Understanding The Factors Affecting PET Preform Mould Price

Figure 1 PET preform mould price

Figure 1: PET preform mould price

The packaging industry is constantly transforming, and the strategies to make industrial operations more productive are regularly being improved for faster, greener, and superior production. 

When assessing PET containers, the most extensively used material in beverage packaging, it is essential to consider the primary features of preform production machines. 

This concentration of technologies can also be part of entire production lines, enabling you to form and bottle drinks or other food-grade liquids, such as oil, all at once. PET preform moulds are the foundation of this production cycle, and their cost can be considerable.

This blog post explores the factors influencing PET preform mould prices and how to ensure you get the best possible value for your production line.

PET preform mould price| A basic overview

Figure 2 Multicavity PET preform mould

Figure 2: Multicavity PET preform mould

When discussing preform production, the PET preform mould is vital as it helps shape and form the bottles. The mould comprises two main pieces; one side is the cavity, where molten plastic enters to fill its shape. The other is the core which gives strength to the container and determines how thick or thin parts of it will be. 

PET Preform Moulds are typically made using precision machining, allowing for accurate shapes. They can also be designed to add specific features like neck threads and sealing surfaces. 

Do you know?

According to a report by Vantage Market Research, the global PET preform mould market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2021 to 2028, with the demand for complex moulds driving the growth.

In every mould, cooling channels run through it, located on both sides and the core. These channels allow heat to be dissipated evenly during operation, ensuring the finished product is always of high quality.

Factors that affect PET preform mould price

Many factors influence the price of an injection mould. We all know that the cost of a PET Preform Mould can be considerable, but why is this? Several factors come into play when it comes to the price of a mould, such as:

1. Material used in making the mould

The material used in the construction of a preform mould will be a significant factor when it comes to cost. 

Generally speaking,

Aluminium moulds will cost less than steel ones; however, they won’t last as long or be as robust and durable as their stainless steel counterparts. 

This means that steel moulds may be the better option if you are looking for long-term investment or to produce many preforms

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global aluminium casting market size was valued at USD 86.92 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.0% from 2021 to 2028.

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2. Size of the mould

The size and complexity of the mould will also affect its cost. A small single-cavity mould will cost less than a bigger one with multiple cavities as it is easier to manufacture and involves fewer components.

3. Level of precision needed

The precision of the mould will also affect its cost. If you require higher accuracy and a better surface finish, it will require specialized tools to achieve this, which may increase the overall cost of production significantly.

4. Complexity of the mould design

The more complex the mould design, the higher its cost will be. This is because it requires more intricate machining and additional parts, which can add to the total cost of production. 

Keep in mind,

Complex moulds have more intricate features like threads, sealing surfaces, and multiple-layer bottles. Designing and producing these moulds involve additional components and labor, resulting in higher costs. 

5. Manufacturer and location of the manufacturer

The manufacturer of the mould and its location can also have a major impact on cost. Different countries may have different labor costs, meaning buying from a Chinese or Indian supplier may be much cheaper than opting for an American one. 

Additionally, some manufacturers will offer discounts if given large orders or regular business, so it’s worth looking around to find the best deal.

6. Quality of the mould

Finally, the quality of the mould will also affect its price. Low-quality moulds may be cheaper, but they’ll likely require more maintenance or replacement parts over time, which can cost you more in the long run.

It’s always worth investing in a high-quality mould that will give you the performance and reliability you need from your preform production line.

Points to be noted:

Remember that a good quality mould with accurate shaping and cooling channels is often worth the investment, resulting in higher productivity and lower wastage throughout production lines. Additionally, if you plan to purchase several moulds for long-term use,

Expected price range for PET preform mould

The market is flooded with a wide range of PET Preform Moulds, and the prices vary depending on the specifications. However, as a general guide, you should expect to pay anywhere between US$500 to US$3,000 for an average single cavity mould with specialized features such as neck threads and sealing surfaces. 

Prices may also be higher if you require multiple cavities. With proper maintenance, the mould should last several years and provide a good return on investment.

Tips for choosing the right PET preform mould

When choosing the right PET Preform Mould, there are a few key things to remember. These include

  • Assessing your production needs
  • Choosing the right mould size and type
  • Evaluating the mould quality
  • Considering the price

The above points will help you make a wise decision and ensure that your mould fits your needs. With the right production line setup, you can easily and efficiently produce preforms with repeatable accuracy to meet your customers’ demands.

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