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Two Color Molding

  • A Better substitute for two color molding services
  • CNC machining system with the latest technology features to make your double color moulds
  • Strong management and employee protection in the construction environment 
  • Product analysts for the testing of your plastic injected moulds so that you receive the perfect product 
  • Cost-effective prices for the variety of moulds available at our store 
  • Online order placing and payment services for your convenience 
  • Fast manufacturing and delivery services with the facility of order on demands and customization 
  • Highly effective product features and prototype testing for your satisfaction
Nos of CavityCustomized
Hardness of Cavity & Core42-45HRC
Hardness of Wear Parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould AccessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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A wide range of two shot injection molding

Two color molding – FAQ

Go4mould has an exceptional experience with plastic injection moulding and has been serving different industries for decades. Our solutions are uncompromised and positive customer feedback is proof. Go4 Mould is highly precise with the mould manufacturing equipment and imports high-quality mould parts for the clients. We highly prioritize the customer demand and offer personalization services so that they can get what they want.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the budget and investment. Our company is internationally verified and we offer yearly discounts on all types of plastic injection moulds. Two color molding is quite the center of attraction in the market today and with our advanced CNC machining and efficient team, we have successfully manufactured double color moulds.

Following is the FAQ guide of the possibly-asked questions.

1. What is two color molding?

Two Color Mould Product

Figure 1: Two Color Mould Product

You must be familiar with one color mould and if a two color molding is a new thing to you, it is totally fine. We are here to shed light on the features and specifications of double color plastic moulds.

As people like innovation and colors fascinate the eyes, Go4 Mould manufactured two color molding which are actually the amalgamation of two plastic materials into injection moulding. These moulds have been the best sellers in the market and all the credit goes to Go4 Mould’s untiring and unending team effort.

The final look of the product looks amazing as the blend of the colors and fine quality adds to the perfect appearance of the injection moulds. You can see the two color moulds in your daily life as in baskets, toothbrushes, medical tools, car cleaning tools, dishwashers, and many others.

2. How is the process of two color plastic moulding carried out?

Before directly moving on to the manufacturing process of the double color moulds, you need to get a little know-how about the two color mould manufacturing machine.

A two color CNC machine consists of double moulds unlike that of the ordinary one. it uses two shots mechanism to inject two colors at the same time. as the injection takes place two times with different colors, there are two gates for the injection of the plastic materials. It uses more pressure to operate and takes more heat to keep the liquid plastic in the molten form so that it flows easily to the target. Furthermore, it has two nozzles for easy pouring of the injection material.

For the plastic injection process, we take two polymers of your choice. The preferred materials are those that have low heat resistivity. In this way, the injection takes place at a normal temperature. The plastic polymers are heated to get them in the melted form and the machine is turned on.

With the help of the first nozzle, we inject the first color into the desired layer of the mould. Then we pour the second melted colored plastic in the same way but with the other nozzle. Keep in mind that for the two injection shots, different gates are used so that the colors don’t get mixed with each other.

The temperature and pressure of the machine are adjusted according to the strength of the plastic materials injected. Once the time is complete and the mould has rested for a while, it is demoulded. It is to remember that the mould can only be released after the second injection process. by following all the requirements of the injection moulding perfectly, you get the desired two color molding with non-resisting properties and perfect finishing.

Two Color Mould Making Machine

Figure 2: Two color mould making machine

3. What material is used in double color plastic injection mould manufacturing?

Go4mould recommends and uses ABS, Polypropylene, PPT, PVC, Polyethylene, PPE, and many other polymers that have good melting and durable properties. These materials are eco-friendly, less costly, and most importantly they are the biggest and the most reliable substitutes for metals. For the long set of benefits, many industrialists go with our recommended plastic materials for injection moulding. Moreover, you can suggest different plastic materials and we have our guards on to perform injection moulding with them

4. How does Go4mould design two color plastic injection moulding?

We keep the designing process in the very first place. Go4 Mould has a team of professional workers and designers who work on the two color molding design. As the concept is different, the design needs to be professionally done.

  • Our designers make drafts for the two color molding precisely and follow the rules and regulations properly.
  • The thickness of the mould walls and radii is kept in perfect balance with each other.
  • They make layers for the two color injection to keep the colors on their particular design areas. In other words, layers show the placement of the colors.
  • The sequence of the gates is also maintained as there are two gates for the plastic injection.
  • The role of cavities is so important. It is up to you if you want your mould simple or with cavities. We make the mould designs exactly according to your requirement.
  • After all the points are considered, a final draft is made. We further check our two color molding design for further clarification. If the mould design passes the final testing, it is good for the practical grounds.

5. What are the applications of a double color plastic mould?

Two color molding have a high demand in the industrial sector. They are used to make

  • Car parts
  • Home appliances
  • Electrical appliances
  • Daily usage things
  • Grocery items
  • Medical equipment
  • Retail tools
  • Containers
  • Buckets
  • Crates

Two Color Mould Applications

Figure 3: Two Color Mould Applications

6. Does Go4mould maintain the product quality during two color molding?

Yes, Go4 Mould strictly maintains the product quality during two color molding. All the raw material we use is of high-quality that ensuring the quality end product. We import the mould parts and make CNC injection moulding machines that are environmentally friendly. These machines ensure high productivity and offer easy maintenance that directly influences your two color moulds. After all these pre-requisites, Go4 Mould conducts final testing on the product being produced which is two color molding. your mould has a smooth surface finishing and no cracks or creases. It is durable and resists damage because of the high-quality polymer used in plastic injection moulding.

7. What should i consider before buying a two color mould?

you should have your eyes on the following things before buying a two color mould.

  • First of all, be certain that you really need to buy a two color mould. Because when you do, you look for the product with more concern.
  • Secondly, note down all the features and specs you want to have in your two color molding such as, which two colors you want, and what type of surface finishing you’d like to have on your two color mould.
  • Next, search online for the suitable manufacturers and two color molding providers.
  • Check out their listed products and select those which seem to be close enough to your requirements.
  • Cross-check the prices, features, and other services among different suppliers.
  • Make a list of the two color moulds you liked and talk to their providers.
  • If you get satisfied with the customer behavior, location, offered price, and quality of the two color molding, then you can save the supplier for placing the order. Otherwise, skipping is always an option.

You can come to Go4 Mould if you are having difficulty finding a reliable manufacturer. Our services are always readily available for your assistance.

8. Who is the best supplier of double color mould in China?

From the perspective of quality, maintenance, and after-sale services, Go4 Mould is the most reliable supplier you’ll see in China. If you are living in China, then it is a great source of convenience for you. Don’t worry if you are living in some other country, we have a lot of international clients because of our head offices in different states and online services.

9. Can i get customized two color moulding services at Go4mould?

Yes, Go4 Mould offers you the best customization services in China. We give you a free-hand to make amendments to the existing designs or instruct us for making a new one. most importantly, you get PVC moulds, Hanger Moulds, bucket Moulds, and a lot of other custom moulds. Consult us to have tested our live services or you can rely on the online mode. We make sure to excel the perfection in both mediums.

10. How can i place my order for two color mould or two color molding service at Go4mould?

Go straight to our website and either

  • Click the ‘instant quote” button or
  • Click the WhatsApp icon

Both will let you towards the order placement. You’ll receive a confirmation call from our staff after you place the order.

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