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  • plastic cup mold detail 1
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Why Go4Mould Is Your Righteous Choice?

  • Excellent machinery

If your machinery is outdated, despite of the good raw material you will not be able to get quality results. Go4Mould has the latest technology so that you can get high quality plastic moulds.

  • Optimum delivery 

Go4Mould provides the fastest delivery services of all the manufacturers. Your order is dispatched within 20-30 days depending upon the quantity.

  • Budget friendly offers 

We offer yearly and monthly sale offers so that you can easily buy our plastic moulds without any burden 

  • Technical assistance 

we have hired skilled technicians to assist you with any difficulty while operating the plastic cup mould making machines. 

  • Maintenance services 

Go4Mould seeks to provide good maintenance services for your plastic moulds. We provide you free videos for the better understanding of your products.

Get A Chance To See The Plastic Cup Mould Live Manufacturing Of Your Products

The prime focus of Go4Mould is to make market competitive products because who doesn’t want sustainable solutions. The building house of Go4Mould stays determined to make flawless plastic Moulds to meet with the expectations of their customers. You can find a wide range of variety in just a single category. 


Following are the variety of plastic cup Molds offered by Go4Mould. 


plastic cup mold product 1
The biggest advantage of these cups is that you can add colors to them. They are widely used in the cafes and bars to grasp the attention of the people. Colored disposable plastic glasses are popular among kids for the specialty of their colors. These glasses can be easily disposed in the environment without causing any damage.
plastic cup mold product 2
Crystal Clear plastic cups are seen greatly in the wedding events, office ceremonies, and other get-togethers. They are transparent cups and add to the sophistication of every event.
plastic cup mold product 3
Disposable plastic cups are friendly to the environment and can be easily disposed. These are light weight, less costly, and you wouldn’t have to worry if you forget them somewhere. you can always buy new ones from the nearest shop around you.
plastic cup mold product 4
Goblet plastic cups are used in the formal meals. They have a thicker surface to keep the drink warm or cold depending upon the need. People mainly use these glasses for tea and water.
plastic cup mold product 5
Plastic jugs are used in almost every corner of the world. They are the most used jugs used in household for keeping water. You can find them in every grocery store at reasonable prices.

Go4Mould | A Name You Can Trust In The Manufacturing Firm

Quality products, valuable customer services, and advanced technology equipment are hard to find together in one firm. Go4Mould aces these qualities with utmost hard work. Our team is highly devoted to work day and night for the better results and customer satisfaction. 


The prime goal of Go4Mould is to provide top-notch plastic moulds and to enhance the project verification. With decades of experience in plastic moulding, we look forward to set our roots in every country of the world.

Unrivaled Mold Manufacturing Expert In The Plastic Cup Mould Industry

plastic cup mold factory view

Mould Base SD,LKM Standard, HASCO Standard Self-made, etc.
Mould Material M238/718S/M238H/718H/M202/MUP/M310/S136/M300/S136H/2738H/NAK80/K460,etc
Moud Precision ±0.01mm
Mould Life 50-500K shots
Mould Cavity Single cavity, multi-cavity
Runner System Hot runne system and the temperature control system
GateType Pinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Metal Material Aluminum (6061,6063,7075…),Brass, Copper, Brass,Satinless Steel(301,302,303,304…)
Surface Treatment Polishing,Painting,Chroming,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Laser Cutting,Leather Covering,Texture,Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Pls Provide 2D, 3D, samples, or the size of the multi-angle pictures

The paybacks you’ll receive by joining forces with us


Reliable partner:

GO4 Mould is offering injection moulding and mould manufacturing services from the past 20 years. We believe in long-term business relationships and our customers believe in us because of that.

Quick turnaround time:

We complete our automotive mold tasks within the stipulated time frame without compromising on quality.

Quality standards:

We have a stringent testing process in place to ensure that our end products are up to industry standards.

Team of experts:

We have a team of highly qualified professionals that work with us to deliver high-quality products. 

Learn How We Make Optimum Designs For Our Plastic Moulds

Go4Mould is known for its transparency in manufacturing business.

plastic cup mold design
Go4Mould has excelled in design-making over the past few years. Professionals at Go4Mould are trained specifically to supervise the designing of the plastic moulds.
plastic cup mold flow analysis
Once the designs are formed, the next step is to inspect the mould flow. Our experts use latest software to make sure that no fault comes during the process of moulding.
plastic cup mold packing
There is no use of precise designing and inspection if the packaging is not right. Go4Mould takes no comprise on the packaging of your plastic moulds. We use high-quality packaging material for the safety of your order.

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Plastic Cup Mould – FAQ Guide


To satisfy your custom plastic mould requirements, Go4 Mould is here with the finest solutions. We have been serving in this field for 20 years and not a single customer has gone unsatisfied. Our area of expertise lies in the plastic injection moulding and we make sure to serve your expectations.

