Go4 Mould in CHINAPLAS 2021

The Chinese plastic and rubber industry has been growing rapidly for the last thirty years. And for these industries, CHINAPLAS has become a significant business and meeting platform and also helping the growth of those industries. 

Right now, CHINAPLAS is the largest rubber and plastic trade fair in Asia and 2nd most influential exhibition in the world. CHINAPLAS has surpassed the world’s top plastic and rubber fair K-fair in Germany. 

CHINAPLAS 2021 was held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from 13 to 16 April 2021. The show was an outstanding success for the Chinese plastic and rubber industry. 

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Fantastic Exhibition of Chinese Plastic and Rubber Industry 

CHINAPLAS 2021 started on 13th April and concluded on 16th April. The number of attendances counted was 152,134. Among them, 149,771 were local visitors, and 2,363 were overseas visitors. 

The regular venue was changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and a new venue was moved to the new venue at  Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. And the trade show once again established itself as a premium platform for presenting new technologies and sourcing the latest items for the rubber and plastic industries. 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was predicted that the number of international visitors would reduce, and the number dropped by 6.85%. But the number of local visitors increased by a staggering 23.46%. 

The show was live-streamed, and the official live streaming platform reached 363,000 audiences all over the world. 

The theme of CHINAPLAS 2021 was “New Era. New Potential. Innovation for Sustainability.” Apart from countless showcases and exhibits, there were many concurrent events under this theme. 

Countless visitors, exhibitors, and media partners made CHINAPLAS 2021 a huge success. 

Go4Mould in CHINAPLAS 2021 

As a leading plastic and rubber moulding company in China, we had our presence at CHINAPLAS 2021 fair. Enterprises always look for better technology and skilled companies as moulding is a delicate task, and we have been doing that for more than 12 years. 

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After the covid pandemic, there was huge excitement about the show. This was an excellent opportunity for us to display our products and capabilities in front of the world. After suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, this show worked as a recovery path for these industries.  

We displayed our auto lamp mold products that helped thousands of businesses all over the world. We are renowned for several bucket mold solutions, and we displayed all of them in the show. Local and foreign visitors pretty much appreciated our bucket mold solution.

Bottle Cap mold is another sector we are expert in. We displayed our products and technologies for bottle cap molds. We cover lots of varieties from water cap to pharma bottle cap mould. The visitors appreciated our products and we got a number of connections. 


We gratefully thank the visitors, media partners, organizers, and exhibitors who made this show a successful one. CHINAPLAS 2021 was a huge success, and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. 

We got many connections from this show and earned motivation to do more hard work. We are looking forward to the next show, CHINAPLAS 2022. 

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