• Hot runner PET preform mould 2
  • Hot runner PET preform mould
  • Hot runner PET preform mould 2
  • Hot runner PET preform mould

Hot runner PET preform mould

  • We are well-known for our high-quality Hot Runner PET Preform Mould manufacturers.
  • A high-speed and high-cavitation mold is available from us.
  • This range is made using advanced technology in accordance with international quality standards, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Optimization of weight for existing closures and new developments.
  • With Go4mould’s patent nozzle and nozzle housing design, you can prevent preform whiting and yellowing.
Nos of cavityCustomized
Hardness of cavity & core42-45HRC
Hardness of wear parts42-48HRC
Core pulling systemMotor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin…etc
Mould accessoriesDME/HASCO Standard …
Cooling systemIn core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finishDiamond polish,
Molding life500,000-1,200,000shots
RunnerCold or Hot
Delivery time30 work days
Packingwooden case

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Hot runner PET preform mould

We manufacture a wide range of high-quality PET preform moulds at Go4mould. Quality-tested raw materials are utilized by our highly qualified professionals in order to manufacture these products according to international standards. We also provide these outstanding services according to the specifications of our clients. Clients of various specifications can purchase this product and services from us at the most competitive prices.

Hot runner PET preform mould – Descriptions

By utilizing its innovative hot runner technology, PET processing technology specialist Go4mould is building new preform molds that go beyond the current capabilities of injection molding machines.

Figure 1 Hot Runner PET Preform Mould

Figure 1: Hot runner PET preform mould

In order to inject molten plastic from nozzles into the cavity, Go4mould hot runner PET preform moulds are equipped with high-grade heated components, including nozzles, manifolds, connections, and hot halves. In addition to providing the best consistency and reducing cycle times, these hot runner molding systems are also equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms.

  1. Size is precise, the surface is smooth, and structure is reasonable.
  2. The production process is highly efficient, and it can be automated easily.
  3. Low cost, easy manufacture, and long life.
  4. Depending on the design, different materials can be used.
  5. Fine production, quality assurance, reasonable price.

Some features of PET preform mould with a hot runner system

  • Customized Hot Runner PET Preform Mould Design

Custom designs are based on our knowledge and experience in the PET bottle industry, which spans over 20 years. We carefully tailor every preform design to fit the specific shape and application.

  • Preciseness 

Two-stage double-taper positioning technology is applied. To avoid accumulated tolerances, each cavity is self-locked to ensure preform concentricity.

  • Parts that are Highly Interchangeable

Parts of all molds are processed on CNC machines. There are no cavities, cores, or split neck inserts that cannot be interchanged within the same mold due to proper heat treatment.

  • Hot Runner

In PET preform production, a valve gated hot runner system has proven successful. As a result of PID control, cavity/nozzle temperatures are stable, resulting in excellent preform quality.

  • Keeping it simple and affordable

Simplicity does not imply lower quality or less functionality. Simple means less investment with high returns. It is easier to operate, requires less maintenance, and is cheaper with fewer parts;

  • Flexibility

Preforms can be made with a few grams weight difference or neck finishing design change by simply replacing a few counterparts. As can be seen in the photo of mold parts, this is clearly evident. In addition to the flange, the replacement core is easy to install without affecting the precision of the original mold.

Describe some applications for hot runner PET preforms mould

Various industries can use it, such as beverage, food, edible oil, condiment, cosmetic, milk, washing, pharmaceutical, etc.

Figure 2 Hot Runner PET Preform Mould

Figure 2: Application of hot runner PET preform mould

Materials of hot runner PET preform mould

It is made of high-quality tool steel and is corrosion-resistant. It is ideal for making PET containers and jars for the plastics industry.


  • Product Material: High-Grade Steel
  • Neck Size: Up to 140mm
  • Mould Cavity: Upto 96 cavity
  • Mould Life: Greater than 1,000,000 shots

Go4mould hot runner PET preform mould advantage

  • In China, we are one of the most experienced manufacturers of PET preform mold. Our mold is highly regarded both domestically and internationally.
  • In addition to providing you with professional consultation, mold technology maintenance, and mold repair services at any time, we have a technical staff that is available to assist you.
  • Our email tracking system keeps customers informed one time a week during mold manufacturing
  • Less profit is preferred, but mold quality is never compromised

The reasons for choosing Go4mould’s hot runner PET preform mould

The quality and cost of preforms are no doubt key issues in the production of PET bottles. Moreover, it is the most expensive part of the project. Is there a way to save money and get excellent bottles at the same time? If you decide to purchase preforms elsewhere, keep in mind that they might not fit your bottle design. You will be satisfied with our PET preform mold, regardless of your budget. Choosing us as your mold provider will not disappoint you.

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