 At Go4Mould, we have separate production lines for each project. Our skilled engineers work side by side with your designs that help you to enhance the project approvals. We use advanced level software and newest technology in our machines. We have set-up an environment which is best suitable for the process of injection moulding. Not only this, our professionals provide impeccable customer services and free videos for your perusal. 

To deal with your further queries, we have set up the following guide to give you more information about plastic cup moulding.

1. What is a Plastic Cup Mould?

Plastic Cup Mould

Plastic Cup Mould

If you want to make plastic cups of different varieties then plastic cup mould is the right choice for you. The world has excelled in the production of plastic moulds and we see a lot of plastic cups enhancing the beauty of the events. To make plastic cup mould at Go4Mould, we insert molten plastic into a metal or aluminium cup shaped mould. Once the plastic sets, you get your plastic cup mould by opening the mould with the help of screws. 

You can control the size, shape, and dimensions of your plastic cup moulds in a way that best suits your business. Go4Mould is an ultimate source of getting your plastic moulds. We have a competitive team to listen to your demands and queries. We make sure you get what you pay for. 

2. How are Plastic Cup Manufactured by Plastic Cup Moulds?

There are a lot of products we see around the world that are created using the moulding technique. Various machining processes are involved in the manufacturing of plastic cup moulds. The machining processes depend upon the complexity and nature of mould material.

At Go4 Mould, we use various machining methods to make different types of moulds such as plastic cup moulds, plastic hanger moulds and so on. To manufacture plastic cup moulds, our professional engineers prepare the machine designs that make moulds. 

Our staff supervises the whole process of mould manufacturing to ensure that nothing goes against the wish of our clients. The mould assists in manufacturing plastic cups. For instance, to make plastic cup moulds, the liquid plastic is poured into the mould. The mould is made of metal that has cavities and the shape we want.

3. What is The Process of Plastic Cup Injection Moulding?


Plastic Cup Injection Moulding P

Plastic Cup Injection Moulding Process

The procedure for making plastic cups through injection moulding is different for the different materials. For example, there are two main types of the cups the recyclable and the disposable ones. The material used for making both these cups is different and so will be the process of injection moulding.

 The plastic material also determines that how a cup moulds will react to certain environmental changes. Metals, thermoplastic polymers, and thermosetting polymers are the most frequent materials used in injection moulding, but glass, elastomers, and confections are all viable options. 

Injection moulding is such a diverse technique, it’s vital to pay close attention to the design and material of the mould. It is also important to look for the type of material you are using, its features and specifications and the requirements of the machine.

Molds are often constructed of steel or aluminium, and they are precision-machined to form their unique features. The process of injection moulding includes many tools such as Injection moulding machines, moulds or dies, and injection moulds. Custom moulds are handled and kept with extreme caution due to their high cost, with special attention paid to environmental temperature and humidity levels in order to avoid warping.

We at Go4Mould make plastic cup moulds by the method of injection moulding. In this process, we begin with melting the plastic material. After that the plastic is mixed with other ingredients to obtain a refined form of plastic cup moulds. 

The raw material is placed in a machine to begin the injection moulding process. The machine transfers the raw material into the mould. The mould takes the required amount of mould and closes the opening by tightening the screws. 

Once the material is added into the mould, it rests there for as long as it gets ready without any damage.

4. Which Plastic Material is Used to Make Plastic Cup Mold?

Suitable Materials for Plastic Cup Moulding

Suitable Materials for Plastic Cup Moulding

The choice of material highly determines the type of plastic cup moulds we want to make. The material used in the manufacturing of the cups should be of great strength so that it avoids any environmental hazards. 

There are a lot of plastic materials which best suit for the manufacturing of plastic cup moulds. 

  • PLA is a remarkable material for making plastic cups. Poly lactic Acid is an environmentally friendly plastic. Due to its enormous strength and features, it is greatly used in construction, packaging and other manufacturing industries.
  • PLA plastic can be used to manufacture both paper and plastic cups. The only flaw is that it can cost high at the places where it is less commonly used. 
  • The most often utilized type of recycled plastic is recycled polyethylene terephthalate, also known as rPET. Its resilience makes it easier to recycle while maintaining excellent quality. Recycled PET is becoming a more extensively utilized type of plastic in general. Many more businesses are attempting to use it instead of regular PET in their products. 
  • Some industries including Go4Mould use acrylic as a plastic material. This is used to make transparent plastic cup moulds. This material gives hard surface to the cup moulds and reduces the risk of damage. Moreover, they are weather and chemical resistant.
  • To obtain versatile plastic cup moulds, nylon is also an appealing raw material. It is often mixed with other components to obtain finest results.

Go4Mould precisely uses the material so that nothing retains the quality of their true products. We provide you free samples for testing the material used in the plastic cup moulds. You can also get customized plastic cup mould materials. 

5. What are The Uses of Plastic Cup Mould?

Applications of Platic Cup Injection Moulds

Applications of Platic Cup Injection Moulds

The plastic cup moulds manufactured at Go4Mould provide the following uses. Plastic cup mold is a kind of container mold.

