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Usted es el principal fabricante de moldes de inyección de plástico en China

  • Más de 10 años de experiencia
  • proveedor de soluciones de moldes de inyección en un solo lugar
  • 20% ingeniero de moldes con más de 10 años y 50% con más de 5 años de experiencia, familiarizado con el software LKM, DME, HASCO, etc.
  • Más de 200 juegos de moldes de inyección Capacidad
  • 10 juegos de máquinas de alta velocidad de 5 ejes y 3 aires

Advanced And Reliable Machinery Will Make Better Molds For You

  • 10 juegos de Taiwán QuickJet 5 Aixs y 3 Aixs Máquina de alta velocidad
  • Máquina MMC de precisión Serein
  • Máquinas EMD de doble cabezal HSPK
  • Máquinas de montaje de moldes
  • Máquina de inyección Haitiana 1000-3100T

Según la filosofía de GO4Mould, las máquinas más avanzadas sólo pueden ayudar a cometer menos errores. Por un lado, nos esforzamos por ayudar a nuestros ingenieros a utilizar mejor nuestros avanzados equipos. Al mismo tiempo, seguimos mejorando las herramientas que los ingenieros utilizan cada día. Los ingenieros utilizan este equipo para hacer moldes de precisión todos los días. Estas máquinas también dan forma a nuestros ingenieros.

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  • Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer factory view 2
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  • Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer factory view 4

Your Reliable Supplier
For Leading Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

Puede encontrar una solución única en el molde Go4. Le proporcionamos todo tipo de moldes a medida. Podemos ofrecerle una gama completa de servicios, desde el diseño inicial del molde hasta la fabricación del producto.

Fundada en 2008, como empresa china muy joven de fabricación de moldes, cuenta con un 20% de experiencia de diez años y un 50% de ingenieros de moldes con cinco años de experiencia. Los ingenieros con gran experiencia en el diseño de moldes en 2D y 3D pueden ayudar mejor a que sus ideas se conviertan en productos reales.

En los últimos diez años, Go4Mould ha resumido un proceso de diseño de moldes de inyección muy maduro, desde el análisis de piezas y moldes, el análisis de flujo de moldes, el análisis estructural y el análisis del proceso de inyección, no sólo en los moldes de inyección. Le proporciona muchas sugerencias y puede darle algunas opiniones profesionales sobre el diseño de los productos.

Go4 Mould sigue estrictamente el sistema de gestión de calidad ISO 9001. En el área de la fábrica, seguimos estrictamente las especificaciones del archivo 5S. A la vez que mejora la eficiencia, reduce los errores operativos.

Nuestros servicios

Customer Service

Go4 Mould provides excellent custom plastic injection molding, including plastic injection mold Design & Manufacturing service and so on.

Quality Guarantee

Go4 Mould strictly abides by the 4-step quality control flow inspection, from raw material test, process inspection, product test to final delivery inspection to ensure the quality of the mold.

Maintenance Services

Go4Mould can provide for you with a series of after-sales services including on-site and off-site according to you situations and needs.

Technical Supports

Go4 Mould has experienced engineers who can provide technical support during your product development.

On time delivery

Standard injection molds are delivered within 20-60 days. In the past 5 years, the on-time delivery rate of Go4Mould has been above 95%.

Mold Life Warranty

For standard injection molds, Go4Mould guarantees a mold life of at least 300,000 shots.

One-Stop Moulding Solution Provider

Mold Design

Efficient and high-quality mold design. Optimize as much as possible to help achieve better use and longer mold life.

Mold Manufacturing

In the past ten years, Go4Mould has been committed to introducing world-class equipment, such as Serein, QuickJet, HSPK, Haitian.

Mould Assembly & Packaging

The factory masters of our mold assembly team have an average of more than 5 years of experience. To ensure that the mold arrives in your hands in a perfect condition. And will remotely assist you in the installation.

What Our Friends Say

I can't say enough good things about Ivy at go4mould. never have to worry about anything. Thank you so much!

-Mexico client

good molud, good man, good service.


-Russian client


Outstanding communication and quality. Absolutely amazing experience working with this supplier! 5/5 Stars

-United States client

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Are you a factory? Can we visit you?

Of course, Go4Mould is located in Zhejiang Huangyan Mould Industry, one of China’s largest mould industry areas.

It only takes 3 hours to get to our factory after getting off the plane from Shanghai. If you start from Yiwu, you can get there in one hour by train.

You are warmly welcome to visit.Seeing is believe.

In the factory, you can see the molds from the raw materials to the design, as well as the molds that are ready to be delivered to you.

As a client, is there any way to control the progress of the entire project?

In the early stage of the project, they can communicate the progress of the project and understand the status of the project through telephone, email and conference calls.

During the project, we will also report to you weekly through photos and other methods to ensure that you have a very comprehensive understanding of the project.

During the trial period, you can come directly to our factory or invite a third party to come. Or we can take a video or live broadcast to show you, and the sample will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

After everything is confirmed, we will pack and ship.

If I don’t have 3D drawings, can I still customize the mold?

Sure.You can provide a sample, and we can make a drawing for you to confirm through the sample.

Then customize the injection mold according to the demand.

What type of mould tool do I need?A single or multi-cavity mould?

When using injection molds to produce plastic products, you can use single-cavity or multi-cavity molds.

If you have any doubts in this regard, you can tell us about the capacity planning, and we will provide you with the plan.

If I plan to cooperate with you, how long will we normally get the trial shot sample?

This needs to be based on the complexity of the mold and accessories, and whether it is a single or multi-cavity mould.

But when the mold is finished, we will send out the sample within 2 days.


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