Top Injection Moulding Companies

Due to the increased demand for injection molding, many companies started their business venture and are now acing their injection molding services. We have shortlisted some companies that fall under the top 10 injection molding companies and provide the best services.

Before directly moving on to the company details, let us give you short know-how about injection molding.

Injection Molding – Introduction

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

Injection molding has proved to be the latest and the most authentic technique in making products parts. It is a great alternative against metallic products and offers sustainable solutions with plastic. The process of injection molding involves the casting of plastic material into the mold. You can use any plastic that best suits your preferences such as polypropylene, polyvinyl, PVC, and polyether ether ketone. These plastic materials are not only cost-effective but offer a wide range of properties that make your product up to the mark

After pouring the molten plastic material into the mold, it is set to rest for quite a few hours so that it solidifies naturally. The artificial cooling systems are good to use with massive production but they are usually not used because artificial cooling might affect the quality of the molds.

The final product your get has a smooth finishing and you also change the product finishing by changing the mold design. Injection molding is highly recommended in the production of the same products because it doesn’t compromise on quality.

Let’s dig into the career, history, and products of one of the top 10 injection molding companies.

Top Injection Molding Companies

Top Injection Molding Companies

Top Injection Molding Companies

It takes a lot of courage, strength, and determination to establish a new business. However, the following companies managed to keep their names high in the marketplace by consistency and hard work.

Starting with your very own Go4 Mould injection mold manufacturer.

Go4 Mould has a prominent work history from the past ten years and the customer response is notable. It has been providing the manufacturing industries with our high-quality injection molds. Their team constantly works hard to meet the requirements of the customers in the manufacturing of mold design because it is a basis for a good injection molded product.

Services: Go4 Mould highly prioritizes the customer’s demands and provides them with impeccable services including

  • Giving free samples and operational videos of the products
  • Provides high-quality Mold parts
  • Offers expert designers to design their injection molds
  • Makes proficient injection molds manufactured in fine, highly advanced, and sterilized machines
  • Provides after-sale services
  • Assists in any situation at any time possible
  • Gives cost effective-product deals

Company History: Apart from these quality services, if we look into the company’s growth over the years, we see that Go4 Mould has managed to increase its selling rate up to 50%. Their delivery rate has become fast due to staff coordination and improvement. They deliver your products in a time of 20 days which is quite exceptional. They have modern milling, clamping, and testing equipment for their injection mold and they serve you with nothing more but the best! You can not only buy injection molds but their parts and molded products.

Moving on to the next companies.

  • HordRT

Starting in 2013, HordRT has come so far in the business of injection moulding. They started with a little setup with a lesser number of employees and invested their money in buying CNC and EDM Machines to serve them in injection moulding. Now they have their working area spread over 4 thousand square meters and a workforce of more than 80 employees. They can make 50 to 100 finished sets of injection moulds and their tools.

Employment History and Career: HordRT doesn’t discriminate against its workforce and allows room for career for every ethnicity. They have employees ranging from young to old and from 10 years of experience to a few. To get a job at HORDRT is just a few steps away. Submit your credentials and they have the job details under their website.

Products and services:

HORDRT is honest in working and shows loyalty to its customers. They believe in the excellence of the product quality and happiness of their clients. Their services are efficient and the work is brilliant. Their product range consists of

  • Rapid |Tooling Making: Prototype tooling, Bridge Tooling
  • Low-Volume Manufacturing: Plastic Injection Molding and Die casting
  • Rapid Prototyping: CNC Machining and 3D printing


  • FengXU

FengXU is a Chinese enterprise that works on the import and export of injection molded products. Although it was established a few years ago its selling rate and growth have been remarkable. The company works in close relation with Panasonic Industrial Devices, Namea Electronics Inc, and others.

The proficient team at FengXU is specialized in monitoring the process of injection molding and manufacturing plastic mold products. With the cooperation of skilled designers and engineers, the company makes plastic mold products that are used in

  • Household products
  • Auto parts
  • Hardware tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Wear-resistant optical instruments

You can contact for the further details on the number provided and visit the company on the given address.

  • Gonson

Gonson is a well-known Chinese manufacturing brand that is serving the industries with its fully automatic injection mold making auxiliary equipment and machines. This company has its manufacturing area covering 80k square meters and has about fixed 800 employees. The company earned its name due to the specifications of the products, their premium quality, and customer response.

