different points during the manufacturing process so GO4 Mould can closely monitor progress and identify potential issues quickly. 

Rotational testing Program:

GO4 Mould unique rotational testing program that works to ensure the products are of the highest quality possible. GO4 mould’s rotational testing program works by placing the finished product on a machine that spins it at high speeds to ensure there are no issues with internal components or malfunctions in the molding process. GO4 Mould also uses this method to ensure there are no issues with the final product.

Testing Lab:

GO4 Mould’s test lab is an integral part of GO4 mould’s quality control process which allows technicians to carry out tests on components and materials before they are used in manufacturing processes. 

9. Does Go4 Mould Offer Plastic Pallet Molds?

GO4 Mould offers a range of high-quality plastic pallet molds that are available for use both domestically and internationally. GO4 mould’s team works to provide customers with an efficient service from start to finish including helping them design their products as well as working closely during the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with international standards. GO4 Mould is ISO certified which means they adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to product safety, productivity, and consistency, therefore guaranteeing outstanding results every time. 

10. How to Discover a Reliable Plastic Pallet Mould Manufacturer in China?

If you are looking for a reliable plastic pallet mould manufacturer GO4 Mould is the right choice. GO4 Mould has many years of experience in this industry and they work to provide their customers with several services including: 

– Designing custom molds based on customer requirements, ensuring 100% fit so there are no issues when it comes to product use. 

– On-time delivery at competitive prices that help ensure both small and large businesses can take advantage of our expertise without breaking the bank.

11. How Can I Place My Plastic Pallet Mould Order at GO4 Mould?

To place your order GO4 Mould has various ways for you to get in touch including: 


GO4 Mould’s team is readily available during office hours. 


Use GO4 Mould’s email address which can be found on their website or fill out the contact form provided there as well. 

Live chat

Customers can use our live chat service online if they need more information about the company and its products quickly. This option works best when customers have specific questions that require an immediate response, however, GO4 Mould will still respond within 24 hours of receiving any inquires sent via this method. 


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