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PPH pipe fitting mould

  • We have a vast production set up for making PPH pipe fitting moulds because our manufacturing area is spread on 45 to 50 square meters. 
  • From testing prototypes to being permanent customers, we value your opinions and solve your queries. 
  • Go4mould’s expert mind engineers assist you to in the maintenance of your injection moulds and provide proper operation guidance.
  • You get the perks of being our valued client in the form of after-sale services and customization
  • You get to see the wonders of the latest technology equipped in our machines in the form of the moulds we provide you. 
  • Concerning your financial stability, we offer you reasonable discounts so that you can proceed with an easy investment process.
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of wear parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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PPH pipe fitting mould FAQ

Injection moulding has resided in the manufacturing houses for the priceless and effective benefits of plastic materials. With this, the demand for Go4mould’s high-quality plastic moulds has also increased. Especially in the plumbing industries, these moulds are used to make many small spare parts of the machines, pipelines, and other similar automobile products.

This hike in the demand and production of the moulds is due to the high-standard manufacturing at Go4mould. We provide the most reliable and sustainable solutions to your problems and make every little effort to let your business grow. For getting information about how our team collectively makes and delivers PPH Pipe fitting moulds, read the following guide.

1. What is the PPH pipe fitting mould?

PPH tee Pipe fitting mould

PPH Tee Pipe fitting mould

PPH is a by-product of polypropylene and a perfect solution to your water-related equipment. We make PPH Pipe moulds at Go4mould that make fittings with diameters 20mm to 220mm and sizes from 1.2 to 7.8 inches at reliable cost. These fittings have two to three openings with different angles from 45 to 180. Its features are worth investing in because you cannot find a whole lot of benefits in less-costly equipment. These moulds are vividly seen in every construction and drainage sector, thus proving their valuable usage.

2. What is the construction process of PPH fittings moulds?

We promote easy but concise construction of PPH pipe fitting moulds. Starting with the basic raw material collection, we move on to the CNC machining and place the PPH mould material under the pre-set manufacturing temperature. As our machines are advanced, so, we don’t have to wander around a lot to have a check on the moulds. The machine beeps at the completion of the process and we get our finished moulds!

3. How many PPH moulds can Go4mould make in 15 days?

It all depends on the number of PPH pipe fitting moulds you want. We generally make 100-150 ready sets of cross pipe fitting moulds in a month but concerning your order quantity, we can spare our machines to have your order completed! After all, it is you we work for!

4. Which designing process does Go4mould follow for making PPH pipe fitting moulds?

PPH Mould designing

PPH Mould Designing

Go4mould follows the three-step designing process for making pipe fitting moulds which includes drafting, analyzing, and executing. This is because it is wise to remove complexities and be clear in the pursuit of manufacturing goals. We offer you to personalize your PPH pipe fitting mould design or give us the ideas for your mould’s final outlook. We will make sure you get the right mould as you desire.

5. Does Go4mould use authentic and genuine machinery to make PPH moulds?

Go4mould had the authentication certificate for 20 years now and continues to serve its clients with genuine spare parts. For referral, you can see the customer reviews, our company profile, and international sold items.

6. What are the properties of PPH pipe fittings moulds?

Our PPH pipe fitting mould comprises the best set of qualities and is intended to provide you precision and profit. Its properties include

  • Considering the price, our moulds provide you with more than you invest in them.
  • It is heat resistant and allows overtime working in favorable conditions.
  • Its inner surface is smooth to give a fine texture to your mould parts.
  • The outer surface is kept shiny and smooth to avoid friction.
  • It is water-resistant and stands the extreme conditions such as unexpected rises in temperature or pressure.
  • Bears shock without affecting the mould part.
  • Excellent alternative for metallic objects.
  • Makes the replica of the intended design.

7. How is PPH mould different form other plastic moulding materials?

Every material that Go4mould chooses to make your moulds holds its own set of qualities. Although belonging to the same plastic family, PPH differs from other plastic materials. It is an offshoot of polypropylene and a mixture of homogeneous polymers that’s why it is called PPH. It has the capability of low water-absorbing and withstanding water pressure, high temperature, and other weather conditions including acid exposure. PVC fittings and PPR fittings on the other hand are stiff and handle low water pressures when compared to PPH fittings.

8. What role does the cavities play in the functioning of the PPH pipe fitting mould?

Cavities in Injection Mould

Cavities in Injection Mould

The mould designing team at Go4mould always suggests its customers to add more cavities in the plastic injection moulds. Generally, there are two moulds;

  • Moulds with a single cavity
  • Multi-cavity Moulds

Both cavities serve the function of easy production of the products. The only difference is that a single cavity mould is cheap and only makes a single mould product. While the role of multi-cavities is to serve high-production in less time and with more precision. Resultantly, you get more profit out of many cavities. However, you can buy according to your production requirements.

9. How much does a PPH fitting mould cost?

There are a lot of different prices of PPH pipe fitting moulds. Different suppliers offer various costs per mould. Out of all the manufacturers, you have to find the one that offers you the valuable cost-effective deals concerning your budget. For instance, in China, you cannot find better prices for the moulds anywhere other than Go4mould. On average, our price per mould stays between 300-500$ as per the included features. The cost is also favorable when you buy the moulds in bulk.

10. Can i place an order at Go4mould for PPH fitting mould?

Yes, you can place your PPH mould order at any time of the month, week, or year. You’ll always find us at your service. For maintaining your ease, we offer you order in small and large quantities according to your budget. Further, you wouldn’t have to ask for fast delivery services because we already do that.

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