They are used at 

  • Gathering and open events
  • Cafes and bars 
  • Food franchise 
  • Amusement parks
  • Indoor events 
  • Offices 
  • Pharmaceutical industries 
  • Kitchen and bakeries

These plastic cups are used to hold soft drinks, coffee and tea, and any other forms of liquids. 

6. What are The Advantages of Using Plastic Cup Molds?

Plastic cup moulds are handy and have a lot of advantages. 

  • Plastic moulding allows low volume production moulding. With the help of this feature, we can focus on the customer desires. 
  • It is cost-effective option with people starting their new business.
  • Plastic cup moulding enhances production and you get high quality-results.
  • There is low manual aid as all the work is done through the automatic machines.
  • Plastic moulding is done under high pressure which allows you to get perfect and flexible designs.
  • You have the plenty of options to choose a raw material for your plastic cup moulds
  • Plastic moulding allows you to add colors in them, thus making attractive for the clients.
  • You get uniform plastic cup moulds in bulk.
  • Finishing of the plastic cup moulds is totally up to your choice. Either make it smooth or rough there will be no extra cost.
  • They are durable, non-corrosive and have high strength. 

Choosing plastic cup moulds can be a turn point in your business. The demand for plastic-incorporated products is increasing due to their multiple benefits. 

Go4Mould makes every effort to meet the needs of their customers. You can get a great deal of varieties in the plastic cup moulds. Our staff will not only guide you online but you can take operating instruction at our production site.

7. Where to Buy Plastic Cup Molds?

When talking about plastic cup moulds, there is no other place to go than Go4Mould. We are group of professionals with years of experience in the plastic mould making business. There are a lot of manufacturers who tried to outnumber Go4Mould, but with the continuous efforts of our staff they couldn’t do so.

You should buy your plastic cup moulds at Go4Mould because 

  • The staff is highly qualified
  • Latest technology and software
  • Automated mould making machines 
  • Years of manufacturing experience 
  • International audience
  • Cost-effective products
  • Prefers quality over quantity
  • Believes in what customer says
  • Facility of customization 
  • Fast delivery 
  • MOQ services
  • ISO and CE certified
  • The products are precise and highly efficient. 

It is hard to find such a set of qualities in one manufacturing firm. Go and get your hands on your desired products at Go4Mould. 

Go4Mould use CNC machine to manufacture plastic cup moulds. It is the most advanced machine in the recent years. With the help of this machine, the labour cost has reduced to almost none. All the functions are performed by the automatic system. You just need to put the time, size, and other dimensions of the plastic cup moulds. The machine will provide you with them in the set time. 

Our engineers also use this machine to detect whether the designs are accurate or not. This is before checking prior to the process always saves times and money. We leave no choice to compromise in our quality.

8. What is The Cost of Plastic Cup Mold?

The cost of the plastic cup mould varies across the world depending upon different locations and features. The specifications of feature have a direct relation with the cost. Greater the number of features, greater will be the cost of your plastic mould.

If you are starting your business and your budget is low, don’t opt for the expensive machines with more features. Begin your journey with a reasonable plastic mould and then gradually enhance the features in it. The more complex design of your plastic mould is, the high will be the price.

However, an estimated price of a plastic cup mould is around 60,000 INR Rupees and ranges from 18 to 80 thousand US Dollars. 

We at Go4Mould provide yearly and monthly offers on our plastic cup moulds so that it suits your pocket. 

9. Does Go4Mould Provide Customized Plastic Cup Mold?

Customization is an ultimate source of achieving your desired plastic mould products. Go4Mould truly supports this phenomenon, and provides customized services for your plastic moulds.

According to this service, you can 

  • Alter the existing design
  • Provide your own design or format 
  • Give ideas for adding features to your products
  • Can add or remove any equipment, feature or quality
  • Work with our team of professionals

Our in-house engineers not only listen to your requirements, rather they work on your designs and bring up unique solutions. You are allowed to visit our manufacturing site just to be satisfied with the working on your product. Moreover, we provide you free samples of plastic moulds.


10. Is Go4Mould Manufacturing Facility ISO Certified?

Yes, Go4Mould’s manufacturing facility is ISO certified. Go4Mould has earned a milestone by achieving ISO certificate. It is a standard-based certificate that is only given to the industries which follow the right standards and provide quality assurance of the products.

ISO certificate is the representative of consistency and has helped us gain international customers of plastic moulds. While working with the new clients, we send our certifications just to let them know that we meet the standards they are looking for. 

11. How Can I Order Plastic Cup Molds at Go4Mould?

Once you decide on the plastic cup moulds you want to buy, the next step is very easy. 

For the placement of the order, you don’t have to come to us physically, rather you can order online. 

Go to our web page and you’ll see the contact option there. You’ll get an instant quote for your order from the contact interface. 

Our team is always ready to answer your queries any time of the day. Feel free to ask anything about the product, manufacturing and quantity of orders. You’ll find us by your side.

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