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Plastic folding hanger mould

  • Providing you with a quote and service
  • Ability to develop new products with excellent capabilities
  • With over 100 employees, we have a professional design team and an engineering team
  • Provides the best and highest quality plastic folding hanger moulds
  • A leading manufacturer of hanger moulds in China
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of wear parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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Plastic folding hanger mould

We at Go4mould have been specializing in plastic folding hanger moulds for many years. As part of our main product line, we offer plastic injection moulds, plastic hanger molds,  plastic clothes hangers, and clothes hanger molds. We offer high-quality products at a reasonable price. In addition to producing plastic jar container molds, we also provide fast delivery service. We are equipped with high-tech machines and technologically sophisticated equipment in our large facilities, which provides us with vast space for diligently working. Due to our extensive resources, we are able to produce the highest quality plastic preserving box mould prices products.

Describe what a plastic folding hanger mould is

Several household items can be made from plastic folding hanger moulds, including clothes hangers and designer small hangers. Plastic hangers are manufactured in this mould by pouring liquified material into the cavity. Almost all hanger moulds are made of steel grades, but aluminum and copper are also used.

Figure 1 Clothes Hanger Mould

Figure 1: Plastic folding hanger mould

There are a variety of plastic folding hanger moulds

A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs are available for plastic folding hanger moulds, ranging from simple to complex. As one of the world’s leading plastic folding hanger mould factories, Go4Mould creates custom designs for creating plastic hangers in different shapes and sizes.

Aspects of the product that are advantageous

  • Optimized for molding production; 
  • Innovative solutions to molding challenges; 
  • Dedicated project management for your entire project.
  • Cavity-to-cavity repeatable molding of identical parts; 
  • Weight consistency across all molded parts; 
  • Using like molds with consistent press parameters.

Plastic folding hanger mould design guidelines

  • Dimensions

 When the parting line passes through the middle of the part, inside and outside, the total dimension is 202mm. Smaller outline limits deeper parts.

  • Drafting

The draft prevents the faces of the part from being parallel to the mold opening. The part is protected from scraping when ejected out of the mold. 

  • Tolerances

The Go4Mould machining tolerance is typically .003 inches. Resin tolerances, which can be greater and no less than .002 inch/inch (0.08mm). (0.002mm/mm).

  • Wall thickness

Observing a proper (and uniform) wall thickness can help avoid sink marks and warping in injection-molded parts. Thinnesses vary based on material.

  • Surface finish

Injection-molded parts are available in a variety of finishes. EDM, bead blast texturing, non-cosmetic, and low-cosmetic finishes are our current finishes.

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