The working team at Gonson is highly trained to deal with the massive production and all the machines are equipped with the latest technology to ensure speedy and non-interruptive working. The machines make injection molds of the finest quality in which you can make smoothly finished injection molded products. Gonson has a broad spectrum of working and accommodating injection molding business.

Products: Other than CNC machines, they offer injection moulds for a wide range of products. They include

  • Plastic cup mould
  • Plastic Basin Mould
  • Plastic trash can mould
  • Coffee machine mould
  • Plastic table mould and many others


  • Hysion

One of the major plastic injection companies in China is HYSION Machinery Co., Ltd. It is a highly-recognized manufacturing industry in the market for nearly two decades and has a solid reputation in the global plastic injection moulding business. They offer valuable services before and after you buy a product from them. The plastic injection machines at Hysion are sold all over the world and are famous in both domestic and international markets.

The company owns a strong name in the domestic and international markets for its expertise and commitment to producing high-quality injection moulding machines and related goods.

In the meantime, they offer injection moulds and a variety of plastic auxiliary machines.

Their molds include

  • PET Perform Mold
  • Commodity Mold
  • Domestic appliances Mold
  • Automobile Part Molds

To assist you in queries, they have provided their detailed contact on their website.


  • JSW

The company was founded in the early 90s and still provides its impeccable injection molding services with a net worth of Millions generated annually. Its head office is located in Japan but contains a workforce from different parts of the world. JSW focuses on moving with a great strategy and with a proper project plan to avoid all the risks of lagging.

With the core determination and hard work, it is not only able to generate millions of revenues but has satisfied a thousand customers around the globe. The company also has an affiliation with other multi-national industries just to enhance its efficacy and to stay on the top of the board.

Products: JSW provides different kinds of Injection molding machines and injection molds prepared with the latest technology. You can log on to their website to see the details and specs of the machines, spare parts, and molds they manufacture for you.

These were a few among the top 10 injection molding companies. Without a further due, let’s move towards the next section of the article which is to short-list the mold manufacturing companies.

Ways to Shortlist the Mold Manufacturing Companies

You might not have short-listed the mold manufacturing companies before but there is no rocket science in it. We have made the short-listing process easier for you so that you can easily hop onto the points and get in touch with the companies which are more likely to suit your budget and mold requirements.

  • Starting with the very basic thing which is the availability of a good internet connection. It’ll solve half of your effort.
  • Search for the mold or CNC injection mould making machine you want to buy.
  • Getting more knowledge about the product is beneficial as it’ll make your thoughts clearer about choosing a good manufacturing company.
  • Write down the estimate of the budget you want to invest in along with the products.
  • Now search for the manufacturing companies with respect to your location. For example, if you are living in China, then look for the “Top injection molding companies in China” and you’ll see a number of companies opened right after you.
  • Go through all the companies by focusing on their working history, peer relations, product description, and annual growth.
  • Cross-check the specs and other details of the products at different companies. Also, check for the suitable cost.
  • Choose the company which sets on your required target and contact them for an instant quote.
  • If the company is near you, then prefer to visit their firm and construction site just to be sure that your investment is in good hands.

Why should you Choose Go4 Mould for your Injection Moulding Project?

Go4 Mould is your reliable manufacturer of injection molding dies and parts. It’s CE/ISO certification and increasing popularity in injection molding business is enough to trust them as your loyal business partner. Furthermore, here is why you should Go4 Mould for your injection molding project

  • Its services are valuable
  • Friendly and courteous customer relations
  • International selling
  • Growth rate more than 10% every month
  • Can make customized solutions for your business
  • Uses Imported technology in its injection mold making machines
  • Provides warranty on its products and a fast delivery rate of 20 days
  • Offers sustainable cost-effective prices for your projects
  • After-sale and maintenance services

For any kind of assistance, it ensures 24/7 availability of customer services. We will not only provide you with detailed operational videos but with the product catalog as well.

Final Verdict

All the companies have their own set of features and special products they offer. It is their determination and loyalty to their work that they get featured in the top 10 injection molding companies. Based on your location and other facilities, you can choose any of the molding suppliers stated above as your business partner. You can run start your factory of wholesale products in China or you can invest, work hard, and can be one of the best injection molding companies in no time!

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