Hot Runner Injection Molding Process

Hot Runner Injection Molding Process

Hot Runner Injection Molding Process

Hot runner injection molding is an advanced approach to plastic injection molding. What sets it apart is its ability to keep plastic material in a molten state within dedicated channels called “hot runners” until it’s precisely injected into molds. This means less waste, a smoother production process, and a more eco-friendly approach.

The significance of the hot runner injection molding process cannot be overstated. The industries are focused on sustainability, which minimizes waste and elevates product quality and manufacturing efficiency. This Blog will explore the process of hot runner injection molding. Read on!

Hot runner injection molding process: 

The Hot Runner Injection Molding Process is a specialized technique within plastic injection molding. It stands out for its efficiency and reduced material waste. 

Let’s delve into the process in detail.

1. The setup

The process begins with a specially designed mold that includes a system of channels, also known as hot runners. These runners are heated to maintain the plastic material in a molten state. The mold consists of two halves, an injection, and clamping sides.

2. Heating the material

The plastic material, in pellets or granules, is fed into a hopper. From there, it is transported to the injection molding machine’s heating chamber. Inside the chamber, the material is gradually heated to its melting point. This process ensures that the material is molten and ready for injection.

3. Injecting the material

Once the plastic material reaches the desired temperature and consistency, it is injected into the hot runner system. The hot runners maintain the material’s molten state as it travels through them.

4. Distribution through hot runners

The molten plastic material flows through the hot runner channels, designed to distribute the material evenly to multiple injection points. These injection points are located within the mold cavity, ensuring the material reaches all areas of the final product.

5. Mold filling

The molten plastic fills the mold cavity, taking the shape of the desired product. The mold cavity is cooled externally, causing the plastic to solidify and take on the desired form.

6. Ejecting the product

After the plastic has cooled and solidified within the mold, the two halves (injection and clamping sides) are separated. A mechanical or hydraulic system ejects The product from the mold cavity.

7. Recirculation and Recycling

Any excess plastic material in the hot runner system is recirculated, reheated, and used for the next injection cycle. This recycling process minimizes material waste, making Hot Runner Injection Molding highly efficient.

8. Repeating the cycle

The process repeats for each cycle, allowing for the continuous production of identical plastic parts with high precision and minimal material waste.

Advantages of hot runner injection molding:

Hot Runner Injection Molding offers several significant advantages. According to data from Husky Injection Molding Systems, utilizing hot runners can yield substantial benefits for manufacturers. These advantages include a 

Husky Injection Molding Systems

Husky Injection Molding Systems

  • Reduction in cycle time by up to 50%, 
  • Significant decrease in material waste by as much as 90%, 
  • Decrease in energy consumption by up to 60%, 
  • Possibility of lowering labor costs by up to 30%. 

Here are the key benefits of this innovative manufacturing process.

  • One of the standout advantages of Hot Runner Injection Molding is its ability to reduce material waste significantly.
  • Precise control of material flow and temperature within the hot runner system leads to superior product quality.
  • While the initial setup cost for a hot runner system may be higher than conventional molding, the long-term benefits far outweigh this investment.
  • Hot Runner Injection Molding provides greater design flexibility, allowing for easy production of complex parts.

Conclusion-Hot runner injection molding process

The hot runner injection molding process is more than just a manufacturing method. Its far-reaching applications benefit the automotive, electronics, medical, and packaging industries. The versatility and accuracy of hot runner injection molding make it an essential tool for creating a wide range of products with consistency and precision.

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